Child hit buy truck driver, parents sue….

Short film, made for TV, late 80’s early 90’s. Hitchcock presents, style:

Starts with little girl and little boy playing ball. The ball rolls into the street and the young boy chases it. He is struck by an 18 wheeler. The grieving parents take the driver to court where the judge awards them a large cash settlement.

Fast forward about 3 to 5 years. Same little girl, playing ball with another little boy. Hiding behind a parked car, she intentionally rolls the ball into the road while a truck is coming, and tells the toddler to go get it. END film.

Make you think….

Leaves you wonder, did she do that the first time too? Is she killing the second child? Did the parents teach her, or tell her to do that? Did they do that in the first accident? Was the financial benefits of a true accident, worth having another child and recreating the incident? Are the parents that greedy? Have they always been greedy?

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