Dvd movie about an experiment with mind powers escaping a lab?

This is my first post, so apologies if I have no idea what I’m doing.

Okay, so the movie in question was a DVD redbox movie, in English and full color. No idea on the year it was made. It had an interactive menu in a tvscreen-thing with a lifeline in the background.

I remember around the start of the film an experiment is woken up from their statsis capsule and the scientists name her. However she suddenly goes rogue and decides to escape, running through a laboratory under lockdown. Then these guards with guns show up and she fights them off using a mental shield to stop their bullets and slam them into the walls. I distinctly remember her saying “I’m sorry” to one guard before knocking him out.

Then she escapes into a forested wilderness, being shown from a helicopter news report, being broadcasted by a red head with long hair. I don’t remember anything else.

Please help. It’s bugged me for years.

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  1. This is certainly a pickle. I can’t find any stories that exactly match the description above. Given that it is Redbox, it feels like one of the Resident Evil movies may fit into most of the categories. Another escapee telekinetic story is “The Mind’s Eye” from 2015/6. Can you remember the age or ethnicity of the escapee or any other scenes?

    1. I know they were white, and if my memory serves me, I think they had shoulder length curly hair. Think it was brown. I don’t know if I saw anything else, since we had to leave so soon. Whatever I did remember was from the beginning. I think the escapee was a girl, if that helps.

  2. Could it be “Mind Blown” from 2016,
    or “626 Evolution” from 2017?
    These movies may be too new.

    Are you sure this was a film,
    and not a TV show?
    I swore I remember this scene… from somewhere.

    I’ve ruled out plenty of telekinesis-related movies:
    not Push (2009) (although a girl does escape from a hospital)
    not Morgan (2016) (no telekinesis…)
    not Momentum (2003) (no experiment)
    not Lifeforce (1995) (no apology)
    not Lucy (no apology)
    not Beyond the Black Rainbow (2012) (I think escape attempt is at the end)
    not Mindstorm (2001) or the other “Mindstorm” (neither movie fits perfectly)
    (one is about a guy with telekinesis,
    the other is about a psychic girl)
    not The Medusa Touch
    not The Initiation of Sarah (neither the original nor the remake)
    (different beginning)
    not Escape to Witch Mountain (neither the original nor the remake)
    (different beginning)
    not Alive (2002) (male TK, ?Japanese? movie)
    not Midnight Special (boy TK)
    not Per Aspera Ad Astra (“To the Stars By Hard Ways”
    or “Through Thorns to the Stars” (1981) (in Russion, not English, I think)

    but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    I check some other categories,
    and the escape scene is not from Stranger Things (“TV”)
    or in the beginning of Beyond Two Souls (video game).

    1. I’ve been chatting with my sister and she says that it didn’t look like a high budget kind of movie. It’s also possible it was a TV movie?

      I wish I had a timeframe to make the search easier…I know that it wasn’t a recent movie, I want to say I saw it around 2010ish, maybe earlier?

      It doesn’t seem like any of these movies are quite it. I feel like we’re getting closer though.

      (Also it’s not Species, just to drop that out there.)

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