erotic drama

Hi, this movie is from 80`s or 90`s. I watched it on TV. A girl goes to England ( i think, or an English girl going somewhere to look for a job) with her brother/friend to find a job. She gets hired as a housekeeper in some kind of a villa. An elderly couple lives in the villa, and as the time passes by, the man starts to sexually abuse the housekeeper, but not like a maniac, more like in sensual way, and discretely touching her. She constantly ignores him, but she is not totally indifferent. The movie is a drama and the story is based on the villa and how they are living. At the very end of the movie that man takes the housekeeper to the wine cellar, they take a couple of drinks and then have sex 😀 She wakes up  the next morning naked, lying on the grass somewhere outside of the villa, like she was thrown out.

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