ends in white room, girl with a knife she is dressed like doll

I saw just the end of a movie on  tv in the 80s, don’t know if a tv movie or not. There was a blonde girl with hair in pigtails or plaits dressed and made up to look like a Swiss or German doll, she had a large knife, there was a young guy there too, I think he may also have been blonde. They were in a white room with blood on the walls. I think the girl had killed people, she killed the young guy and the film ended. I think it was shown on a Saturday night but not really late. I remember the ending so clearly but never have seen the movie since. I would like to know what it was about, what it was called and the chance to see it from the start.

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  1. No, it’s not American Gothic. I’m sure it was shown on tv about the same sort of time as Malpertuis was, which would have been sometime in the 80s, may have been a tv movie, probably more os a pyschologila thriller than a horror movie,, but as I only saw the ending, i don’t know. Wish I could find it.

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