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Human Monster movie

I saw this movie with my sister in around 2010-2014 about earth has been inhabited by monsters that were originally human.  This blue liquid makes humans into these monsters or deformed humans.  There are teens in this movie who hide to survive the monsters and they have this prophecy where they think someone with 13 scars on their arm will save earth.  Everyone in this teen group has scars and they believe this one girl has like 50 scars because she’s is a really good fighter, but in reality she has no scars.  Earth looks abandoned and like a wasteland or junkyard a little bit.  Please help me I’ve looked everywhere for the title!!

Can someone tell me the title of this movie?

So basically it’s a horror movie i watched in 2009 but can’t seem to remember the title and i’m not sure the movie was released in 2009 or earlier

The plot:

The movie follows 2 college students – a boy and a girl(the boy seemingly had a crush on the girl) who take the car to drive to somewhere but have an accident on the way and crash in a unknown haunted place. The place is all snowy and full of scary and paranormal activities occurring and they have to find a way to get out. Each time they carry out a plan and if it fails they run back to the car as quick as they can. The girl also starts having feelings for the boy over time and they kiss at around halfway through the movie only for the girl to discover that the boy had been urinating blood all this time(because of kidney damage following the accident)but he didn’t say anything. So at the end the paranormal activities get even more violent and the boy dies but the girl is able to get out of there and is found by the police.

Please can someone tell me the name of this movie? Anybody relate to it or have watched it?

Bar/Strip club

I saw it maybe more than 10 years ago. I vaguely remember a scene where I think I guy walks in and assumes its a bar and starts talking to one of the girls behind the bar. In the scene I think they’re talking and then suddenly the music starts and all the female staff jump up on top of the bar and start dancing basically. Later I think when it turns to midnight it turns into like a strip club. I think later in the film the two get together in the end. The film is English, in colour, it wouldn’t have been any later than the 2000s I would think.

Primitive Superstition

There was a black and white movie that I saw a long long time ago on TV. Everyone was speaking English but I cannot remember any actors. There were several people in a room with an expert. The room had various primitive artifacts in it. The expert was explaining to people the statue of the horrible worshipped demon (maybe Kali like in “The Deceivers””) looks different when displayed in a moderate museum. The statue looks completely different in its original setting, lit by torchlight with the smell of human blood on it. One person in the room commented on the superstitious nature of primitive people. This annoyed the expert. He grabbed a special box from a shelf that was near the artifacts. He told the people that he got this box years ago but there was a horrible curse it. He was to afraid to open the box and had never opened it. He described how warnings showed how people died most dreadfully and then challenged them to open the box. No one would open the box. He then went on to open the box and take out a cigarette and explain and that with a bit of mumbo jumbo they were every bit as superstitious as the Primitive Society.

Home I provement episode/quote

(If not allowed, please delete, of course.)
I’m looking for a TV episode, not a movie, but I’ve searched every which way I can think of yet come up empty.
It’s from the popular American sitcom from the 90s called “Home Improvement.” I think it was a later season in the series run.
The main character, Tim, is talking to his wife. I thought it was an episode about his kids wanting a dog, but maybe someone had just died. He says something to her like this: “That’s why we have kids instead of pets. They last longer!”
I’d love to find a clip of it, or at least know the exact line.
Thank you.

Strange film, sci-fi/fantasy, “mailbox” film

I was born in 81 and I saw this film as a kid as a video rental. It had a modern family but they went on some sort of magical adventure. I remember several key things that would identify it. There was a focus on a mailbox or something in the mailbox that caused magical things. There was a desert with bones in it. There was a glass wall, like an invisible wall. I’ve already done a lot of web searches, it’s probably not an obvious or common movie.

A movie I remember a while back ago in psychology class

This has been a long while ago so this may seem a bit choppy but at the same time I can’t stop thinking about this, it’s like random memories about this movie and I do remember being interested in it.

So to start off the movie from what I remember was a man trying to leave his state or city to find another woman but unable to leave his city or state. I remember he tried getting a flight but wasn’t allowed leave and the worker woman said the tickets were ‘sold out’ as a excuse. I think he had a wife or a roommate that was a nurse, I remember she biked to work on a very retro looking bike. I remember the man went into her work and saw something he wasn’t suppose to see and I believe he blacked out and woke back up and everybody in the town was acting like nothing happened. One scene I remember fondly was the man and the girl he’s looking for was in a flash back on a beach or together somewhere at night and they had a kiss, I think, and the woman’s father was watching and took the woman away and moved her to another state.

That’s all I can remember, hopefully someone knows what movie I’m thinking of.

Ghosts stuck in the area they died and repeat their last moments and die over and over again

I saw this movie about 6-7 years ago,it was in English, it starts with two man (i think friends) go to a road trip or something and somewhere i believe in jungle they crash and then they meet strange people which later they realize are dead and they repeat their death over and over again, i remember a scene when they get in the car of some girl(s) and after some time suddenly the girl driver goes crazy and drive the car to her death ( she repeated the way she died). at the end of the movie they realize one of them are also dead and if they don’t get his body out of there before sunrise he will also stuck in a loop, so the alive man get the body of his dead friend in the back seat and drive over a bridge out of there.

Indie Film Boy and Girl in Motel

Okay, so this is going to be a far stretch. I cannot find this movie for the life of me. It’s an indie movie. I’m not sure if I watched it on Netflix or not. It probably came out in the last couple of years, but I think it was set to look like a 90s movie. It’s about a girl and a guy and they go to a hotel (I’m not sure if they ran away or what). There’s something about this hotel room, but I can’t remember what it is. I think they keep ending up at this hotel room every time they try to leave. Occasionally, a priest will pop up on the tv screen giving a sermon. The girl tells the boy one of her darkest secrets; she used to abuse her mentally handicap brother, but then she laughs and pretends like she’s kidding. I think she wakes up one day and the boy is vanished. She ends up meeting a priest, but he turns out to be the devil. It was a wild movie with a lot of twists and turns. When the movie ends, I believe someone was buried in the dirt. Please help.

Movie that starts with a bank robbery and then later all the robbers get hunted down

Okay this movie has to be very recent, cause all the special effects were really good. So I’d say 2015 – 2017 somewhere. It was an action movie and they all spoke english.

The movie starts with criminals robbing a bank and they all have super fancy sci-fi masks. As I recall correct something goes wrong and one guy shoots another guy.

Later a guy and a girl from the heist are in a hotel room and the guy is killed by some random intruders. The girl is hiding under the bed. These intruders are starting to hunt down the bank robbers for i don’t remember what reason.

I remember a quote from the movie too: while the bad guys were looking for the girl in the hotel all of a sudden a hotel guest shows up asking what’s wrong, one of the bad guys(a black guy) says “ebola outbreak, get back into your room”. (That made me laugh, that’s why i remember it)

I remember that there is a scene somewhere where the kid of one of the female characters from the heist accidentally reveals the address of the female’s house over the phone to the criminal (the criminal pretended to be from some sort of important company) and that’s how the bad guys get into her house and try to kill the son and the girl.

The entire movie is filled with suspense and there is a lot of shooting, running and hiding.

I know this is very vage, but please help me out.

Documentary History Of Slavery Critical Of Democratic Party

I remember watching some documentary (I think on YouTube) to do with the history of slavery in America, and how the perception is completely wrong and that it was the fault of the democratic party and not the republicans- that they were the ones ultimately responsible for fighting and ending slavery.

There are a lot of graphics/artwork/drawings/animation shown to portray events in history, but if I remember correctly there’s also a lot of recordings of just people being interviewed documentary style (i.e. lawyers, historians, educators, etc.).

I think it looked pretty high quality. And I would say it was probably fairly recent/new- I would say 2010 and above.

Love story

I’m looking for this movie when the events belong in around 1800s. A man stayed in a hotel on his way to study at an university. However he fell in love with a beautiful woman who was wife of the hotel’s boss old man and he stayed for 2 years in this hotel. He wanted to go with his beloved woman but old man claimed him to pay her all due including living cost, food and clothes. Finally, the woman decided to stay with old man and the man went to study at the university as doctor. At the end of the movie, the man who became a famous doctor recieved a letter. As mentioned in a letter, that beautiful woman waited him until she died. Then the man visited that hotel and he remembered the woman.

Could you please tell me name of this movie?

70’s made for TV weekend special for teens

I don’t remember too much about this movie,  it is in English, and color. It was either an after school special or weekend special after Saturday cartoons.

It involves a young girl (12-13?) who was suspicious about some people in the town she was living in, their odd behavior, suspected that they were practicing magic or witchcraft,  etc. The one scene I do remember, is she follows her older sister (16-18), who had been “acting strangely“ to a house where she sees her sister “floating” around a room, she freaks out because she thinks she’s caught her sister practicing “witchcraft” so she confronts her sister about it, and she said that she wasn’t floating but practicing ballet with her boyfriend and he was lifting her up.

It wasn’t a very well made or acted movie, with no one famous that I can think of.

Any help? TIA

Movie with animated scenes

I’m looking for a movie with real actors (i don’t remember the story) but the movie is cut with animated scene about a dark story. In this story there is a man crashing on a boat. He is mad and he think that monsters are killing everyone in his town. I think that he accidentaly kills his wife at the end.
This is just a small part of the movie but i can’t remember anything from the movie.
Please help me !

Religious military horror with zombies set in a bunker.

Uncertain: Prologue features a helicopter ride to a bunker.

Don’t remember what happens else. When inside, they find an infected priest, many blisters on his face. Events progresses. The priest may have fled from them and activated fail-safes in the bunker, also starting the self-destruct. The soldiers looses their ground and are seperated.

Remember one redhead gal soldier who was infected. She disabled her friend, an asian black-haired gal, by kissing her then cutting her back open, ruining her spine. The disabled asian gal later lures a guy soldier to him and kills him.

They manage to lift the lockdown, this one girl finds a locket from her father or God? They use the helicopter to escape but the bunker explodes behind them, don’t know if they were hit.


Watched it earlier than 2014. English. On T.V.. It was colored due it had a very warm, orangey- color to it.

A demon follows a man to his married friend’s apartment

Flaky friend calls a married buddy to ask if he can come over.
Guy says sure; wife protests. The couple rents the downstairs
of an old converted house.

The friend is twitchy; he furtively peeks out windows. He
ends up staying a couple of days because he’s afraid to go

Later, the couple goes out briefly. The nervous friend hears
noises upstairs and goes up to see if everything’s okay. A
spacey girl answers the door and tells him everything is fine.

Turns out nobody has lived in the upstairs flat for a long
time. The guy had murdered his wife there. (She was a ghost.)
They prove it to the friend by taking him upstairs to see an
empty apartment. They think he’s imagining things.

But then the demon-thing is running around outside the
house. The flaky friend is terrified it found him. They arm
themselves for a confrontation, which doesn’t go well…

Lost movie memory…this is tough

hjanThis is an old movie. Most likely 60-70’s era. I’m going by memory only of a scene I saw when I was very young. I am a huge movie fan, and collector. Yet, this title has eluded me for years. This is the scene I recall:

A man, soldier possibly, is being tortured slowly by his captors. They are using a machete, or sword to slice the prisoners chest, and he is extreme pain. The captives group of friends, or fellow soldiers, look on in secret, and one of them shoots the man to end his misery. This group also had a woman with them.
I believe I remember the men torturing the guy were Asian ethnicity. This may have been a war film.

This is all I remember. I was freaked out by the scene as a kid and didn’t watch the rest of the movie.