Comedy German Hero Fever Dream with Kid & Friends

Okay so this movie was about a crazy (likefun crazy, not psycho) German man who was supposedly dead but he comes ancl to life or something?? This little girl with long hair is present when he comes back to life, and the German man KIDNAPS HER and takes her on whacky adventures looking for something.

He has to find all of his weird friends with weird powers to save this girl’s town from bad people I guess? There’s one guy who yells super loud, one guys who’s strong af, another who can run fast, etc.

Some of the adventures include going underwater for some reason, almost getting the German guy’s head chopped off in some Greek looking place, there’s some sort of moon adventure where German man turns into a horn dog and seduces the Moon Queen or something and the Moon King gets jealous and they have to flee.

At the end, the German guy sacrifices himself to save this town and the townspeople finally realize he wasn’t just a crazy old man and stuff idk

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