Drama Dancing-like movie

Okay so I remember watching this movie late at night on ABC family… Lazy to Check the name…. Here’s what I rememeber… There was a teenage girl at the beginning and she was going on a date with some guy that asked her out… He got a little too attached… And she didn’t like it. She was one day walking down the street (I don’t remember why she was there)… But she ran into this really hot Mexican guy while he was dancing and they began to fall in love and they did this dance together in the end and he was trying to teach this girl how to dance to win some contest and the guy was kinda poor and she wasn’t… My description is kinda confusing… But if you know what I’m taking about PLEASE let me know… I remember it being awesome and I wasn’t to watch it again … But I can’t if I don’t know the name…

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