Classic Musician Woman having an affair

Hello, this is my first post ever

I’d place this movie somewhere between the mid 90s to early 2000s, but I’m not sure on that

This movie is a bout a female musician (probably a cello player) having an affair with men hired by her husband to Seduce/ Spy on her in order to find out if she was having an affair

the scenes I do remember are:

The musician is a middle aged woman preparing to a concert (orchestra), probably she was the soloist on a cello.

The hired spy talks her to role play as a prostitute and arranges to meet her on the street, they end up in a parking lot doing it on the backseat (nothing explicit I think)

She arrives home from being with her lover wearing only a raincoat over her “hooker outfit” and is caught by her husband

During most of the movie the spy keeps lying to the husband who hired him

In the End there is a show down on a old house/garden

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