French movie

Hello all,

There’s a french between 80’s-2000’s movie with a lot sexual scenes. the story revolves around 3 roommates 2 girls and 1 guy they are in a dance studio. I don’t remember much but from what I recall there’s a lot of cheating.

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    1. Oh nevermind, “2 girls and 1 guy”, so that doesn’t fit. So, yes, Love songs is likelier, even if I don’t remember that movie to be that “steamy”…

      1. Purely a guess on my end with Love Songs. I first thought of The dreamers as well, but it was the 2 girls one guy thing that threw me. I haven’t seen Love Songs, so it could be wrong.

  1. I don’t know if this will help but the first scene of the movie the dance/ ballet instructor having sex with one of the guys how works in the dance studio. I think it was made by alpha france

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