Famous guy falls for normal girl?

Been trying to find this for ages but with no luck. From what I can remember (I might be wrong but it seems logical from the scene I’m thinking of), it’s a teen film about a famous guy falling for a normal girl. The only scene I can remember is the girl getting the guy’s autograph (I feel like she might have taken it off of a bill he signed or something like that, rather than it actually being his autograph) and telling some other girls – perhaps her sister and her sister’s friend who are obsessed with the famous guy – about it. They say it’s definitely the guy’s autograph because it looks just like the one one their poster, but they then accuse the girl of just faking it. Sorry I can’t be more clear, that’s all I can remember. I thought it might have been a Disney Channel film like Starstruck but nothing I’ve found seems to have that scene and it’s starting to bug me now. I’m guessing it’s from the same sort of time as Starstruck but I’m really not sure. Any suggestions?

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