Fear of Worms


: “Hello there,

This has literally been causing me anxiety for years because I can’t remember what movie this was and whatever movie it was, it caused me an intense fear of worms for the rest of my life. I want to re-watch it as an adult so that maybe I can get over my fear but I only remember one scene unfortunately and I fear I wont be that much help.

Ok, so I am 26 years old born in 1986 and I was definitely under 11 when I saw this which is why it is so fuzzy but also it serves as a point of reference. I think I was much younger than 11.

What I remember: I believe a man was just in a motorcycle accident where he skidded across the pavement and they rushed him to the hospital. On the operating table when they opened him up, inside was 1 or 2 giant worm/maggot looking things. They were not like tremor big, but large for a body. They were fat, bloody, no facial characteristics, just wriggling around. That’s all I remember. I’m so sorry.

I really pray this wasn’t a bad dream. I hope it really exists so this anxiety can stop and I can do some gardening without freaking out! Thank you so so much in advance. I hope this helps. <3”

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  1. We’re you watching a marathon of early David Cronenberg films? The motorcycle is from Rabid. (1977); the worms sound like Shivers (1975).

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