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UK Film With Woman Director – Heavily Features Train Tracks

A film heavily using train tracks as a setting piece and taking place somewhere in the UK. It follows a father introducing his young daughter to his other small child- a result of an affair (though I think this was more heavily hinted towards the end). The two girls are rather disagreeable through most of the film. It may possibly be a short film rather than a feature length piece. I think the film may have possibly used a holiday as a backdrop, either Christmas or Easter. I know for certain that the director was a woman.

Alien plant

This was a definite made-for-tv, low-budget movie I saw on the Sci-Fi Channel a few years ago.


A demolition crew is in the process of tearing up an old military base when they come across a hidden room. In the middle of the room there is a tomb-like vault. When they remove the top of the vault they find it full of water and a drowned test monkey (or maybe a person) with a strange plant growth coming out of it’s chest. They take photos and the light from the camera flash starts the plant growing at a fast pace, killing everyone it touches. The survivors reason that if the plant is growing this fast at night, then it will be unstoppable once the sun rises. One person realizes that the plant is actively avoiding him and it turns out that this guy’s blood acts like Roundup to the plant so he has to find his way back to the vault and kill it at the source.

HELP I can only remember a scene from this

All I can remember is

I think there were two boys, who had or took a car to a party, like a beach party camping type of party. But the car had no engine they had either rolled it there or something to impress people. I think maybe people got in and wanted them to drive but can’t go anywhere

It’s an older type of film where two teens either rolled or somehow gotten the car to a beach camp type of party where there were other cars but there’s didn’t have an engine they took it to make it look like they had a car. People got interested and wanted them to drive but obviously they couldn’t go anywhere

This is all I can explain please help!

Mystery movie about three friends and an island with a fake monster


Im sorry I seem desperate but I’ve been trying to figure this out for the past month. I saw this movie when I was little, maybe around the late 1900’s or early 2000’s. A quick summary about the movie, (or all that I can remember) there were three boys who looked to be around 13 and one of them was named Pete, his dad was an explorer. They travel to an island with an African girl (i can’t remember)? There they meet this lady who wants to tear down the island to build a theme park. The boys want to stop her since the people in the island believe there is a monster living in one of the caves (forgot the monsters name).

heres some more scattered details:

*pete likes this African American girl with puffy hair, and he gets teased for it while the boys are sleeping one night, and she breaks in. Or maybe she was already there I forgot.

*at the end the boys and the girl discover that the “monster” isn’t real, and it was just a person in a costume (can’t remember who) that was terrorizing the people on the island from inside a cave.

*i remember a scene where a truck rammed into the African girls home and destroyed part of it, and the whole “village” gets scared as well and devastated. The girl cries to Peter and the boys, and they come to investigate. I can’t remember if they found any clues.

*i also remember a scene at the beginning, kinda like the intro before the move: where there is this auction, and a painting is being sold for a lot of money. But little do the people know, that the painting is a fake. Because the boys explains that the artist who painted the original one would never print his signature on his art, but the painting being sold had one. Therefor it was a fake. (I also s can’t remember if this scene might have been in the end.

*but I do know in the end, Pete gets a kiss from the African girl he likes, and the boys drive off in a car.

this was really long I’m sorry. It’s funny how I practically know the whole thing but I can’t remember the movie. It was a old movie with an island on the cover I think.

“I’m a miracle, ya know!”

Rented this movie from Netflix around 1999. It’s about a young boy’s tragically short life. He was born with dwarfism and other health problems. He reminds people of this by occasionally shouting “I’m a miracle, ya know!” He’s a funny character. Near the end, this boy dies as a hero. Somehow, he saves several children from drowning in a sinking school bus. I can remember his face in the rear window of the school bus as it sinks below the surface. This movie had a Benjamin Button feel to it. Filmed in color. I can remember lots of trees and general greenery throughout. Key points are dwarfism, drowning tragedy and a school bus. Thank you…

Demon substitute teacher, lesson “death”

This movie was like an afterschool special. But wasn’t listed with them.

It starts out with students arriving at class. Teacher is not there yet. After class starts, the teacher appears. He is a demon! the lesson for the day is death! Their assignment is to choose which of them will die. If they refuse to choose, all of them will die. Demon disappears. students try to leave, but outside the doors is void or something. Students are similar to breakfast club. (Jock, brain, bad boy, church girl, etc.) they argue and fight over who should die. Story is good life lesson, but IMO wrong solution.

Guy walks through the rain in swim trunks at the end of this movie.

Another movie I saw on TV as a child during the 90s, in color and I’m assuming in English (the scene I watched didn’t have any actual speaking in it). I only caught it during the final scene.

A guy is walking up a hill wearing nothing but swim trunks, from a beach if I remember correctly.  He seems distraught, and it begins to rain. At one point he passes by a tennis court and stares at it for a moment, sinister laughter echoing out as he looks. I think the laughter continues on in a couple other places he passes before he arrives at the steps of a house. While he tries to get the door open, the camera pans over to a broken window and goes inside – the room is dark and ransacked. Going back to the man who seemingly gives up and kneels down on the steps in defeat, the camera pans out and the credits begin to roll.

The only other detail I remember is that it was playing dramatic/intense music during the scene.

Surreal movie about a girl who draws a picture that comes to life.

I saw this movie on TV (it’s also possible it could have been an episode of something) as a child around the early to mid-90s. It was in color and in English, but I’m not sure of its age. I didn’t get to see the whole thing, but I remember asking my mother what was going on and she responded along the lines of “this girl drew a picture and the things in it came to life”.

Some vague images I remember from it were a bunch of candles (on an alter maybe) suddenly getting blown out, and what appears to be eyes and a large set of square teeth just floating in the darkness (now that I think about it, the teeth could very well have been my misinterpretation of a factory window).

A little later, a girl is hiding in a closet(?) with someone else. A man who wants to harm her is searching for her amongst the backdrop of a large fire. The girl uses scissors to slowly cut a piece of paper, which I assume is the drawing. After that, I think the man finds her and tries to harm her, but they stop him. Last scene I remember is with the girl recovering in a hospital.

I know its not very specific, but I’m hoping someone can help me identify what this was after all these years.

Old SciFi movie where a human prisoner is tricked by aliens.3

Saw this perhaps 15 years ago…maybe more.  I’d say around 1995-2000.  Movie was in English, on TV – color.

Plot : I don’t remember the background story but the human race was in some sort of war against an alien race.  A human (fighter pilot?) is captured and is in prison.  The aliens try to get info from him (where’s the rest of the fleet hidden or something like that) but he doesn’t bulge.

His cell has some sort of round tube about 12in diameter that contains some sort of corrosive water.  He gets food that looks like giant crabs or something like that but doesn’t know how to eat them.

At one point, another human, a woman, is put in the same cell has him.  He befriends her.  She show him how to eat the crab food.  Then the aliens get her and when she comes back, she’s transformed a bit into the aliens.  Can’t remember how the transformation went but at one point her whole arm is insect like.  Turns out the arm is resistant to the corrosive liquid in the pit and she’s able to do something with that (can’t remember what).

The human guy manages to go through the vents and finds the woman on an operating table getting transformed again.  When she comes back, she’s almost entirely transformed into an alien.  He tries to confort here and tells him the location of the fleet (the info the aliens were after).  Something like “they are all waiting behind X or Y and they’ll be here soon, don’t worry”.

Then it is revealed that the woman wasn’t a human getting transformed into an alien.. she tells him “I’m getting back to my own self”… she was an alien all along.

That’s all I can remember!

Fantasy martial art movie with a caucasian lead actor

I cant remember the name of this movie. This is an old movie probably late 90s.  I cant confirm all of the following, but this is how I remember it..

An american guy gets caught in this mystical world and has to learn martial arts to defeat a bad guy or something. He gets a teacher, I guess jet li or jackie chan teaches him kung fu.

One specific detail I remember is, our hero is given a writing brush by an old guy as a weapon. That little brush can transform into a huge staff for fighting..

At some point, our hero has a fight with his teacher (jet li or jackie chan or whoever) and hits him with the magic brush/staff thingy which splits the teachers head in two. But being a mystical guy living in a magical world , he is not hurt.. there is bright light coming from the spilt head and he just kinda pulls himself together and says “is this how you treat your master?”

I cant seem to remember any other detail apart from this. Any kind of lead will be helpful for me as I cant sleep properly from now on without knowing what movie I remembered.


Please help me find this movie’s name.

I didn’t see this movie. I just saw a scene. So i don’t recognize any character. I think it’s a an english movie nearly 2000’s. The scene is two men in a car was waiting for a girl. It was night. Seeing that girl they started to follow her. Then they wore mask. When the girl realized that she was being followed she started to run and escape. But before she could do that they caught her. Then one of the men beats her and then rapes her. And other man was holding a gun. Before raping the girl the man removes his mask. When the girl was screaming there was a train going over a bridge above them. When they were leaving the girl the other man who was holding the gun said,” Hey man, she saw your face.” The man who raped the girl said,” I know, let her go.” Can anyone guess which movie is this. I really wanna see what happens next. And sorry for my english. Plz help…

Weird exploding fruit movie

This is an older movie, possibly 80s if i remember correctly. Saw it in the 90s. All i remember are these tourists are at this getaway island/resort maybe. They find fresh fruit and begin to eat it when everything goes haywire. The banana’s explode into the women’s face and one coconut begins to gush out a bunch of black ooze. Strange movie but I can not find any proof if it ever existed.

Alien, ET, Another Lifeform, Parasite, Posession? Turning everyone… bad? Help me out here pls :)

Please help me figure this one out. There’s this movie, can’t remember where I watched it (it’s in colour) and near end. All of them are caucasian and I don’t recall any dialogue, so I don’t know if they’re in english or not. Here’s what I remember:
There was a fighting going on between a man and a woman, lots of screaming (the woman obviously), and after a short while it’s apparent that the man is going to rape her… but no. As he spread her legs, he shot a black like tube? tongue? goo that latches into her underwear and apparently injected / infected her with… something because then she went into a state of convulsion. Just as this is happening, another man showed up with an axe and butchered this (possessed) man, rescuing her and get her into a car. They drove off but didn’t get very far because, by now, the infected woman attacked our new hero.
I left the tv for a while and when I got back, there’s a cop now… and our new hero tried to kill the possessed woman and the cop has no choice but to shoot at them.
Must be a cool movie… and sorry for my bad english. Can anyone help me please? Thank you in advance


70’s Cannibal Horror Flick

I remember a horror movie from the early 70s (I think). I saw it on TV but it was definitely a movie – not a TV movie. It was in color.

Story was (3) girls win a contest to go on vacation in a nice chalet. The girls get there and a nice couple pamper, spoil them and feed them. After the first night one of the girls goes missing and the family tells the remaining girls that the girl just went home but it becomes apparent later that the family are cannibals and are eating the girls.

I remember one of the girls was black and I think she got eaten first. Only one girls survives. And I think the girls may have been college students.

Not sure if it was American or foreign but it had that 70’s Italian Horror vibe to it.

Cat Burglar movie

I first saw this in the 90s so specific details beyond this scene are beyond me.  I’m pretty sure the movie was made in the 60s or 70s.  It has mild nudity (just breasts I believe) which makes me think early 70s but it definitely felt 60s at the time.  The main actor reminds me (several years on now) of Cary Grant or a young Michael Caine but I don’t see anything in their IMDB that fits the scene I remember.

The movie is about a cat burglar (main character) who gets into some trouble and has to either prove his innocence or do a job for someone else, pretty standard fare.  Not sure of the main plot beyond that.  What I do remember is that the movie somewhat starts off with him pilfering the apartment or hotel room of a wealthy older lady who is in the bath at the time while her husband is still downstairs entertaining.  I believe she catches him and won’t let him go until she’s had her fun (I’m not 100% sure about that).  Eventually he does make it out of there and back to his (or his lover’s) place.  She’s fairly young and a dancer so when she arrives complaining of aching feet, he rubs them for awhile before the two turn it up.  Either she complains about him needing to retire or doesn’t know anything about it, I’m leaning towards the latter.

I can say it’s not Gambit or To Catch a Thief as neither has that scene.  Ideas?

Possible lifetime movie

I saw a movie probably around 2005 on lifetime it was scary for a lifetime movie about a single mom and son who move into a big old house and have a super creepy neighbor next whose mother use to own the house or they use to live bin it possibly but for most of it  the movie it makes out like the place is possibly haunted things the boy talking to someone in the closet that sort of thing but then it’s revealed that the boys closet is a secret passage to the creepy neighbors house and he’s been getting in the house the whole time and now either wants to kidnap the kid and /or kill them both I’m sorry I’m fuzzy on the details I watch lifetime every Halloween in how’s of catching this again so any suggestions would be awesome thanks!



I remember this action/fantasy movie I saw in the early 2000s

I was a kid and I was watching a movie on TV around 2005 I think, but I could be wrong.

It was in English and in color.

What I remember of the plot is these teens(or young adults) are in this really gorgeous rocky world that they discovered(possibly). At least one of the boy characters gets inducted into this academy where they are learning to be some sort of flying soldier. They have to learn to fly on the back of these dinosaur bird things. They have some sort of simulated flight training with a saddle that gets elevated and flung around in this dark grey room. The final step is a test where they have to go and call it by holding up their hand on a cliff side and one bird thing chooses whether or not to answer the call.   I think the other characters all get split up and have their own sort of test adventures, but I don’t really remember what those were.

Can anyone help me? Sorry this is so vague, I was young.

Decrepit Mansion love story movie

I’m trying to figure out the ne of aovie I saw, I have no idea where  it was made but I feel like it was at lest semi-recent. Anyways what I member is this. This old lady lives in this amazing old mansion, but it’s like in serious disrepair, and she doesn’t seem to notice like she’s living in the past. Anyways she’s raising her niece, and there’s this lil boy who like hangs around because he’s a gardener or something and him and the niece end up falling in love. The niece paints, and the aunt smokes a lot and sheakes the two of the dance together in the ballroom. She warns the boy that the girl will break his heart. And she moves away and he still visits the old lady sometimes… that’s all I know. I could swear the girl is played by cate blanchet but I don’t see any films in her filmography that seem to match! Please help!!!

Kids attacking car. Possibly Called Psycho Kids

I viewed this movie many times. It was somewhere in-between 2006 to 2008. Although i do think it was 2007.

I remember it being called Psycho Kids. I remember someone telling me Psycho Kids was on but they had said Psychic Kids (a TV show). I heard them wrong. I had gotten them confused a couple times. I Google the name and nothing comes up.

Plot: A family moved into a new house by the woods. It was winter. Strange things were happening and there were kid ghosts (they appeared in human form) in the woods.

In one scene, the oldest daughter is on her knees on a hill. She was looking for one or two of her siblings.

In another, the “psycho kids” (ghost kids) were beating down the car to get to the family. I remember a boy having an axe. The kids had really weird black eyes. And their clothes seemed to be from the 1920’s.

It was in color and English. It was on some type of on demand TV service. That’s why i was able to watch it so many times. I highly doubt it was an episode of anything.