Foreign movie where horse bursts through walls

My friends were looking for the new baywatch on a streaming service, when instead of that movie a totally different movie came on. This movie was possibly in Russian or another language one of my friends said maybe Thai… anyway it opens on a war scene in what looks like ancient Mongolia or northern China. Men on horseback ride towards a stone fortress, as the first approach’s the wall he covers the horses eyes and then it cuts to the other side of the wall and the wall cracks revealing the horse and rider bursting through. The rider dismounts kills a guard after having a vision, and then walks through the door to steal a crystal from a old man who is painted gold. The rider is stabbed from behind  and dies looking into the old mans gold face. Cut to the future, 1980s -200s ish and blonde woman and white man are talking to each other in a car as they drive by Greek or Russian lettered signs. Sadly at this point my friends said they were bored and turned it off but I really want to finish it. Sooo please help?

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