Color distorsion, sex, magical creatures, a corpse in a pool and more…

I remember seeing a part of this on TV around summer 2005, at night. What I saw was very weird:

On the first scene I saw, a couple was having sex on what I believe it was a bed, but it’s difficult to tell because the image was somewhat “censored” with color distorsion on screen. It looked like what happens when you put a magnet near an old TV; color distorts in a wavy and irregular pattern (I don’t know how to describe it better, you could check this effect on Youtube). Sound was very clear, and I could hear mainly strong breathing, maybe some moaning.

Suddenly the scene changed to a sunny meadow where some elf-like creatures where sitting around a cauldron. They were all very short and looked kind of evil, but it was very weird. Costumes and special effects looked old, and they reminded me a lot of The Wizard of Oz, from 1939. The scene changed another time to the sex scene, and then back to the meadow where a witch looking creature was preparing something on the cauldron.

Next thing I remember, scene changed to a realistic hotel patio at dawn. There was a pool in there, and a man (it looked like a corpse) was floating on the pool naked. Then, an arm suddenly picked him off from the leg.

Scene changed again to something I can’t remember clearly, and then it went back to the pool, where the man was actually getting out of there, naked and on his own feet.

At this time I decided to turn off the TV; now I regret that. Do you have any idea of what the hell I saw that night? Thanks in advance for the help…

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