Flower girl marries a rich man who goes off to war, also losing her son to unaccepting in laws

My mom saw this in the early 60s? When she was still a young girl, but still gets choked up about it. Foreign film maybe.

Film opens with a flower girl singing. Rich gentleman falls in love with her and marries her despite family’s opposition.

They have a son, but he is sent off to war, and then she is kicked out of the in-laws home with his absence, and without her son. Returned from war, the in-laws tell her husband (their son) that she left for another man.

Many years pass, with her living on the streets but always over the years, going to secretly see her son.

At the end of film, she ends up being defended in court for a murder she did not commit, by her lawyer son. Son and father having heard “the woman’s” story, realize the woman is the mother/wife.

She thinks it was in colour? Not sure about which world war he was off to fight, but not many cars in the movie, so maybe a WW1 period film?

This is important to her to remember and thus important for me as well. Help would be hugely appreciated!!

3 thoughts on “Flower girl marries a rich man who goes off to war, also losing her son to unaccepting in laws

  1. Thank you so much!
    Unfortunately my mother says Madame X is not the film in question. The womanin the film lived on the street, selling flowers to make ends meet, before being swept off her feet and marrying the rich gentleman. Also, she had had no lover, as was the case in Madame X. The woman’s In-laws had kicked her out of the home when her husband was shipped off to fight in the war. When he returned the parents had said she had left for another man – which was not the case-.
    Anyone have any other thoughts about the name of this one?

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