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A time travel movie with a primate brought into the present

I saw this movie while I was in middle school, early 80s.  It was American.  A lab is working on a time machine, and the main scientist is an older woman.  They bring an ape, or maybe an early prehistoric man into the present.  It’s a serious movie, not a comedy or anything like that.  I remember that the woman forms a bond because the ape shows unusual intelligence and emotion, but other scientists are the generic uncaring types who want to dissect him or whatever.  The thing I remember the most is that the woman tries to escape from the lab with the ape, but they are chased by a helicopter, and I think getting shot at, and the only way to escape is for both of them to jump into the time machine chamber and she goes back to whatever-BC with the ape.  I have been trying to find this movie for years, with no luck!

High School Girl and Elderly Man

What is the name of the movie where a high school girl was in love with an elderly man or think she was in love with him and her parents disapproved of it and made a psychiatrist come to their house to talk to her because she wasn’t eating and locked herself in her room and when it was her birthday and they had a party for her she didn’t care about it anyways in the end they went their separate ways

man’s heart beats faster when he looks at the sun – ?80s

man’s heart beats faster when he looks at the sun

  • saw on tv in the UK
  • sort of scifi
  • low budget, b-movie, or maybe tv – like twilight zone
  • strange mysterious feeling
  • an experiment, or mutant, or something; makes the guy go faster when he sees the sun.
  • heat beats too fast, like sunstroke, or heart is going to burst
  • think the sun was black.. or night filter, or something

Thank you    : D

Group of friends runs into trouble while on a trip

I saw this movie probably 8 or 9 years ago. It was a 2000’s horror movie and I think I remember it being pretty popular.

Okay, so there were a bunch of young adults, like a group of friends, around college-age, I think they were going to some kind of event (reminiscent of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert). They stop and camp (I think there was a bonfire) for whatever reason, and a truck pulls up on them and shines its headlights at them. Someone throws something and I think they broke out a headlight ? I want to say it was like a macho-man type of guy who threw it ? Anyway, the truck leaves but eventually either comes back or runs into them later. At some point they are doing something (like running from someone or something, maybe ?) and start to smell something awful. It ends up being a pit of dead bodies I think. Somehow one or two of them end up riding in a truck, I think it was the one that I had mentioned above, and see something suspect, like blood or weapons, and they suspect that the driver is a ‘bad guy’ but he’s actually a just a hunter.

80’s TV show possibly called Wish Boy or Wish Child

Back sometime in the 80’s (mid-80’s?), I remember seeing a made-for-tv movie with a title something like Wish Boy or Wish Child.  As far as I can remember, it was about an alien or some kind of genetically different child.

I don’t remember any of the actors.  The only scenes I remember about it were a scene near the beginning when a man (who is friends with the wish boy or maybe the guy who found him?) is driving with a woman, and the woman gets freaked out for a moment when she realizes there’s this little weird dude in the car with them.  Then the man reassures her that he’s friendly.

The other scene I remember was from maybe the climax of the movie.  The little wish boy is standing in a warehouse or something, waiting for the bad guys to approach.  He’s holding two wires behind his back, and at the right moment, he touches them and makes a big explosion.

I’ve been wondering about this for decades.  Thanks.

Black monster horror movie

  1. I want to find a movie i think its japanese or korean or chinese. There is a black monster with a strange mouth that swallows humans and takes them to a sewer like place and spits them there. At the end one man poured gasoline into that black monster from a bridge ( I think) and dropped a match. Monster exploded (i think).

Low budget Netflix sci fi

so I remember seeing this movie on Netflix streaming in 2012. I’m not sure when it was made but I remember it being recent. Probably the year before or further back but not before 2008. The sci fi took place on a space ship or space station. It starts off with some woman waking up from cryo sleep and ends with her falling to earth and some sort of time loop is the twist. The movie is extremely low budget. The guns are painted nerf guns and the blood effects are just pngs. There’s a really badly animated robot and the whole crew and this lady are looking for some amulet thing. Please help me find out this movie, I’ve searched everywhere and my netflix viewing history.

90s horror movie?????

I think I saw this movie in the late 90s maybe early 2000s. Maybe made in the 90s or even 80s? It was kinda lower budget I think. I really don’t remember too much of the movie, but I seem to remember it being 3 siblings-2 brothers and their sister. Their parents went out of town or something, leaving them alone. The eldest kid was driving with his brother and sister in the car, fell asleep at the wheel for a minute, and they ended up in some weird town. I think the sister noticed the people who lived in the town were doing the same thing over and over again, like the man would walk by and tip his hat, then do it again a few minutes later. By the end of the movie they find out that their parents fell asleep too and ended up in the town and were trapped in these pod type things. They get them out by stabbing the pod with a rattlesnake fang. I think that’s all I can remember, I know there isn’t too much to go off of, but hopefully someone out there recognizes this movie!

80s horror, portal in a house??

Hi all,

hope someone can help.

i remember this horror/sci-fi, where scientists of some sort when into a house with lots of floors? To study some sort of portal. I remeber the portal becoming more powerful and growing. It could of been a tree of some sort growing vines??

my strongest memory of it was whatever was going on, it was causing the public outside to act strangely, stopping in the street

at one point the whole alleyway outside were all standing still

one of the students/scientists drops down into the alley gor some reason and the people are like zombies coming towards him but he is pulled up To safety?? (I think)


please help its wrecking my head

i did find out the name of it years ago and ive got a feeling its sonething like

’the pendulum’

or ‘the paradox’

could be off the mark but hope someone can remeber it



I forgot the movie name

Dear People,

I watched a drama movie like ~5 years ago. It was about a boy who was born negative and always had bad luck and a girl who was posetive and always luck. She was the top of the class and the boy could not do anything. But when they meet, the positive and negative effect comes and it starts raining and stuff. It starts with them like at a age of 10. Then later you see them at a age of ~30 and they meet each other at a train or something. There they are trying to get rid of the effect and finding a solution. Please help me!


What is the name of the old movie that has winged creatures swooping down and attacking people in a cave? I think the cave or cavern was under a house or some kind of building. I believe it was in color and I saw it at a movie theater in the fifties.  It was in the English language.


I remember this supernatural movie about an evil coat hanger or a tall lamp, it’s either a coat hanger or a lamp that’s evil, It does bad things to anyone who comes in contact with it, I remembered a lady bought it and she cut her finger on it and it got black and sore and it was spreading to the rest of her body,  don’t remembered what happened to her but the lamp was destroyed in the end, it was black and looked evil and scary, I think it’s from the 80s or possibly the early 90s

Early 80’s Saturday morning movie

I believe this came on as a Saturday morning movie, like the ABC Weekend Specials in the early 80’s.

It begins in the early 1900’s with a young girl running from bad guys in a tunnel. She falls and hurts herself and ends up dying. Decades later, the house that is above the tunnel is believed to be haunted. Two kids end up finding the tunnel behind the fireplace, find the girl’s skeleton and the locket she was wearing, and the girl’s death is finally explained.

This is not The Haunted Mystery Mansion or Child of Glass.

Time movie

I remember watching the trailer maybe a year ago I think the films maybe 4 years old. Everyone has like this timer on their arms which is basically how long they have to live. I think it’s the currency in the film. The rich have way more time and can live forever basically. Anyway this rich guy who says he’s lived long enough swaps his time with the main character. I can’t really remember what else happens in the trailer I think he wants to free everyone from the timer thing.

murder mystery

This is what I recall of a theater movie, mid 60’s or early 70’s: night scene, outdoors looking at an office or museum window shadow of two people struggling and the death of one.  Several times during the movie a bird sound is heard that I think is a peacock call.