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Animated Messed Up/Horror Movie w/ Kid that talks down into a well, has a dog that makes him kill parents, etc

This is a very weird movie, I’m sure it’d take a while to find the name of again, I last watched it over a year ago and can’t remember the name for the life of me.

It is English, Looks like Late 90’s-Early 00’s animation (Like old video game fmv & 3-d/2-d animations on youtube that were often simple with some detailing here and there)

It follows a kid that talk to someone/thing down a well, that tells him to kill his parent(s), theres a dog that makes him engage in a drude act with the dead body(ies), The whole movie is very dark and red, as it’s an extremely messed up movie. If you need me to try to describe anything more, i can, but I wanted to avoid describing these scenes as much I can without being way too graphic and causing anyone disgust haha

Blonde hitchhiker

The movie I can’t remember the title of starts with a young blonde in her early twenties hitchhiking. A van pulls over with a couple of security guards in.  Into the journey they pull off to a secluded spot, they think they are in for a good time but she kills them both and takes the van.  I don’t remember much more other than she takes the van to a gang she works for and they use it to access a warehouse at night to rob it of whatever is in it.

I saw this on tv, it was an American made film and in colour.

Thanks in advance!

True Story of wife ordering her hausbands murder movie

Hi, im looking for a movie its about this rich American man who meets this (i think blond American women, who is really nice they fall in love and then they get married. After they marry the wife hosts a party at their home and goes nuts because she wanted (i think ruby colored tulips not red)!!! Anyway she goes nuts in front of the guests and starts pulling them out from the garden… Husband stops her and she goes back to normal & one day they decide to adopt two russian children (brother & sister) since she cant have kids. Anyway they start fighting and she leaves or kicks him out and stays at a 5 star hotel and orders room service because her ex husband is paying for it all! Then she moves into this giant house and tells them to remove the flooring and replace it just to charge more her ex husband. Husband keeps giving her thousands because she is threatening that he will never see them again. She also tries to turn the kids against their father. Ending wife hires her lover to kill her ex husband. Movie is american time around 2000 – 2017 , Oh its a true story… please help 🙂 🙁

What’s the name of this alter-ego movie?

A married, unsuccessful timid art dealer realizes things in his house have been moved while they were sleeping. He’s tall, balding, middle age, He rigs a camera and to his horror he videotapes himself roaming the house, eating in the kitchen, seemingly fully awake. Eventually, he learns his alter is tired of failing and wants things to change. Alter is more aggressive, self-assured and strong. A complete opposite of his own timid self. Alter-Ego (AE) even has sex with his wife, to her surprise but total enjoyment. She has no clue. I don’t remember how but blood is spilled. Either a bothersome pet or person is hurt or killed by AE. These things happen only while the guy is sleeping. A key scene is the man chains himself up in his garage to prevent AE from doing anything else. AE has warned the guy (in the videotape) that if things don’t change, if the guy doesn’t stop being a wus and let others walk all over him, AE will take over his body. Despite the chains, AE gets free and I think kills someone who has wronged him (or something like that). Another key scene comes right at the very end. He visits a lesbian couple who used to taunt and belittle him and ends up having sex with one of them, causing the other to leave. The movie ends with the man becoming much more successful, respected, desirable, etc. AE has completely taken over.
I think this is an indie film…possibly Austrailian. Not sure. Color movie. The movie date is mid-2000’s. NOTE: The film is NOT “In My Sleep”. My search led me there and from the trailer, the plot appears similar. I’m almost positive it is an English speaking movie but it’s possible it may not be and is sub-titled. I saw the movie via one of the streaming services.
I’m a newbie at this and this is my first request. Please forgive my poor memory. Any help would be appreciated. I’ve been searching for about 2 years and it’s driving me nuts…!!! Thank you.

A some sort of sci-fi, drama US movie

The movie was likely to come out around 2010-2014

There are a bunch of teenagers, young adults at a summer camp of some sort. Things start to get weird when some of them seem to meet their doppelganger, Like these doppelganger came from a parallel universe. At the end, there was a fight between these people and their doppelganger.

A some sort of dark fantasy UK movie.


The movie was likely to come out around 2010-2014

There are 3 main characters: a veteran, a young man and a female artist. All suffered from some sort of mental disorders. The veteran wander around the street of London looking for vengeance upon a man who he thinks kill a little girl (his little sister). In his mind, he see himself as an atheist masked man wander around a steam-punk like city. The young man met a girl from his childhood but his mother told him that the girl was dead long ago. The artist attempt suicide multiple times but she call medial emergency beforehand.

Sci-fi dystopian movie


I saw this movie on HBO sometime around 2000’s. What I can say is that is was a sci-fi dystopian movie, with the action taking place in the future with city states, wars and so on. I’m not sure if it was animated or CGI.

There was a team consisting of soldiers and ‘witches’ that were women with some devices that granted them telekinetic abilities, like the ability to control some black energy hands that appeared from the ground and crushed their enemies.

Also at a certain point they had to cross through a tunnel in a passage underground, and they had to do it during nighttime, because during the day it would get incandescent. And I think one of the team didn’t make it.


What is the name of this movie?                                                                   There’s this other movie where a group of friends went into the woods and they saw some men and they thought that they were going to kill them and one of them fell in a wood chopper while another fell and hit his head etc

Guy burned alive 80s or 90s

I’m trying to figure out a movie my husband saw in the 90s. He says it’s either from 80s or 90s, US, about a guy who gets burned in a building in the beginning of the movie that a bad guy set on fire. Instead of dying, he gets sent to a different or alternate universe where the bad guy doesn’t know him and is rich. The main guys gets some powers from a demon or something in this alternate universe and is supposed to lead an army or something. He eventually kills the bad guy at a party.  That’s all hubs can remember, hopefully someone’s heard of this!

Which movie? Help@@@@@

There is a movie where the actor suffers some kind of transformation or surgery idk and everybody thinks he lost his memories and his feelings. There was a scene where he was at home with his wife and he was poiting his finger to his nose in order to say to his wife ”I love u”. The wife knows that this thing is just between them and after the surgery or transformation she knows that he s still in there.

Funny dads- dvd cover of dads going down water slide

I don’t really have any memory of this film. It’s a comedy. Theres a good chance it’s R rated. It’s fairly well-known- fairly mainstream. The Dvd cover is of the main characters (i.e. the dads- they’re in their 30’s to early 40s) sliding down a water slide like a bunch of kids.

It might be the one with the dads doing crazy shit like drugs and sex and shit.
This is a terrible description but I’m sure someone can tell me the title of the movie just based on the fact that it’s a comedy and the DVD cover is of dads sliding down a water slide.

Demons who feed on human emotions

So I remember that this movie is about a demon race which takes the form of humans. They feed on bad human emotions, the main demons are this handsome guy, this voodoo woman, the sexy woman, the chubby old scientist guy, and three brothers or friends guys. In the same house with them, there’s a girl who lives in an abusive relationship with that black man, her mother is somewhere else, there’s thiAsianan couple and a family with another girl.
So one day a virus visits their place, well like the whole city, and people become happy, so demons have nothing to eat. By the way of the film we discover that there’s a chosen demon who can survive without bad human emotions or some shit and also the main guy understands that’s it’s not a virus but another kind of demon who lookes like a red bird who turned everyone happy, and during the investigation, he attaches to the girl from that another family,  wants her to stay in her “nice life”not go back to “bad life” and then it comes out that she’s the demon who made everyone happy. SO, that voodoo girl tells him to kill her and he’s like nope and everyone dies except him, because comes out that he’s the special demon who can live without bad human emotions.
Other information
Totally an English one; I found it on some movie website;  it was a colored movie; the one thing I think is really weird but may be helpful, the main guy looked kiiiiinda like Michael Wincott, I even thought it was some unpopular movie with him but haven’t found it on Wikipedia.

I’m dying how much I wanna rewatch that movie, please help :c

Western movie with rejects

Hello, this is a movie I saw on DVD between 2005 and 2009 but it’s rather old, I’d say it was made during the 1970s or 1980s


It was some kind of spaghetti western but much more violent. There was a massacre at the beginning in which a sheriff and his men purged a town by killing all the outlaws. It was pretty graphic some men were hung by the balconies I believe, other were shot (bloody)


Main characters are anti-heros fleeing this massacre. There was a beautiful woman in the group, probably a prostitute, and I think someone tries to rape her at some point of the movie.


That’s all I can recall, except maybe the title, I think it started with “The”.

Ripple Effect scene

I was watching Age of Adeline tonight and thought of a scene from a similar movie. There is a scene in the movie where the ballet (?) dancer walks out into the street and possibly bumps into someone or gets in an accident and that action create a ripple effect. That one action ends up affecting a lot of people and their lives due to the ripple effect. I believe the scene is set maybe in the 1940s or 1950s, but the movie itself is fairly new.

Girl travels back in time, brings Walkman, is accused of being a witch

Just thought of one more from my childhood that I’ve been looking for.

This was on TV, probably late 80s, and I believe it may have been part of a TV series, possibly an anthology series like Twilight Zone or Tales from the Darkside. The setup as I remember it is that a girl travels back in time, for whatever reason, and brings her Walkman. She befriends another girl, but someone else afraid of her Walkman accuses her of witchcraft, and she must escape back to modern time before she gets burned at the stake.

Suggestions much appreciated as always. Cheers