Fantasy type movie (possibly puppets) Seen in mid 90’s

Soo im looking for any info on this movie i barely remember. I saw it in the mid 90’s and its been driving me crazy for years now. Im like 80% sure the movie was made with puppets. It was definitely colour and i dont think it was stop motion. Im pretty sure it was a movie not a tv show as we had it on vhs.

I remember that there were two kids (possibly siblings) that get lost in the forest as the sun goes down. There was quite a bit of singing. I recall a bird that spots the children and i think the bird was the “bad guys” sidekick or minion type thing. The children end up stuck in a cage that hangs over a hole with something bad in it. The “bad guys” were maybe a tribe but honestly not sure. I realise my memories are a little hazy but any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks. Wings

8 thoughts on “Fantasy type movie (possibly puppets) Seen in mid 90’s

  1. “The Dark Crystal”(1982). Jim Henson’s masterpiece. All the characters are puppets and the evil guys look like vultures.

    1. Thanks for the input but definitely not the dark crystal, i loved that movie too tho.! I remember it being a little newer than the dark crystal and i think it was aimed at younger children.

  2. I know you didn’t mention anything about dinosaurs lol, but I believe there is singing and I think the kids end up in a hanging cage at a circus at some point, but I may be waaaaaay off. The movie I’m thinking of is called We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story.

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