dystopian/armageddon, horror/scifi

English, viewed in 2010 (approximately…). at the time it was streaming on netflix. the main actor was tall, dark-haired, and scruffy. i can’t remember what the girl looked like. the setting is mostly underground in a city that’s been overtaken by nature. the two main characters wake up in this dystopian / apocalyptic setting and start making their way toward a “tree of life” that is now the city center. they meet several other people (antagonists) and of course are fighting to survive. at one point the girl has a “waking nightmare” about being raped by the guy but it is all in her head. i remember being super weirded out by the movie in general but it has been a few years and i would like to see it again with my husband…. so of course i can’t remember the name of it now lol.

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