Drama/fantasy movie about group of teenagers fantasy RPG

This may be a lost case… I saw that movie years ago, in early nineties I suppose. Problem is it was polish TV (I think it was in English), so movie could be from 80s or even 70s – no idea.  In color for sure.

I remember a group of teenagers playing some kind of fantasy role playing game. At the end of it one of them (a boy) didn’t mentally returned from that fantasy realm. The rest of them visited him (in mental hospital maybe?) continuing to play the roles to please him.

I know it is not much, but maybe someone knows it O.o

5 thoughts on “Drama/fantasy movie about group of teenagers fantasy RPG

    1. Thanks for posting this, I had come across it and seen the end but did not watch the whole movie. I have watched it now and am curious how I do not recall any of it.

  1. It should be Mazes and Monsters, I was trying to get the answer but could not recall the actor. I knew it was a famous actor and I had recently watched the last scene, but could not put it together. Had to wait for the next answer. I been wanting to watch it but forgot about it or who was in it. Thanks to this site, I’m very happy.

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