Creepy bug possession movie

I cant remember the name of this movie. it was somewhere around 1995-2005 it was around Halloween when it came out it was i think a TV movie special. Either from Goosebumps or Are you afraid of the dark maybe. i think it was on cartoon network, nickelodeon, or disney but i could be wrong, i was very young at the time and never got to see the full movie. but anyways in the beginning its 2 brothers one older one younger and the main character is the younger one. during Halloween he gets tricked by his brother to go into an abandon barn naked expect for his boxers because they told him that the girl he had a crush on was in there and wanted him to come in and have his shirt and pants off and when he did and hanged them over the fence the older brother and his friends grab them and run and a bull or something like that comes out and chases. but apparently as he is running he stumbles on something that awakens and evil buried in the ground i think. slowly one by one everyone starts getting possessed, and have glowing eyes i think, in the town including his brother. and when the younger brother’s crush offers to kiss him in front of all of her female friends she sticks out her tongue and a glowing spider like thing crawls out of the girl’s mouth and she starts laughing and he tries to run. in the end he has to go underground to find the evil creature and kill it. and when he does he is in a dirt surrounded tunnel and the monster tries to chase him and tries to get him to eat glowing worms to try and possess him too. but the kid wins and kills the monster and everyone gets saved at the end i think. would really like to know its bugged me for so long wanting to know what the movie was called.

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