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Science fiction barren future movie

I watched a movie back in the late 1990’s or early 2000’s. The ozone layer has finally been completely destroyed, allowing massive amounts of solar radiation to scorch the planet. Mankind is barely surviving in small pockets. Being exposed to direct sunlight for more than an a few minutes will leave a person with extremely severe sunburn, longer exposure results in death.

The movie focuses on a group of teens attending high school in their community. The main character is an older teen boy being picked on by the popular kids and jocks. The main teen lives alone in his house because his scientist parents disappeared years ago. The landscape outside is barren wasteland, but inside his house is lush jungle growth to the point that you can barely see the walls or floors.

At one point, main teen gets tied up and left outside to die from exposure. He’s outside for many hours before his friends find him, but to everyone’s surprise he’s only moderately sunburned instead of dead. Later in the movie you find out that his parents genetically modified his DNA at birth to be radiation-resistant.

Back at his house, he learns that his parents never really disappeared; they had actually changed themselves (somehow) into two clouds of firefly-like insects. They were still living in the house but for whatever reason never communicated with him.

By the end of the movie, the house bursts open and the lush jungle growth starts spreading. The plants inside had been genetically engineered by mom and dad to be radiation-resistant and are thriving in the outdoors.

Animated: Shrews vs. velociraptors?

I once caught the very end of an animated movie on television. An army of shrews (dressed in Napoleonic-era army uniforms) were being catapulted over the battlements of a castle where a human girl was being held prisoner by reptilian creatures similar to a cross between dragons and velociraptors. The shrews had venomous bites and each raptor would quickly succumb when bitten on the tail. I really saw this, I don’t have a weird enough imagination to make this up.

Help! Please

Can anyone help me

The movie was in color and English language

It’s a horror/sci-if movie. I was young in the 90s. Me and my dad watched it on tv and all I can remember about this movie was it started I think as a ride there was either 4 or 2 teens 2 girls and 2 boys or just a girl and a boy. Anyway they get on this ride and it’s supposed to be a normal ride  they enter either a devil face or clown pretty sure it was devil. Sorry it’s a vague memory. So anyway I remember them going thru the ride then stopped in front of this creature like sweaty fat guy who controls the ride? Then the people realize theyr in trouble n the sweaty, overweight like rediculous overweight half naked guy after telling them that they are doomed pulls the lever and they all drop down. N this place is like filled with monsters or whatever n plans I think on eating the people. Anyway next thing I remember is that the one guy was able to get away but it’s all hill n no one around like deserted he was away from the place n he decides to go back n get the girl. Idk it’s a long shot but it’s been bothering me forever. I hope anyone can help me out sorry it’s not much to go on.

whats my movie

whats the movie with a brother and sister that took place in a mental  hospital or something similar the girl was walking around with a shot gun looking for a man . one part they were hiding under the hospital bed. the girl was getting pulled into heaven i think but the brother pulled  her back down and the number 43 (i think) was carved in his head the they were pulled into hell while they were being pulled down i THINK they were hugging and laughing hope this is enough info i was like 5-6 when i saw it and i think it was a 80-90s movie i think all or at least majority of characters were white. oh and i know a sence or two was in a cemetary

Thriller/Mystery Movie, been trying to find it for years

Ive been trying to find a movie that I saw either six or seven years ago. This is what I can remember:

A girl inherits her grandfather’s house after he passes away. She moves in and plans to remodel.

Theres a next door neighbour, a male, he gets involved with the girl. I think he’s a carpenter, and one night to make sure the girl is okay, they stay at his place and sleep there. I think there were wood planks and tools around.

One time she goes into the kitchen, turns on the chandelier light, and sees creepy baby dolls hanging from the light. I think there were notes attached.

Another time, she had just finished fixing the wall of the bathroom. Just a little bit later she finds the wall smashed (it was glass) late at night.

At the end of the movie a man came into the house and her and the girl fought. The plot is probably that the man wants her grandfathers money.

Now that I think about it, the male who’s protecting her might be the carpenter renovating the house, but I can’t remember.

I believe I saw the movie between 2009-2011.

I thought the word August was in the title, or it could be an actors name.

Please help, this has been driving me insane for years ? My mom doesn’t remember watching it at all and I feel crazy like I imagined it.

Exorcist movie

Okay, so I lost all of my bookmarks since I had to uninstall and reinstall Chrome due to it crashing and I lost all of my bookmarks which are replaced by years old ones. :/ I had the movie bookmarked and everything.

In the movie, I remember there’s a girl and she gets possessed. I remember she lives with her mom and she calls upon these 2 women, the one woman is more main character and is a child psychologist or something. I remember there’s a song in the beginning playing when the exorcist takes place and then later when they go to see the girl who’s possessed. She is able to play it without touching it and the song plays loudly while she’s painting in the basement. I don’t even really recall the words to the song now. The movie should only be a few years old, nothing from the 80’s or 90’s or early millennium. Oh! and at the end, the woman psychologist person is the one who is possessed, it shows her husband or boyfriend looking at her. Then he discovers the look on her face and you see it’s demonic or something and it ends with the woman putting a pillow over the baby’s head or something since she possessed next then it cuts to the credits with the aforementioned song.

Horror Movie About a Monster Vulnerable to Milk

Hi everyone,

I was talking with friends about movies and TV shows that really scared us as kids and ever since then this as been driving me mad.

The movie starts with a cult chaining up a tree on a stormy night and then the tree starts to shake. Then a group of kids decide to build a tree house on this tree and they awaken an ancient monster and it escapes from the ground and attacks them.

Other than that, all I can remember is the kids fill up squirt guns with milk they stole from the grocery store and they then kill the monster with the milk.

I think the monster itself was the scary part, not the plot or anything. The monster had horns I think.

Thanks everyone for your time and help!

Horror Movie from the late 80´s/early 90´s

Help me out, guys!!

I saw this a looong time ago, I was a kid then and from what I can remember it was like a Thing rip-off with a group of characters in a militar base or something like that.

This creature took the form of your worst fear and transform in it to kill you (yep, just like in Stephen King´s “IT”) like an old scientist with the fear of an old creepy circus freak-like woman and other character who was looking up for a test monkey or something and then she´s killed bye the creature trasnformed into a mutan monkey….WTF

The most prominent part that I remember is the ending with a lady scientist opening some kind of multi-dimensional portal to the creature´s world and looking through it saying “There are millions of them” and getting killled.

There´s also a part with two test subjects (male and female) totally naked in some crionic tubes…..just for fan-service.

Well, that´s it….the only other part that I remember mostly is when the black comic relief guy dies off-screen, like in a “woosh” from the MC perpective at the other side of an elevator.

I hope you can help me!! 😀

I hope someone has some idea of this movie to help me…

Ok, I would have first seen this movie back quite some time ago (1990’s or before). American film, in color.

I had thought this was a Tom Hanks film, but when I go through his IMDB, none of the titles/images brings it to mind, so I’m thinking in that I’m mistaken.

So, what I do remember is that the main character during part of the film works as a volunteer chemical tester, being exposed to various chemical substances that among other things, destroys his sense of smell, and with it his sense of taste. He ends up working at jobs that most anyone would rather not do, since they are so unpleasant (I think one of those jobs was in a salt factory, as I feel I remember seeing him slipping and tumbling down a huge pile of some grainy/almost powdery stuff), and lives his life on the small wages he can make, and the disability checks he gets for the residual damages from the chemical exposures.

I’m pretty sure it was a dark comedy, as it vacillated between the humor of the things he went through, and the dark, near empty life he led. Even touching on the fact that his limited finances weren’t too bad, as without a sense of taste, he just ate the same meals every day, cause it was cheap and easy (spaghetti).

I can’t remember what else happens, just images of him in a test chamber getting flooded with various gasses/chemicals, and taking off his mask (if he even had one to begin with), and hacking/coughing/sneezing, being treated badly by bosses, and that scene of him trying to move across, or up that huge pile of near sandy stuff, slipping, tumbling and falling, and getting frustrated with it all…

I know, this is pretty vague, but I’m really hoping someone can help me find this one, as I’d like to check it out again, if for no better reason than to give it context, so that isn’t the only parts I can recall about it…

Thanks for any help!

Animated Short about metamorphosis

This short is about a tribe that hunt flying giant creatures that looks like a stingray, the tribe kill one creature and eat it, but some of the hunters after eat the flesh of the creature, turns into zombies and begins to walk until arriving a temple, in that place there is a line of hunters zombie who throw themselves to a pit in the temple, while they are falling, their body begins to turn into a cocoon, and when they reach the end of the pit they out like the flying creatures that hunt.


I remember that this short is in colour, I saw it in the 90’s but I doubt that the short was from that date.


It’s driving me insane!!


I have a bit of an odd one, since I can only recall bits and pices of this particular movie I saw back in my childhood.

It had to have been made in the 80s or early 90s, as I saw it on VHS (taped, not bought). It was in English and color. I don’t actually recall it being a horror movie, per se, but it was definitely a thriller.

What I remember: A young boy, early teens, with dark bowl cut and blue eyes is swimming in a pool with a girl he has a crush on. He’s using his goggles to look at her. She had on a swimsuit that was half pink, half blue, and I believe had black polka dots on it.

Next, I remember he was being driven in a car down a long dirt road through some type of orchard, maybe? It may have been a family gathering. Then someone taking the boy to what looked like an ungrounded tunnel or sewer, showing him a secret cache of weapons and telling him about them.

Next, and this is where my memory starts to fade, I vaguely remember a cellar scene, in which the boy sees or overhears something (a murder, is my guess). He breaks a glass jar and ducks out before the other person sees him.

After that, my memory gets jumbled, but he tells the girl what he saw, he somehow injures his forehead  (I think they were driving to get away and he crashed? I remember him telling her to stay with the car, then he went back to the house).

Toward the end, I remember him running back to the sewer to grab weapons and making some type of bomb out of black pvc pipe and some kind of green stuff, which he then used in the cellar on the bad guy.

I know it’s horribly vague, but it’s been almost 20 years since I saw it when I was kid, but scenes of it still haunt my mind to this day.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Probably 80s Horror: Ritual & Woods

I’ve been looking for these two things for awhile and I’m not having any luck. I’m not sure if it’s two films that I saw in a row, or two parts of the same film. Both are in color and in English. I saw them on television in the mid 2000s, but I think they are from the 80s (I might be a bit off, though).

1) There is a ritual taking place at night that involves some kind of figure/idol/statue (like a clay idol?). I think there is a tribe of people doing this. There’s a woman with dark hair involved, though I don’t think she wants to be. The idol goes inside of a wooden box and floats down a river, and the camera follows it. I remember it as having some kind of magic involved and something being sealed inside the figure. I keep thinking that this was backstory and took place earlier than the rest of the film, and the figure had something to do with bad things happening in the present.

2) This one has been super hard to look for, because it’s so common: a story about young people (campers? staying in a cabin?) being chased/hunted in the woods.

Details I remember:

– All of the scenes with people being hunted take place in daylight.

– One of the main characters is a girl with blonde or light brown hair in a pink shirt.

– There is a scene involving a hollow log. I’m not sure if someone hides in it, or finds something in it, or is just looking through it. Near or during this scene, a male character is killed. I think he is found by the blonde girl.

– It seemed like there were a lot of scenes of the people (who were separated from each other) hiding from whatever was after them.

– There is a scene that shows clothes hanging on a line in the woods.

– It does not involve zombies or cannibals (these keep coming up when I search).

– Although I’m not completely certain, I strongly feel that it was a supernatural thing after the people, not a human.

When I first started looking for these, I was very certain they were the same film, and the figure had something to do with whatever was hunting the campers, but I can’t find anything like that and now I’m not so sure. Any suggestions for either of these things would be appreciated, even if the details are off, because I might have mixed things up. Thank you!!

Teen romance

I think I saw it around 2006 on one of the movie channels on sky, (i think it was 306). Okay so the boy and girl are teens and all that I can remember is that the boy in the film has feelings for the girl and think they’ve been friends for a long time and she’s kinda moving on and stuff and somehow she finds out he likes her as more than a friend. There’s three scenes I can remember briefly, okay so the first one, the boy imagines this other boy riding into or he imagines himself diverting the boy into a large dumpster or a skip, okay the first one either happens like that or the boy imagined himself beating up the boy into the dumpster.

Okay the second scene the boy and girl are karate practice and again the boy imagines a different result, I think he might have imagined himself showing off or something.

Okay this one I know for sure, the boy and girl went through like a fight and he turns up at the girls family event and they don’t say anything they just slowly dance and thats the end, the girl had blonde hair and was wearing purple I think.

  1. I remember the title being odd like it had number in or the letter q in

I know this pretty broad and could describe a lot of films. I’ve just been trying to find this film for soo long and would appreciate any help.

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Nightmare in Space?

I watched this movie on VHS around 93′ to 95′. Characters are on a desolate planet and are scientists possibly. A man whom looms like Shel Silverstein is in a tunnel and gets his hands chopped off by a weapon that he throws. He falls to the bottom of the hole/tunnel and the scene cuts to a naked woman. This woman walks around and eventually has her head bitten off (still nude) by a giant spider. That’s all I recall. It was the first R-rated movie I ever saw and it terrified me for years.

Early/Mid 80’s tv episode that I’ve been searching for every since I can remember. Help finding it would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.

I was a kid, 9-10 years old when I watched this and a few scenes stuck in my mind since. A 10ish year old boy and girl go inside a old house next door and find a secret/hidden door that lead them to a secret room underground where they become trapped by a cave-in surrounding the door. They keep looking for a way out and find a lot of money, mostly burned. They are trapped overnight. They find and eat stale crackers that had been in the room for a untold amount of time. The two also find a skeleton of the person who they thought had burned the money to stay warm before he passed. They know the name of the man but I can’t remember it. I believe he was a mean old man that kept to himself and didn’t like people in general. They hear a friend, a boy playing on a tree above them, and hit on the tree roots to get his
attention. The boy playing near the tree above ground first thinks it’s their ghosts he hears because he knows at the time that the kids were missing. It’s a family friendly mystery that reminds me of a After School Special but I’ve searched and searched all of them. Isn’t Twilight Zone either. It is in color and made in the USA or
Canada. Please help. I’ve been wanting to find/watch this again for many many years.
Thank you kindly for your time.


Help me find this horror movie!

I was very young when I saw it on TV. Maybe around the ’90.
I remember there was a woman who is called to solve some kind of disease a girl and a boy have.
The doctor was a woman. The disease made the children like zombies, they wanted to eat humans. If they bite you, you get infected too. And they have a kind of slime covering their bodies.

Any ideas?? 🙂

Weird future movie about books

Ok so I saw this movie late 90s early 2000s in elementary or middle school, but it looked like it easily could have been from the 80s. In it the main characters (1 or 2 kids I think) somehow end up in the future where I believe books have been outlawed and they’re saved by these people whose secret hideout is an underground  library I think.  The one thing I distinctly remember is that the bad guys in the future are afraid of horses! I know it’s not a lot to go on but fingers crossed, thanks!!

Mid 70’s horror film – part of a tv movie syndication package

I remember seeing this when I was a kid. Aired on KPTV in Portland Ore.  A country estate with a small graveyard. In the graveyard there was an entrance to a Subterranean cavern which housed several altars. Each painted with a large Red letter A. Cult members worshiped Asmodeus.  Had a Hammer Film feel to it.

I’ve never been able to track it down. I even tried looking through some of the old schedules ( had a friend that worked at the TV station at one time ). It seems as many of those records were tossed… as were several old tapes/film reels.

I really want to find this film. I hope you can help.  – Shawn

Black & White Chinese movie

About 40 years ago I saw on TV a dubbed in English, Asian movie. A witch in the employ of a warlord, warns of a young traveler and a meddler;an old  sorcerer who can turn himself into a fly.  The sorcerer has a curse, when he sees a pretty lady, he finds himself unable to move without serious concentration.  The young traveler knows how to  fight. He befriends the sorcerer.

One of the major scenes is when the witch goes after the sorcerer.  He becomes a fly and she becomes a small spiked orb.  She sees a fly go inside a bottle and she (as an orb) becomes smaller to go in after the fly. The sorcerer puts a cork on the bottle she is trapped for the rest of the movie. (She chased the wrong fly into the bottle.)


Help with movie title, please!!!!!!

Hi. If there is any way you can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

I am looking for the title of a movie that I saw on either IFC network, Lifetime, or Sundance channel.  I believe I saw it in or around 2098-2008?? From what I remember, there were no famous actors in it and maybe only had 2-3 people in the movie. I will
give you a description from what I remember happened.

Basically, it starts off with a young woman (blonde, I think…looked maybe a little like britney murphy??) in an apartment and I think she is fresh off of a break up with a boyfriend. Anyway, she lives alone in an apartment and might be some type of college student or grad student working on a thesis?? Somehow, a detective gets involved, I think her ex was reported missing or something. The detective stays with her in the apartment (I think because she was getting creepy phone calls) and the two eventually become involved romantically. I’m pretty sure the whole movie takes place in her apartment building (kind of seemed like a very low budget film). I also remember there were like electricity problems and she would have to go to the basement in the building to fix it. It ends up with a twist at the end that she had actually murdered the “missing”
Ex boyfriend because I believe she caught him cheating in the basement of the apartment building (maybe in an abandoned old pool??). And I think the other twist is that the guy who was the detective really didn’t exist, she was just imaging it.  All of the pictures in her apartment of her and her ex boyfriend had his face either cut out or a red X or something over his face, but at the end you see that the “detective” is the one in the pics with her.  She had imagined this whole scenario with the detective the whole movie.

Any help would be great. I’ve been trying to figure this out for years.

***nobody famous in this movie