Drowned boy, mystery solved years later

Google has failed me…

Year – late 80s

My grandparents were watching some movie or tv show after they thought I was asleep for the night. I must have stood in the hallway for a long time watching without them realizing. My grandparents were fairly “proper” people, so I expected this to be an episode of Masterpiece Mystery or Poirot, but I can’t find it. Anyway…

In English, possibly black and white, maybe only black and white to signify flashback?

An adult male – maybe priest? – drowns a young boy in a bathtub. The bathroom is not modern. Rough wood plank floors and a tub with feet. The scene involves watch sloshing over the edge of the tub. During the drowning, a necklace or rosary gets washed down the drain. I don’t know if this was a flashback or what but the next piece I remember is years later, somehow people find the necklace/rosary in the septic tank. Maybe the building burned down? Not sure.



5 thoughts on “Drowned boy, mystery solved years later

  1. This sounds so much like “The Changeling” to me that I am almost positive that’s what you’re remembering.
    There are some differences: The boy is drowned by his father, not a priest, and it’s his St. Christopher or birth medal, not a rosary that is found in the plumbing. Part of it was filmed with sepia tones to indicate they happened prior to the bulk of the movie. At the end, the mansion does burn.


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