Film about a vengeful teddy bear and an angry voicemail.

Okay, so I’ve had this scene in my head for a while now. It starts when a girl walks into her house and puts on her answering machine in her kitchen. The answering machine is next to a teddy bear (not sure if it was a valentine’s day bear or not. It was clearly a gift). The camera stays in the kitchen on the answering machine and bear as she walks into the other room. On the answering machine, it’s her angry boyfriend crying about something- either about her cheating or breaking up with him. The message ends with a threat and the next thing you see, the teddy bear has a knife and is floating into the next room to presumably kill the girl. And the scene ends there. This scene is so clear in my mind and I’m sure it’s real, but I can’t find what movie or short film it belongs to. I remember seeing it on TV. Please help guys.

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