Crime movie

I saw a movie a few years ago – color, english, crime/thriller/action genre…

I remember it had something to do with a murder, but the main thing I remember is that there was a kid that hitched a ride with this guy who drove a big old car, and the entire interior of the car was pasted with porn. I think this guy wound up being like a major link to the killer, or possibly even the killer himself. I mainly want to find it, cause I was telling someone about it and they don’t believe me about the car.

11 thoughts on “Crime movie

      1. Robin your the best ! If you weren’t a fictional Canadian pop singer i would treat you to dinner and a crime movie.

  1. Yaaaaasss! So excited right now…I wouldn’t mind treating both of you to dinner and a crime movie 😉
    This has really been bothering me for a while you guys…plus now and can prove my friend wrong.

  2. ADMIN******* Can I get a time stamp check on that one please? It was at least within a few minutes of post. Whats the record as of now?

  3. Solved in 4 minutes. I’m not 100% sure what the record is, but it’s probably one minute, so it’s only possible to tie it. I know that once I approved a post, typed the answer, submitted it and then saw that GG had somehow already beat me to it. The man is psychic, I swear.

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