Drama Where Rich White Men are Arrogant.

To the best of my memory I saw it in the late 1990’s. I believe I saw it on HBO a my parents house before the days of cable box guides; I possibly picked it up in the first minutes and in fact never saw the title. It was in English and in color. If I had to guess the movies was made in the 90’s.

Anyway, I don’t recall much except that there were a bunch of men I believe white sitting around in a nice house drinking bourbon and acting like dicks.

Okay, not a very good description so far but what has really stuck with me through the years is that one of the men (probably the guy who owns the house the movie is mostly set in) brings home a girl who is not age appropriate; possibly underage. Anyway she just kinda sits there the whole movie and all the men treat her like property.

Some sort of drama goes down and she is just there the whole time. If memory serves she is a brunette.

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