early 80s jewel heist movie w/ laser security + grappling hook ?

A guy wants to steal something from a museum or gallery at night, either a jewel or other pricey artifact (cant remember what it was exactly), but the room in the museum that holds the display case for the item is secured with laser beam security, or at least light beams (i cant remember which) that will go off if he breaks any beam. So he uses grappling hooks to go around the ceiling perimeter above and around the light or lazer beams, and gets above the case that holds the object to steal, and steals it. seen in early 80s. either in theater or on hbo then.

4 thoughts on “early 80s jewel heist movie w/ laser security + grappling hook ?

    1. Thanks, but that is not the movie. The movie I saw was an american release and featured american actors, and was more of a crime or spy type movie rather than action or adventure. I seem to remember the lead actor heist guy being someone like Jan Michael VIncent or a similar actor of the time. Maybe what I remember is a scene from some James Bond, Chuck Norris, or Pink Panther movie of the era (late 70s early 80s). Thanks again for trying, looks like you are the top solver here!

    2. I am looking for the same movie. It was on tv in early 1980s. I think it was a 2 night event. A guy and a blonde girl were trying to steal a gem and if they lifted the gem they had just seconds to put something in its place that weighed the same amount before the alarms would go off. Of course they had to also use a glass cutter to get the case open that the gem was in. I think the gem was blue.

      1. Thanks, that sounds pretty close to what I saw I think, the main thing being the grappling down from ceiling above the case that held the gem. On the MeTV station that reruns old 70s shows, I recently came in about halfway on a couple of weekly 70s movie series they were running this past winter, that were movie length weekly productions (kind of like made for TV movies, but with regular characters in new plots each week). Well each of those had similar jewel and/or art heist episodes, but as I came in halfway I dont know for sure if either was what I saw way back then. Anyways, one series was called “McMillan’s Wife” (dont remember name of episode) and the other was the “McCloud” series episode titled “The Barefoot Stewardess Caper”. One of those had grappling down from above to steal something in an art museum. But I thought my movie also had an invisible laser maze in the gallery that the theif had to blow chalk dust around to see and then weave thru. The only other movie I can think of that is vaguely in the realm of my memory is one of the old Pink Panther movies, but can’t remember any grappling in them.

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