European Movie With Magic Tent

About three or four years ago I saw a movie in English (though the characters had accents) in color. One of the characters was named Anthony. There was an old old man with a magic traveling tent thing that had the portal to another world in it. He traveled with the boy, Anthony, and a girl (if I remember right). It was very strange. There was a boat ride at one point, a theater in another, and a field with a house all in this magic world. There was a bad guy trying to take advantage of it (and I think some thugs were after him, but they went into the other world and their “mommy” took care of them or something). I also remember there is a scene with a big swing and all the people are going into the tent (there was a fat lady at one point who went in), it’s this big thing they are selling “go into another world” or whatever. I really want to see it again, it’s been bothering me for ages.

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