Completely stumped! I’ve been trying to identify this 50’s-60’s film for decades.

My memory of this movie is sketchy having seen it in the mid 70’s on late night TV.  It was black and white, late 50’s to early 60’s, and brings to mind French New Wave though I’m fairly confident it was English language.  As I recall, it’s a day in the life of a beautiful but sexually disturbed young woman.  She was blonde, wore a black leather jacket, and roamed around town having sexual encounters with random men.  Being on TV, the sex was merely suggested.  In one scene, she meets a little boy at a carnival or a park and kisses him demonstrating her complete lack of boundaries.  This scene with the boy would likely be key to distinguishing it from other 1960’s nymphomaniac films.  Any ideas??

5 thoughts on “Completely stumped! I’ve been trying to identify this 50’s-60’s film for decades.

  1. Thank you Mr. Unknown! After reading several synopses, I believe this almost certainly must be it! The disturbing character of the film is in keeping with my recollection, and the unusual depiction of a woman kissing a boy at a fair just about clinches it. The lesbian relationship also rings a bell. My vague memories don’t include Warren Beatty or Peter Fonda, but Jean Seberg was definitely on my list of possible actresses. It’s on Amazon, so I’m going to watch and will confirm with you. Fingers crossed!

  2. I’m going to go ahead and mark this “solved,” if it turns out to be wrong please return and tell us and we’ll reopen the case.

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