Country house murder/thriller film


This question is about a colour film I saw on UK television in the 80s. It was a country/manor house murder mystery type story – in the same vein as Cluedo and other 80s made-for-tv films;  it may have been comedy.

A young blonde haired man inherits some treasure from a relative, and goes to stay in his country house.  A few murders happen, and the attractive girl in the film is the culprit.

At the end, he finds the treasure package, rips off the wrapping which he throws into an open fire, and reads a letter saying that the real treasure is buried under the front lawn, and a map is on the wrapper (which he has just burned).

The closing scene is the girl being taken away by police, and the young man looking at the several acres of front lawn, and starting to dig with a shovel.


Can anyone help?  Thanks

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