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Girl finds out she was kidnapped as a child

I saw this movie about 15 years ago on TV when I stayed home sick from school one day. It was about a girl who was kidnapped by a couple who raised her as their own child. I don’t remember how, but when she was in college she somehow found out that she had been kidnapped. She does her own investigation, and finds her real family.

The thing that stands out to me most is that she had red hair, and when she meets her real family, they all have red hair too, even the mom and dad.

Mystery, Drama Movie

This movie starts off like a horror movie but its not, its about a lady who had a little boy who she adopted and they moved to a new house, she had two neighbours a woman and a man and the man had a son who was mentally unstable, their house is connected to the ladies house and the man would go in her house through a secret passage that only they knew about, In the movie the mans son came up to her while at the playground with her son and started talking to her and she asked him which one his yours and the man said that one but he was lying, the father for that child called her by name and went away with her, she got frightened and went away with her son. She became friends with the female neighbour but she discovered the passageway so the man killed her.I can’t remember the name of it.


This is going to be long but I’m trying to add as much detail as possible.

So I am looking for this fantasy movie, or maybe a series that was in 2 or 3 parts but more than an hour long? It is pretty old, I would say around the 90s, defo no more than 2005.

The main character is an ordinary girl/woman I guess who somehow ends up in some world sort of like the “once upon a time” series. I don’t know if she is in some sort of mission to find something, all I know is that she is hunted and she has a partner with her helping her out of all this.

One scene, she was running after some creature I think in a forest and he hides behind an ordinary tree. She goes behind that tree to not find him anymore. Then her and her partner finds an entrance on that tree, might be some hole on top of the tree or something. They walk in it to find that the tree is nothing like the rest, it is actually a home (much like the small tents in Harry Potter and the goblet of fire, once you go in it is like a huge marquee).

Second scene I remember is of the girl taking shelter in that tree and when she wakes up she finds her hair has grown like crazy, like Rapunzel. She tries to carry her hair out but it becomes difficult for her to run around so she’s having to chop it all off like near her ear length?? She was angry about it I’m pretty sure because it wasn’t supposed to be cut this much. Before going out I think once she had to let her hair out of the window of the tree I think for her partner in crime to climb up and it was hurting her of course while he was climbing up. By the way, she’s blonde.


The final scene I remember is some sheep race. They end up at some weird village which celebrates sheep, they literally dress the sheep and have a parade. Somehow some challenge takes place that the sheep of one of the best girl of the village and the sheep of the main character (the girl) will have to do some race and some pageant thing of which sheep is best dressed or something. The night before the competition the village girl goes to a barn where some guy opens up the floor that has lights coming out of it and puts in her sheep to then drag it back out magically dressed well and powerful? The main girl mentions it to her partner and on the day he tries to do the same for her. During he race the village girl already got her sheep to run and the main girl is whistling and waiting for hers to come and at the last minute it comes. Somehow she wins the competition because her sheep was the better looking one.

Sorry for the very long essay. I hope the details rings a bell to anyone reading this. Thank you.

Girl that was raped

  1. Hello Everyone !!!  I watched this movie a long time ago, I think it was this high school or college movie where a girl was raped by probably someone she knew like her friends boyfriend,when it happened she picked off a button from his shirt or jacket but maybe he was wearing a mask, she told her friend about it, but sometime later she was talking to him and noticed the same jacket or shirt he was wearing was missing a button then she said “it was you” and ran away. I think in the movie the girl mentioned that it was either a green button or a green shirt or jacket, I think I watched it in the 80s or 90s, that’s all I remembered about the movie.

Girl that was kidnapped

  1. A little girl was kidnapped from her house by a man who made her beg on the streets, I think she had about 4 other siblings and after she was kidnapped, her parents and siblings would pray at the dinner table, I think he carried her through the woods or bushes, she was found at the end by a police, private investigator or a reporter even though she was partially disguised.

Some kind of Cinderella-based movie

Hi! I’ve been thinkin about this movie a lot recently and I can´t seem to remember which was its name. To begin with, I watched that movie on TV here in Mexico, but for what I can remember about the aesthetic and the style of the story I know that it wasn’t a mexican movie, maybe an American or Brittish one.

I can remember that it was about a girl that lived with some relatives on a farm. She was orphan and had to do the chores on the house. His relatives had a daughter that didn’t do anything and of course, the protagonist did everything for her, including knitting her a pair of socks for the winter. She was ordered to do it before the sunrise, but she was running out of time so she went and begged their rooster not to sing with the sunrise. The rooster told her that he couldn’t do anything to help her so she had to ask the sun no to rise until she was finished.

At some point of the movie, the girl goes to the forest and finds a prince (I seem to remember) that gives her a chest with treasures. Her relatives get jelous and send their daughter too, but she comes back with a chest full of (I don’t remember if they were crows or pigs…something like that)…

I don’t really remember much else, but I know it had a happy ending. I only saw it one time about 15 years ago and I would like to know if someone else rememebers it.


older thriller film set in desert temple

I saw this film after 2000 to maybe 2006 would have been the latest I would have watched it.  I had thought I had seen it on tv like maybe the usa channel or TCM, maybe it was a vhs I had rented.

It was an older film in color, set in the desert, maybe from the 80’s or earlier could have been 70’s.

A man and a lady & at least one other person but maybe more, are in the desert going to a temple and end up seeking some wisdom or special thing that is in the temple (more on that in a sec.)  The man has short blond hair is somewhat tanned, and the woman has long “dirty blond” hair

I remember one scene where one of the guys in the party is driving a car in the desert and he drives up on the rest of the group, only they find that it is a skeleton and that person (there party member) is dead.


In the temple there are two antagonists a guy and another lady.  That somewhat resemble in appearance characters from the munsters tv show.  The guy minorly resembles a vampire character.  Both the guy and girl have black hair.

The end of the film is the most memorable.  The vampire esk character finds a key in a miniature snake statue he pushes on it and it comes out of the mouth.  He gets to the gate which the path way through and beyond the gate would make you walk though water.  The main character finds the man and the other black haired lady.  He is told that there is still a chance to save the blond haired lady.  She is passed out in a room with a spiked ceiling that is slowly falling in on her.  He runs to the room and or to where that is being controlled and eventually is able to stop it to save her life.  He runs back to the gate and found that the two people have already walked though and closed it behind them.  He yells to them “take me with you” and is distraught and then before our eyes he turns into an old man.  Then the movie ends.


It makes me think beyond that gate was eternal wisdom, or youth or something to where missing out on it meant that there was no more point to living.




Chased by cops, saved by truckers

Ive had a movie on my mind for a few days I watcher several years back (at least 10+)

I dont remember alot of it, but there was a guy chased by cops for superlong and at one point it was in a desert environment. He mustve had several dozen of cops right behind him at one point and when it looked like he was about to get caught a trucker showed up in a far distans, shortly after several others showed up behind it and they spread out in a line.

Im not sure but I think he was driving an american muscle car, it was for sure an american movie, colored, and if I had to guess maybe from the 80’s or 90’s.

Id appreciate any help on this, going crazy over here!

Girl rolled in a carpet

  1. I remember just few things in the movie. A woman who has a little daughter, gets a new coworker(or something like that) and once dreams about him, carrying a dead girl rolled in a carpet. Next day, she sees the same carpet in his car and she calls the police, but the carpet has not been used yet. I saw this movie back in 2005, but probably it is from 90’s. It is american movie.


I can’t remember much about this film and it definitely isn’t rocky horror

This is an old horror film

a transvestite (man) tries to entice a man to sleep with him, the man declines and runs away the the beach, the transvestite kills him

I’m pretty sure there were others that were killed by him but I can’t remember

Name of 1980’s movie

Hi everyone,

I am looking for the following movie. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

1980’s movie. Probably 1983-1986 based on characters wardrobe.

Plot revolved around a guy who was stuck/ lost in Brooklyn (?) after dark. He had returned to a bar or club to collect his wallet or something and was left stranded by the taxi. He bumped into a girl who knew him but he couldn’t remember her and she refused to tell him how they knew each other. They wandered around looking for a taxi together but kept coming back to the same spot. Strange things happened and maybe there were vampires(?). The girl wore a top and her strap kept falling down. The whole movie is set over 1 night where he tries to get home.

I watched this movie as a kid and can’t remember any more.


Thanks so much.

90s TV movie where kids with powers are taken by the government

I saw this movie back in the 90s on tv.  The movie involved the government collecting kids from all over the world and bringing them to a center where they would train and test them to try to exploit their powers. It centered around two kids in particular. A boy who could control minds and a girl who could heal. The main character is a buy who is investing this government facility and in the end is trying to help shut it down. Specially he helps the girl escape. The two main scenes I remember is the girl that can heal finds a dead or wounded bird during recess at school with the investigator there and then after she holds it he notices later that the bird was either alive again or able to fly again. The other scene I remember is the boy with mind control abilities that the government used and was sort of the villain takes over the investigating guy while he has the girl with him and stops on train tracks and locks them both in the truck to get hit by the train.

Hopefully this rings a bell for someone!

train movie

I think i saw this on tv in the 90s. the whole movie takes place on a train. i think there is also a young child who is a passenger. It is a horror probably shot in new york. whenever the train goes into a tunnel, the other passengers turn into undead or ghosts etc. when light turns on they are normal again

Demons in the house

This movie is probably from the seventies.  There is a woman who lives in a house… (Youngish and I think she has long straight brown hair)  I can’t remember if anyone else lives there.  She starts seeing these little demons everywhere.  No one believes her.  She thinks she is crazy.  At the end, I think they capture her and you can here her talking to them through the walls … like as if she became friends with them or something.  lol

Did I make this movie up in my brain???

Movie about a single father

I’ve been trying to remember this movie for a while. I saw it years ago on Freeform, back when it was Fox Family, I’d say around 2000-2001.

The movie was about a guy whose girlfriend had a baby, and then left the baby with him, abandoning them both. I want to say she was actually a one night stand, and he didn’t even know she was pregnant before she left the baby with him, but the details are a little foggy.

All this time, I swore the guy was played by Hugh Grant, but I just looked at his filmography and it definitely wasn’t him. I’m pretty sure the actor was British though, and most likely looked at least a little like Hugh Grant. I’m not  sure if it was a British film though, or if just that one character was British.

I think it was a comedy drama, it might have been made for TV. It was in color, and the language was English. I definitely didn’t see it past 2002, so the the newest it could be is 2002, but I’m thinking it was made in maybe the mid to late 90’s.

Movie Title Help Please

I remember a movie where a couple first got together and started having sex as much as possible; There was a scene with them making love in a bathtub.

The boy ended up cheating on the girl and used the last of his condoms on this new girl. The girlfriend came home afterwards and wanted to make love. The boy tried to explain that there were no condoms left, but she remembered there was one left and proceeded to get into position. The boy didn’t know what to do, so he put on the used condom from earlier and tried to proceed, but the girl noticed and stopped him.

The movie ends with the couple not ending up together as she walks away from him in an airport.

I saw this movie on tv approximately in the early 2000’s. It was in English and in color.

Movie title help please

80’s comedy movie where a man turns into a werewolf and a gold chain with a razor blade appears around his neck. He also sees a nurse where he says he has a raging hard on that won’t quit no matter how times he does it a she responds with I’ll give you 50 dollars and my wedding ring.