Female runaway falls into cult, mother follows then also joins before girl is abused and runs

I saw this movie about five years ago online,  I remember at the time I ony stumbled on it by chance, it was obscure then and foreign langue (to me) I believe it was set in Germany and so could be in a foreign language.

The film begins and a girl runs away and sees a man talking in public at night in an alleyway. He has followers and many are young or disadvantaged people he has taken advantage of. In a blue van with other young people,  they go to a music festival where there is sex and drugs. I also remember coloured smoke. Her mother arrives and the party leave. They later move to another area where they buy a house as a group and live segregated and self-sustaining. Shaving heads is a punishment and the females are raped while disobedience is punished. There is a well on the land that people are left in as punishment for days at a time and not allowed visitors. The girls mother arrives here and tries to rescue her daughter but stays, also shaves her hair and lives with the group. After one of the girls friends is raped and then aggressively thrown down the well, the friend is badly injured (possibly dead) and the lead and another friend run away carrying the injured person with them.

I believe the lead role is a girl who is quite pretty/slim, two of her friends in the cult are mentally disabled and early on while living in the van one of the youngest of the group dies in a dumpster scavenging for food.

This was a while ago and some details may be different but if you could help I’d  seriously appreciate it its driving me insane!

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