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I remember this action/fantasy movie I saw in the early 2000s

I was a kid and I was watching a movie on TV around 2005 I think, but I could be wrong.

It was in English and in color.

What I remember of the plot is these teens(or young adults) are in this really gorgeous rocky world that they discovered(possibly). At least one of the boy characters gets inducted into this academy where they are learning to be some sort of flying soldier. They have to learn to fly on the back of these dinosaur bird things. They have some sort of simulated flight training with a saddle that gets elevated and flung around in this dark grey room. The final step is a test where they have to go and call it by holding up their hand on a cliff side and one bird thing chooses whether or not to answer the call.   I think the other characters all get split up and have their own sort of test adventures, but I don’t really remember what those were.

Can anyone help me? Sorry this is so vague, I was young.

Decrepit Mansion love story movie

I’m trying to figure out the ne of aovie I saw, I have no idea where  it was made but I feel like it was at lest semi-recent. Anyways what I member is this. This old lady lives in this amazing old mansion, but it’s like in serious disrepair, and she doesn’t seem to notice like she’s living in the past. Anyways she’s raising her niece, and there’s this lil boy who like hangs around because he’s a gardener or something and him and the niece end up falling in love. The niece paints, and the aunt smokes a lot and sheakes the two of the dance together in the ballroom. She warns the boy that the girl will break his heart. And she moves away and he still visits the old lady sometimes… that’s all I know. I could swear the girl is played by cate blanchet but I don’t see any films in her filmography that seem to match! Please help!!!

Kids attacking car. Possibly Called Psycho Kids

I viewed this movie many times. It was somewhere in-between 2006 to 2008. Although i do think it was 2007.

I remember it being called Psycho Kids. I remember someone telling me Psycho Kids was on but they had said Psychic Kids (a TV show). I heard them wrong. I had gotten them confused a couple times. I Google the name and nothing comes up.

Plot: A family moved into a new house by the woods. It was winter. Strange things were happening and there were kid ghosts (they appeared in human form) in the woods.

In one scene, the oldest daughter is on her knees on a hill. She was looking for one or two of her siblings.

In another, the “psycho kids” (ghost kids) were beating down the car to get to the family. I remember a boy having an axe. The kids had really weird black eyes. And their clothes seemed to be from the 1920’s.

It was in color and English. It was on some type of on demand TV service. That’s why i was able to watch it so many times. I highly doubt it was an episode of anything.



kinda body swap teenage movie

I’ve seen this movie when i was teenager (2005-2008 maybe) disney or nickelodeon movie

it was about a girl who has issues with her divorced mother. she loves her father and father’s new girlfriend

while mother watches her teenage video swinging on her computer, a truck hits utililty pole and woman becomes like her video self (becomes teenager like her daughter) and becomes friend with her daughter

when the mother opens this video she can becomes old or young

details about movie

her daughter’s crush likes her and they kiss

mother turns to teenager and her daughter (friend), combs mother’s hair, the comb stucks in mother’s hair and she had to cut her hair

they both get arrested for a night

girl, her father and father’s girlfriend caught the mother while waxing her armpits.

sorry for my bad grammar. English is not my native language. thanks



A weird movie, a scene of a man serving a meal of human flesh (probably lasagna)

A psychopath serves human flesh to people at dinner (maybe it’s something else). Then, He confesses that the meat is from someone known (their familiar), and the diners begin to throw up the flesh, the psychopath starts dancing on the table, laughing madly. I do not remember other scenes.

The film is from 2000-2009, it is in color, and the audio was in English but it had subtitles in Spanish. Yes, I’m Spanish guy, sorry for my bad English.

I would be very grateful if you would help me find it, I have been looking for it for 3 years.

Thriller/ horror movie about a British couple who are held captive in their house by…

… a home invader

I’m pretty sure this movie was set in England because the actors all had fairly strong British accents. It also probably came out some time from 2010- 2016.

So, the guy breaks in while the couple is having sex and knocks the guy out. Then, he ties the husband up in the bathtub and makes the wife take a shower. Idk why I remember this but the shower curtain was clear with white stripes.

Later, he ties the wife’s wrists to the bed and says something like “oh I’m your husband and you’re my wife we’re gonna have such a good weekend” and other generally creepy stalker things. He basically pretends like he’s her husband, which she is NOT into, and his response is like “ok let’s sleep now goodnight wife”.

And then later he makes her do at least one photoshoot and he makes her put on a shiny black catwoman/ dominatrix type jumpsuit. And she tries to escape during the jumpsuit photoshoot.

Also, the bad guy is like REALLY good at tying knots. They’re all super complex and stuff. And the husband, wife, and bad guy were all brunettes.

Horror movie about a cave and dead fetuses

When I was little I saw a movie that severely traumatized me but now I need to know what it is. All I remember about the movie was that a man and women were making out in a bed towards the beginning. They somehow end up in this cave-like setting having to escape these mutant, half-bodied monsters. The monsters would crawl with their arms across the cave because they had nothing below the torso. There was this room filled with jars of dead things and a scientist type guy who owned it said the man had to eat a baby fetus or had to feed it to one of the monsters. Everything is hard to recall but that is the most that I can remember.

Robot Cheats at Cards

It was a color movie in English that I saw around 2010 but it was an older movie maybe 80’s or 90’s. I’m not sure, but I think it was a ship of some kind with robots working with humans. The main character walked into a storage room with crates and a man and robot playing cards on a table. The main character gets the man to help them with something, and as the man leaves he tells the robot not to cheat. As soon as he leaves, the robot looks at the man’s cards. My dad showed it to me and he is a fan of European films.

Can’t Remember The Name of These Two Movies

1. I don’t remember a lot about this movie, I just know that there was this girl who was psychic or something and scientists were going to kill her but she escaped? There was this scene where she was on a train and this woman comes into her compartment and the girl pretty much stripped the lady apart by layers, and it was so.e pretty shit CG.

2. In this one I only remember this one scene, which I’m guessing had something to do with a gang. There was a woman tied to a bed and these men pumped her full of air until she blew up, then let her Chihuahua eat her body. Then there was a guy they strapped into a wheelchair and pushed down a flight of stairs, I remember a spike or something going through the guys head at the bottom of the stairs.

I know these are pretty out there and weird, but I’ve just had these two scenes stuck in my head for years and could never find what they were from.

1980/90 movie with a man sticking his face into a pinscreen

From what I remember, there’s a scene with a man putting his face into a “pin art” box or a “pinscreen” – and I think he also says “Luke, I am your father”? (It’s not Star Wars, obviously, just a reference to it). I feel like the scene might have been from “Vice Versa” or “Big”, or something from that era with an adult man playing with toys. I don’t have either movie handy to rewatch, and google is failing me. English color movie.

Not sure you can help me with this one…

A guy rents a workshop in the desert. His girlfriend is skeptical. There is a large static caravan/mobile home on site and they move in. He hears a noise underneath and goes to look. Something attacks him. She is kidnapped inside the mobile home.

The guy is then inside the workshop, looking at his girlfriend on a video monitor held in a chair. An unseen guy tells him he must kill people to save her. Police investigate and he kills them, he adds body armour/a helmet from the stuff in the workshop.

Later in the film he drills holes in someones legs and bolts their bones to a table. The original girlfriend is rescued by police. But a chase ensues through the workshops yard.

A man drives off laughing, it is implied he was the unseen guy.

This is one I saw a while ago. I have tried searching for ages and cannot find anything. It is so annoying because the name is in my mind and wont come out!

I was scared

In the early 90s I saw a movie on hbo i think I think it was made in the 80 tho looked that way anyways and I could be wrong on the details but I think it was a group home for girls but the place they lived looked like an airplane hanger or fallout shelter alot of metal and a rounded ceiling all the girls had the same white nightgown but I remember the headmistress was obese and scary now at the end one of the girls broke out and climbed a tower airplane tower maybe? Or water tower I remember it had red lights on it at the top of the tower the mean lady grabbed at the girl but she kicked her and she fell and died and then the movie ended I know it’s not alot to go on but this has been driving me crazy for years

psychological thriller

This movie is at least 50 years old. A woman was receiving threatening phone calls but as no one else ever heard them everyone suspected that she was making it up. Someone attempted to push her in front of a train. She asked her friend Peggy to tell her husband that she had also heard the calls but it turned out that the phone was out of order  so she was caught out in the lie. As it turns out her husband was trying to drive her mad and the friend Peggy was also implicated.

Movie about a little girl that died in a roller coaster accident but has now come back as a ghost

I am looking for a movie of which I only remember the ending and a little bit of the plot. I remember that the movie was about a girl that lost her best friend when she was about 4 years old, when they were both in a roller coaster accident. One of the girls was dangling off the top of the roller coaster and she was holding onto the other girl’s arm in order not to fall to the ground. However, the girl that was holding the other girl wasn’t strong enough and eventually couldn’t hold her anymore so she fell and died. I believe that years later the girl that survived was being haunted by the girl that died.

Now the ending. I remember that the girl that survived, in the meantime about 17 years old or so, runs to the roller coaster where the accident happened, which has now been abandoned. She climbs up the roller coaster and makes her way to the top, where she sees the dead girl sitting on the edge, crying. She sits down beside her and they talk. The dead girl then forgives the other girl and jumps off the roller coaster.

The movie was in English and in color. I don’t know where I’ve seen it or how, but my friend also remembers having watched it. We now for sure that it wasn’t an episode of a tv series, it has to be a movie. We’ve been searching on the Internet for a long time, but to no avail.

Torture a group of women to fight a mind reading alien/monster

  • I remember watching this really low budget indie film about an experiment where they were torturing and killing a group of women. Its pretty confusing all the way to the end, when there’s only one surviving woman and then she is sat in the same room with this monster. The twist of the movie was that this monster were everywhere, they could not feel fear, but then after it reads the woman minds then sees what humans are capable of and now fears them… or some like that. Pretty good twist when minutes before the ending, this fly looking thing shows up, and then it all makes sense.
  • Saw it sometime around 2006-2008
  • it was in english, surprisingly well acted
  • rented it at blockbuster
  • it was in color
  • The film was pretty gory. The name had something to do with fear or dread.
  • This movie saved our movie night after watching Mutant Chronicles and some other bad big budget movie. Please someone help me, Im trying tofind the movie so I can relive that night again XD

50’s or 60’s monster movie

Caught on late afternoon tv in Greater New York/tri-state area in late ’60’s or very early ’70’s. All I remember is a dark scaly monster, the size of a large human, walking down a day-lit street with a bloody human head in its claw, palming it like a basketball. I was less than 12 years old; haven’t seen it since. Can’t speak to colors; only had black & white tv! Not much to go on, I know, but if anyone can help, please do!

Single Mom with Son series

So this movie is an inappropriate one, but it does not show anything. ( starting off great :/ ) I saw this movie series two years ago. There was a mom with a son who was in his young teen years. It was a series all about the mom and I believe that her name was in the title. I remember one scene was about her son tutoring this older teenage girl and later convinced her to “hit third base” and he later got her pregnant. The mom realizes something is wrong once she finds a condom in the sink. She still works at her job, but her boss wants her to do bad things with her in order for her to keep her job.

Nerd’s body is invaded by wires that cause his head to pop off, and vampire kills students, crosses out yearbook pics

  • Live action movie set in America in full English, color film, most likely 80s or early 90s.
  • I saw it on TV (could possibly be a made-for-TV-movie), maybe on a network station sometime between 1990-1995, most likely 1993 (I would only be 9 years old then) in Chicago suburbs.
  • It was a late-night broadcast, between 8pm-midnight.
  • This may have been part of a horror anthology movie. I remember the first scene below more than the second scene. They may not be part of the same movie, though. It’s been a while.

First scene:

A classic 80’s nerd (probably thick, black-rimmmed glasses, white t-shirt or collared shirt) is playing a video game in a home bedroom or office. The video game is Space Invaders/Galaga/Galaxian-like (black space background, ship at the bottom of the screen firing lasers at aliens above) on an Atari 2600-like machine (it could just be an 80’s computer, but the joystick was Atari 2600-ish). He’s very focused on his game and is eating oreos or some other junk food regularly. Without his noticing, tentacle-like computer/electrical wires (these may have been corrugated, flexible, metal wire tubes, pictured below) start to slip out of the computer/video game console. It’s like the wires are alive or their being controlled by a poltergeist. A few cuts of the camera show the wires snake slowly along the desk as they move towards the nerd.

While this is happening, other events similar to the first scene may be happening, with the movie cutting back and forth between the nerd and those scenes.

After a few cuts back-and-forth, some of the wires reach the nerds right or left hand, which is possibly resting by cookies or some junk food. The wires seem to disappear under his hand/arm, like they’re digging into or merging into his wrist. At this point, the nerd has taken notice and is becoming very distraught by the wires, but he doesn’t make any move to escape, possibly because he’s scared stiff.

A few more first-scene-like cuts happen, sometimes coming back for a second or two to show the nerd being very distraught.

Finally, the nerd is shown again. A split second later, his head pops off, showing wires coming up out of his neck, possibly indicating that the wires took over his whole body and killed him in the process.


Second scene (or another part of a horror anthology or a different movie entirely?)

A teenage boy (vampire?) is with a teenage girl, possibly somewhere in a high school in front of a mirror. The girl is in front of the mirror with the boy behind her. The boy fixates on her neck/shoulder area while the girl looks at him quizzically in the mirror. The boy possibly draws his (sharp?) fingers along her skin, maybe drawing blood, before the scene switches to a closeup of a school yearbook page showing the girl’s picture. A hand (probably the boy’s) draws an X on her picture, possibly in blood, indicating that she has probably been killed.

This same type of event is repeated a few times with different people: the boy is shown together with someone, then subsequently draws an X on their yearbook picture.

Looking for name of horror movie where ghost??/Demon?? of mother’s dead friend from childhood in a mental institution haunting that…

… mentally unstable mother

Hello there! My wife and I are looking for the name of a horror movie where a ghost??/demon?? of mother’s dead friend from her childhood in an institution (orphanage or mental institution?), is haunting that now mentally-unstable mother (who takes pills) and is controlling her and telling her what to do. The daughter is being attacked or something in the hallway. Then, the daughter finds a photo of her mother, father and her friend (the ghost/demon girl) from the past. The ghost/demon girl reminds us of the demonic girl from the film; “Lights Out”. The ghost/demon girl doesn’t want to release the mother, as they were best friends in the past. Sorry for the poor description! I hope someone can help us. Thanks for reading!