Death by creepy kid’s music in a locked car

There’s this movie I saw when I was a kid, we had satelite and HBO, bunch of things. Don’t know much about it except for a few scenes. I think this was all in the same movie, at least these first couple things. This was about in the mid 90’s, so it could have been a 90s or 80s film by the looks of it, for all I know it could have been a mini series.

A guy is in a car like a station wagon and this tape cassette starts playing this creepy kids music and he can’t turn it off. It’s super loud and he can’t unlock the door and even starts kicking the windows but can’t break them. Eventually he dies from bleeding out the ears.

There was a bunch of creepy kids in this town. They had some sort of secret knowledge about avoiding a certain peice of sidewalk in front on this house and would walk around it. I think they also played off of saying the whole step on a crack and break your mother’s back or something. And if you walked on that piece of sidewalk you would get cursed and die somehow.

Also this group of kids was crawling all over this geometric jungle gym dome with this normal boy inside, I think  the others were very animalistic had glowing eyes. A group of them chased him back to his big fancy house and locked him in his own closet then took off or something.

I would be super grateful if someone knows what this is!


Also looking for another movie I have memories of. It was like a genetically altered killer baby covered in blood. It somehow takes down a helicopter and is found by this woman who takes it in and feeds it dog food. And I’m pretty sure it’s Basket Case but I have to check the other two they made.

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  1. Nope, I’ve seen both Unborns, it sort of looked like that, all red, wasn’t The Suckling, it stayed smalled. I’ll know it when I see it, there’s was a scene where this thing legitimately took down a helicopter. It was also being served dog food after this woman takes it in after it wanders off into the woods and she finds it. I was real excited when I started watching the Unborn because it sort of looked like it, but it turned out not to be the one I was looking for.

    No luck especially with finding that other one about the guy locked in the car and bleeding out his ears from the creepy kid’s music. If I can’t find it, I need to actually pay someone who’s a professional in the future to hunt it down. It was rather ridiculous and would be totally worth it to me if I can find either of these.

    1. Nah, don’t pay anyone, we can find it for you here. Just keep checking this post from time to time. I’m sure that I or someone else will find it.

  2. Nah, don’t pay anyone, we can find it for you here. Just keep checking this post from time to time. I’m sure that I or someone else will find it.

  3. I’m not aware of any service where you can pay people to track down movie memories. If one of our top solvers can’t find it, I would be surprised if someone else could.

    1. I know of at least 1 site that offers paid assistance, but I don’t think anyone posting ever wants to pay? It’s just not worth it for most people. I just wish I knew what either of these movies are! I mean I went through every mutant baby killer movie I can think of. I wonder if it’s an episode of a series.

      1. I’m glad you all get back to me pretty quick, glad this place is active. It might be from a series, not sure. I’m going to go through Tales from the Crypt. And “Tales from the Dark Side” which I’ve just heard of. If had a list of everything ever made during those two decades I’d go through it. (For all I know it could have been 70’s though. The film quality didn’t appear as something from that time though, but what do I know.) For all I know, the first one may have been a a Stephen King story made into something, it certainly was sort of strange like that. It was almost like “Village of the Damned” but that couldn’t have been it. Looked just like the 95 version though almost. As far as the second one, I’ve also looked at about every mutuant killer baby movie I could find, glad I found some things sort of similar that I wouldn’t have found out about otherwise like “The Brood”.

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