Drama/ghost movie early 90’s?

I saw it as a kid, so early 90’s maybe. I watched it a few Halloween ago too on network television. I’m sure it was a network movie or straight to video.

It’s a movie that starts out with a town decorated in Halloween stuff. A kid is staying after school and something makes him scared, I think it was the ghost of the girl who was murdered there, so he hides in a closet and gets locked inside. A guy had murdered the little girl at the school and buried her. So, the boy is stuck in a closet at the school and he keeps seeing and talking to the girls ghost. At first he’s very scared of the girl’s ghost, but she is trying to tell him something. There is a ring stuck down a vent that he keeps trying to get and he finally gets out, but the killer tries to kill the kid cause he found the ring. They arrest the janitor whom is black, there’s a huge racial bias in town, so they automatically think it’s him. They find him guilty and the mom kills the janitor outside of the courthouse through the police car window with a gun. The kid sees the guy who beat him up, the real killer and i think he gets chased into a field but the killer gets shot before anymore harm comes to the boy.

Please help I’ve seen it so many times. I just always forget it. Thanks in advance!

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