Fat man accidentally kills a woman and feeds her to the pigs

I watched this movie on TV like ten years ago. I think it was in color and in japanese (korean, maybe?).

I remember a lot of things but I can’t find it anywhere.

1. It was about a family of fat men who sold pork roast or something like that. The older son slept with a prostitute who worked with gangsters. They blackmailed him afterwards because she was underage (?) and threatened to cut his hand if he did not give them money. The father took the money to a subway station.
2. There was a fight between the father and a woman. He pushed her away and she pierced her head with something on the wall. He ground the body in a machine and gave it to the pigs.
3. Another young man slept with the woman but he did not pay, so the gangsters cut off his right arm. He had a girlfriend or lover who left him when she found out that he had slept with a prostitute.
4. The young man got a left arm implanted because another one lost his in the same situation. He felt unhappy, so they cut it again.
5. At the end, the father and his younger son (?) were in a car and saw a man with two right hands in the car next to them.


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