comedy about butt biting vampires

My friend told me about this one back in 2010. She said it’s a vampire comedy movie about two vampire dudes.

one of them likes to bite people in the butt instead of their neck

i think one of them was drinking blood from someone’s neck by using a straw..?

i think she mentioned one of the guys having white hair.

it’s not Dracula: Dead and Loving It. I already saw that one.

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I like anything with violence, blood, and gore. Also 'wtf' movies. Whether they're live action, animated, claymation, or otherwise. Also, if you've seen a gore-porn movie/anime and wanna know what it's called, just ask! I've probably seen it already XD

6 thoughts on “comedy about butt biting vampires

  1. “Curse of the Queerwolf” has a guy who gets bitten on the butt, but that isn’t really a “vampire” movie. He changes into a transvestite when the moon is full. I think it was released in 1987.

  2. It could also be “A Polish Vampire In Burbank”(1985) from the same director(Mark Pirro), it has a vampire drinking blood from a straw and it also has the queerwolf character.

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