Children’s Fantasy Movie

Okay so this is an english movie that I saw ages ago and involved a little boy and his family going to their Grandmas home (I am also relatively certain the grandmother was dead). The home was on a Cliffside and the boy ended up in the grannies library and there was magic and stuff. I also remember a lot of beach themed stuff so if this was actually a movie and not some weird fever dream I’d have to guess that it probably took place around a beach. Later on in the movie he ends up in a concinment store sort of place where he’s searching for clues of some sort. Im sorry I know this isn’t very clear but if anybody could point me in the right direction I would be most grateful!

2 thoughts on “Children’s Fantasy Movie

  1. Could it be Five Children and It?
    sorry if it’s wrong because it’s a boy and his siblings who goes to live with their uncle not grandma, but it does take place near the beach and there are magic and stuff because they meet this sandfairy, but that’s pretty much the only thing so i might be wrong, sorry.

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