Childhood film I MUST FIND

Hello, I’m contacting you guys because I’m at a dead end here.
I’ve been trying to find a movie that I watched as a young child at my dad’s house over 10 years ago. I’ve poured everything I can remember about it into every search bar of every website, and no luck.

I’m hoping one of you guys or gals might have heard about it, and perhaps the details that I will mention might ring a bell.

So here goes, here is all I can remember:

1: There are two sibling, a brother and a sister (I think the sister is the older sibling)

2: Their father went missing a few years ago (I’m not sure if they have a mother either)

3: There is this older black woman who cares for them.

4: At some point the movie takes a very sci fi turn, the woman saves the two siblings from some sort of predicament, then she turns into a Pegasus (or summons one maybe? though I’m pretty sure she transforms into one)
and she transports the two siblings somewhere else.

5: At one point they reach some icy frozen region (I think it was another world) and in a twist they FIND their long lost father.

6: The last detail I remember, their is one disturbing scene where they’re walking though a quiet neighborhood on the moon (I know it’s weird)
and there are a few kids playing basketball in a driveway but they all look extremely indifferent.
There were also men in black present in this scene.


7: Extra details, pretty sure the movie was in english, it was in color. I’m not refuting the idea that MAYBE it could have been a very long television episode of some show but I’m almost completely sure it was a movie.

Now I know you’re thinking I’m just trying to mess with you/ I’m on drugs or something/ I just dreamt the who thing.
But I assure you I’m being dead serious here, I remember the scenes so vividly and accurately despite it being over 10 years since I allegedly watched this mysterious film.
I thought about asking my dad since he had the disc back then but he most likely won’t remember because he had over a hundred movies back then.
If you guys can’t help me and he can’t either then I’ll probably give up and try convincing myself for the rest of my life that maybe I dreamt it all as a child and I just happen to remember one of my dreams for over a decade to extreme detail.

Regardless this whole thing IS freaking me out a little

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