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Bus explosion

I want to find one movie, but I only know a short scene.

So there is a bomber on a bus, and CIA or FBI agent secretly looks over everyone on a bus, but can’t identify the terrorist. After a while, officially dressed man stands up to get off, and forgets his “breakfast” (paper bag) on his seat. Woman, who was sitting next to this man, shouts to him that he forgot his breakfast. At that moment, the agent realises that his breakfast is a bomb, but it is already too late, and the bus explodes.

Whoever knows the title of this movie, please let me know!! Thank you!

50’s movie monster is real?

I think this was on Sci-fi/ syfy channel. A teen visits a small town where a famous 50’s monster movie was filmed and it turns out that the alien monster is real and the movie is really a documentary. Somehow everyone but the original hero/star of the movie, now an old man, keeps developing amnesia and forgetting the monster’s periodic returns.

Bill Murray style character plays thepiano on a spaceship with identical looking attractive girls who might be clones or triplets that look like…

… a famous actress

There is a science fiction movie and at the end of it a character that might have been Bill Murray plays the piano and some girls who all look identical woo at his skills. It’s one of those early nineties science fiction movies that are kind of like bill and ted’s excellent adventure style comedies.


Would appreciate it if you know the title.

Romantic Comedy with a scene about cost vs worth

I am trying to remember the title of a film about a woman who meets a handsome guy in the city when she was in a line and wanted to buy some food or drink and she didnt have enough cash on her but a credit card or something, then a guy behind her pays for her because he says although the item costs less if he waited and paid just for him self it wasnt worth it because its worth the money to get the item sooner by paying for her’s too. I want to teach my Chinese friends in China about why white people are not as cheap as they are (because they are more trifty). The scene from teh movie would help illustrate the pont.

A man in a hotel

I think it’s a famous movie or the actor is famous.

There was a man in a hotel and I think he was in a Mafia project as a sudden and unwantedly. I remember two man came to him with a bag.

The thing I remember is one day the woman in the cafe(cashier or waitress), he used to eat there everyday, was mad at him why he disregardes her!

The man was a silent one as I remember(He had dialogues though)

I watched it before 2013 and cause I watched a dubbed version I don’t know the original language.

70s movie with a guy and a bus and a gypsy’s daughter

I watched this movie in 1982 or earlier as a kid. It may have been a 70s movie. It was a movie in English, in colour. This is what I remember:

There was a young guy, driving a (doubledecker?) bus or some sort of caravan. He may have been in a foreign country, in the countryside.

He meets a pretty girl and wanted to ask her directions (I think). She doesn’t speak English, and she thought that the guy wants to marry her. So she happily brings him back to her village and introduces him to her father. They are gypsies or something like that.

I don’t know if it’s a musical but I know there’s some singing in the movie.

Can anyone help me? It’s been bugging me for years! Thanks in advance!

Comedy German Hero Fever Dream with Kid & Friends

Okay so this movie was about a crazy (likefun crazy, not psycho) German man who was supposedly dead but he comes ancl to life or something?? This little girl with long hair is present when he comes back to life, and the German man KIDNAPS HER and takes her on whacky adventures looking for something.

He has to find all of his weird friends with weird powers to save this girl’s town from bad people I guess? There’s one guy who yells super loud, one guys who’s strong af, another who can run fast, etc.

Some of the adventures include going underwater for some reason, almost getting the German guy’s head chopped off in some Greek looking place, there’s some sort of moon adventure where German man turns into a horn dog and seduces the Moon Queen or something and the Moon King gets jealous and they have to flee.

At the end, the German guy sacrifices himself to save this town and the townspeople finally realize he wasn’t just a crazy old man and stuff idk


Three Movies, First One: What is title of this movie      [SOLVED: “Awaken the Shadowman”]

Second One: I remember this clown horror house movie where they had to play games to escape or they die and they were given clues, there was about  8 or so in the house and I remembered one of the girls got tired and frustrated and wanted to leave so she run through some barbed wire and cut herself and died, and the others were calling out to her and was crying and there was this Jack sparrow pirate looking man that drank some kind of green substance.        SOLVED: “Circus Kane” (2017)]                                                                      Third One: A man’s teenage  daughter was having an affair with his best friend but she didn’t want him to find out, One day she must have hugged him or something and some of his shaving cream went on her face and she went to eat breakfast with her father and he saw it and he asked her what’s on her face and she touched it and said, oh it’s just whipped cream or something like that, then she ate it [SOLVED: “Blame it on Rio]

A foreign movie about a family where every child has a different father

Hello,  I have trouble finding this movie that I’d like to watch again.

I’ve watched it maybe 3-4 years ago in a local artsy cinema. It’s a foreign movie,  I’m pretty sure it was from Spain or some similar country.

The main character (I think)  is an average young white male with blonde hair. His father recently passed away (I think) and he and all his brothers unite at the family home.  I think there was some talking how he,  that main guy,  might not be their real brother because he is blonde.

I also think that he had a love interest,  but,  again, I’m really not sure.

The main thing about this movie is that in the end it turns out that the father (who passed away) had some idealistic fantasy that he would have 7 (?) children like in some fairy tale or something that he liked and when the mother realised that he couldnt have children she felt sorry for him and decided that she wouldn’t let that ruin his life so from time to time she would go to some bar where sailors from all around the world would drink and have sex with a different guy every time.  The father believed the children were his and he lived a happy life.

In the end the main guy says something about love and family and whose father was from which country (I think that his was from Sweden or something) .

I know that this isn’t really specific but if anyone remembers seeing this please help!!  I’ve been searching the internet for 2 days with various phrases and I feel so dumb!

80s-90s Movie: Guy traps girl in garage…

Watched this movie around late 80s to mid 90s, on regular TV (not cable) and in color. Seems to take place in the burbs, possibly CA or AZ because of the house styles. One specific scene that sticks out to me was a girl (about high school or college age) was pulling up to her driveway and she was parking her jeep in the garage. Her ex-boyfriend was hiding in the garage and wanted to talk to her (he was abusive, I think). She tries to back the jeep out to get away but he jams the garage door with a screwdriver she starts to freak out and tries to open the garage door from inside her car. He starts to yell at her and rip the top of the jeep off. While this is all happening, someone (maybe a neighbor) notices the garage door opening and closing and they come running to help her.

I think the movie ends with a court scene where she testifies against him.

Can someone help me with this? What movie is this? It’s been driving me nuts for years and will probably continue to do so! Thanks in advance!

Couple buys house, plans to make a hotel, woman gets followed and attacked by huge dog, man cheats with a redhead photographer

What movie is this? The house they bought is near the coast, and on the beach is where she first sees that wolf-like dog. It ends up jumping through the window of their house at night.

The couple has some issues to finish their work on the house to build a hotel. The man cheats on his wife with the first female hotel guest, and I think they end up selling the house and finding out a mystery with the help of an old woman.


Help finding movie

There is this one movie I remember as a kid. It was in color and I’m guessing it was made during the 2000’s or 1990’s. I remember there was this huge spider robot thingy and it would grab people and put them inside of it, then I remember one guy it took out and stuck him straight through a cross on top of a church. I also remember the main characters was a man and his daughter. I remember one part the ground was just covered in blood and guts. Then in the end of the movie after the people defeated it, they opened up a little compartment and a slimy alien fell out of the monster robot spider thingy.

Weird killer, dentist, lift murder scene??

American film, I saw this some time in the last 2 years on TV.

The scene I remember most is a lift scene. I will explain this later, but the film is something like:

A man (white, 30s-40s, typical average man who lives an unfulfilling life, lets call him “BORING MAN”) early on in the film meets another man, (white, 40s-50s, enigmatic, almost creepy, lets call him “WEIRD MAN”). I can’t remember how they meet but the BORING MAN dislikes someone, I vaguely recall that the man he dislikes is bullying him at work or something (not sure on this). The WEIRD MAN is like (not an exact quote) “oh I can sort that out for you”, the BORING MAN hesitates like (wtf do you mean weirdo?) Anyway the man who the boring man dislikes is killed (I can’t remember if this was shown on-screen or not). The BORING MAN is shocked to find out and then confronts the WEIRD MAN “what did you do??!!” (not exact quote), the WEIRD MAN responds (again, not exact quotes) “you said you didn’t like him.”

Then I go blank, but later in the film BORING MAN sees WEIRD MAN again at a sort of fancy hotel bar, he’s there to receive an award from his work for something like “employee/salesman of the year”. BORING MAN is talking to a random attractive woman when he then spots WEIRD MAN (who is with another man and woman) and decides to go over to talk to him. (At this point in the film they haven’t seen each other for a while).

The WEIRD MAN pretends to not know him. He claims to be a dentist. I do recall a scene in which WEIRD MAN is in fact seen working as a dentist, but I can’t remember at what point in the film we see this. Next I remember the lift scene (which takes place at the hotel), BORING MAN follows WEIRD MAN (and the man and woman who he’s with) into a lift. They look at each other. WEIRD MAN gestures to BORING MAN that if he wants his help again (like he did before) all he needs to do is ask. Again, BORING MAN hesitates. WEIRD MAN then brutally kills the man and woman he was with, I believe it was with a gun. As the lift opens, BORING MAN runs, worried that the murder will be pinned on him. That’s all I remember

I have been almost certain that WEIRD MAN was played by John Malkovich, but having looked through ALL the films he’s ever been it seems as if I’m wrong. I can’t remember what BORING MAN looked like other than white and age 30-40, and has a very timid look about him.

I reckon this film was made any time between 2000-2014. I’d describe it as a drama/thriller, certainly NOT a horror. I am almost certain that that WEIRD MAN was played by a well-known actor, and again, I’m not so sure on the BORING MAN. Any ideas, guys??

Patchwork Quilt World

Hi! I watched this movie when I was quite young around fifteen to twenty-ish years ago on a VHS. It didn’t have live actors but I can’t remember if it was animated or maybe a puppet-like thing? The entire world was made up out of bedding, as crazy as that sounds! There were hills and meadows made out of a patchwork quilt and I think the sky might have been patched as well. It was in English and definitely a little kids movie but I can’t remember another thing about it except that my sister and I loved it! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Dark British Comedy About Murderous Librarian

So, twenty years ago I came across a film in our local video rental place.  The movie was a British or Irish comedy that had come out sometime in the mid to late 1990s.  It was about a meek librarian who lived with a domineering mother, had  a bitch of a sister with a thuggish boyfriend and a lover she had to hide from her family.  She was fascinated by great serial killers of the past and eventually several famous ones start appearing to her.  They help guide her in first killing her mother, then her sister and then the sister’s boyfriend.  She ends marrying her lover and sending her “advisors” away because – as she points out – they were all caught and she doen’t want to be.

There are two scenes that I particular remember.  The first is after she kills her sister, which she does by doing something to her inhaler.  The sister’s boyfriend decides that she killed her because she wanted him.  They are standing in the kitchen together and he tells her that she can have him if she wants him that badly.  I remember her smiling at him and putting her arms around him before stabbing him in the back with a pair of scissors.

The second is the last sense.  She’s on her honeymoon with the man she’s been in love with the entire time and they are lying in bed together.  He has his eyes closed, getting ready to go to sleep and he says that btw he knows she killed her mother.  Something she said at the time didn’t add up but that he understands why she did it and would never tell anyone.  She gets up out of bed after he’s asleep and is trying to figure out to what to do.  She opens the door and there’s a little man in a Victorian suit with a kind of doctor’s bag there who smiles at her and introduces himself very politely as Jack the Ripper.  She smiles back at him and that’s the end of the movie.

It’s a very dark comedy but also a very cleaver one that I really enjoyed.  I’d really love to find it again.  There are aspects to the movie that remind me a little of ‘Keeping Mum’ if you know that movie.  However, while the acting in the film is brilliant I don’t remember seeing any of the actors in it before or since.


Please help me

Im looking for the title of a movie which Im guessing was made in the late 1980’s.

American movie, action comedy

I dont have the names of the two actresses who played the mane roles but they werent popular or well known actresses.

Brunette lady cop, comfortable in tracsuit pants, has to protect a blonde rich spoilt girl. They start out bumping heads, the blonde washes her hair with dog shampoo, puts pantihose in the freezer and throws her underwear away instead of just adding it to laundry. The brunette cop needs to go undercover and she is seen wearing a coctail dress. The two eventually become friends.

That is all I can remember, please help me