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Dark British Comedy About Murderous Librarian

So, twenty years ago I came across a film in our local video rental place.  The movie was a British or Irish comedy that had come out sometime in the mid to late 1990s.  It was about a meek librarian who lived with a domineering mother, had  a bitch of a sister with a thuggish boyfriend and a lover she had to hide from her family.  She was fascinated by great serial killers of the past and eventually several famous ones start appearing to her.  They help guide her in first killing her mother, then her sister and then the sister’s boyfriend.  She ends marrying her lover and sending her “advisors” away because – as she points out – they were all caught and she doen’t want to be.

There are two scenes that I particular remember.  The first is after she kills her sister, which she does by doing something to her inhaler.  The sister’s boyfriend decides that she killed her because she wanted him.  They are standing in the kitchen together and he tells her that she can have him if she wants him that badly.  I remember her smiling at him and putting her arms around him before stabbing him in the back with a pair of scissors.

The second is the last sense.  She’s on her honeymoon with the man she’s been in love with the entire time and they are lying in bed together.  He has his eyes closed, getting ready to go to sleep and he says that btw he knows she killed her mother.  Something she said at the time didn’t add up but that he understands why she did it and would never tell anyone.  She gets up out of bed after he’s asleep and is trying to figure out to what to do.  She opens the door and there’s a little man in a Victorian suit with a kind of doctor’s bag there who smiles at her and introduces himself very politely as Jack the Ripper.  She smiles back at him and that’s the end of the movie.

It’s a very dark comedy but also a very cleaver one that I really enjoyed.  I’d really love to find it again.  There are aspects to the movie that remind me a little of ‘Keeping Mum’ if you know that movie.  However, while the acting in the film is brilliant I don’t remember seeing any of the actors in it before or since.


Please help me

Im looking for the title of a movie which Im guessing was made in the late 1980’s.

American movie, action comedy

I dont have the names of the two actresses who played the mane roles but they werent popular or well known actresses.

Brunette lady cop, comfortable in tracsuit pants, has to protect a blonde rich spoilt girl. They start out bumping heads, the blonde washes her hair with dog shampoo, puts pantihose in the freezer and throws her underwear away instead of just adding it to laundry. The brunette cop needs to go undercover and she is seen wearing a coctail dress. The two eventually become friends.

That is all I can remember, please help me


Lesbian Daughter Hurts her Ankle

I remember that this movie was not actually about the daughter. I think it was about the mother. She must have been important or planned to something interesting, because I think the daughter’s ex-girlfriend was a reporter who ended up trying to manipulate the daughter into giving away information or something, which is why they broke up.

The only thing I really remember is that the daughter was a bit of an adventure-seeker and was out parachuting (or maybe paragliding or something) and didn’t pull the breaks in time or hard enough and ended up hurting her ankle, I guess breaking it. In the end the daughter started dating the cute asian lady-doctor that treated her at hospital.

My wife vaguely remembers this movie

Hey folks,

Any help would be appreciated. Today we were talking about horror movies and my wife and sister-in-law instantly remembered a movie from when they were much younger. The only problem is they don’t remember much about it at all and it’s driving ME crazy more than it is them. So here goes…

  • They remember watching this in the late 80s or early to mid 90s.
  • Opens with 4 to 6 people (couples?) in an older car driving down a road when they come across the front panel of a house in or on the edge of the woods. It is only the front of the house. They can clearly walk around the side and see that the rest of the house isn’t there. When they open the door it opens to what looks like an abandoned/rundown/spooky house.
  • It’s a horror movie and the house or something within seems to be playing tricks on them as things keep disappearing.
  • There is some sort of supernatural ghostly/zombie/other scary thing(s) there because the characters end up hiding in a room while this “thing” is trying to get in.
  • Movie closes with them driving away in the same car.
    *Made in the 80s or early 90s and set in the same time.

IDK how it is that they remember the movie at all with so little detail, but they claim it was something that came on TV often and was a made for TV movie.


My daughter stumped me!

So, my daughter just stumped me. She asked about a movie where the main character’s soul wakes up in a new body every day. It’s live action. She saw a trailer for it online, so I imagine it’s fairly new. In usual teenager fashion every other question was an IDK. It’s live action, American I think. Sorry, it isn’t much to go on.

Death because of small unrelated events


I am looking for a movie where someone dies (I think in a car accident) because of small unrelated events. I think someones girlfriend dies and the narrator (the boyfriend??) traces it back. It had to do with someone running late and therefore forgetting to tie his/her shoelaces and therefore bumping into someone, and then someone missed a taxi or something.

This was not the movie plot, just a small part, but I cannot remember/find the movie and I need to know it for a peace of mind haha.

Thank you!

A little boy dreams he’s in kid prison

I think this is an early 80s or 90s film where a little boy goes into a convenient store and is scared of the adults who work there. I think he hits his head and wakes up in an alternate universe where he is in a kid prison/hell and the adults at the store are now the wardens forcing the children to do labor. There is a main adult couple with the man loving the woman but she treats him like crap so towards the end he stops listening to her. The main kid is trying to escape with some of the other children and at the end he wakes back up in the convenience store with the adults trying to help him up. It’s not exactly a horror movie, in fact I think it’s more like a goofy comedy movie for kids!

Movie about time ripples?

Hi, I’ve been trying to find a movie that I saw years ago.

I have little information to go on, I can’t remember any famous actors being it, but it was about a group of people all living their own lives. I think one the main people was crippled or walking with the aid of a stick.

I can’t excactly remember the details of the story but I remember some specific scenes.

One in particular where a person (I think a woman, one of the main characters in the movie) is in a car on a bridge. And these strange ripples appear making the bridge disappear bit by bit and causing her to fall into the water. And then a few second later the bridge reappears again piece by piece.

Then there is a scene where the main protagonists get together and find out where those ripples come from and apparently they come from somewhere in the middle of an ocean or sea. They try to go their on a boat before it is too late (they have limited time from what I can remember, before the next ripple comes) and then they arrive at this sort of facility in the middle of the sea and they go inside and find out tue government or military (I’m not sure) is creating the ripples and the boss there explains everything. I’m not sure what happens next but in the end they all are back at home and their lives are better. If not mistaken, the man with the stick can walk without the stick and a woman gets back together with her boyfriend I think?

If anyone knows the title of this movie, please let me know! Thank you!

Hungry why wait?!

I remember this ‘horror’ movie where demons were attacking this town and salt keeps them out, a group of survivors are holed up but the black lady in the group had her arm ripped off and the demon offers it back on a silver platter with veggie garnishments, in exchange for wiping away the salt lines… I don’t think she did it.

It had to be a 90s movie…. maaaaybe late 80s, that’s all I remember because I never laughed so hard in my life at myself when I saw that arm on the plate and blurted out “Hungry why wait?”

Horror Movies

Three Movies: I recently watched this movie on youtube where three young men is trying to make a horror movie with the plot of night of the living dead and they are killing the people for real after they got invitations for a party at a remote house, they dress up like zombies ( they put something in their eyes and put in vampire teethand was walking like zombies. ( It’s a 2000-2017 movie )               [Solved]

Second One: This man can see spirits and he helps them to move on to the afterlife or something like that and I think he told his friend or somebody and one day  the person was passing a cemetery and saw him pulling something from a grave, it was a spirit but they show it like there was noone there.

Third One: A little boy went to a cemetery maybe to visit a relative grave, probably got lost or playing with his friends when a man appear out of nowhere and gave him a wind instrument, think it was a saxophone, I remember he always went there to talk to the man, it’s kind of strange, I think the man was dead [Solved]


Two Movies: First One: A little boy was reading a book and the things in the book was coming alive, I remember him on one of the creature’s back like a dragon and he was flying with him on it, I also remember a girl in it keeps on encouraging him to continue reading when he paused for a while.

I remember this Christmas movie where this lady and her daughter moved back to the town where they lived and a little boy was living in the basement, In the past the mother was engaged but left the man at the altar and she was always saying she was adventurous and he was prevential, can’t remember the name of it

Scorned Woman / Revenge Movie

A (scorned) woman I think that is trying to either kill a guy or get revenge for something, puts him a full body casting and puts straws in his nose. Then removes the straws and kills it and I think the movie ends there.

It might have been two women and the guy was in a body cast.

Anyone might know the name of this TV episode or Movie?

It had a tales from the crypt vibe to it. This was in the 90s or early 2000s

Obscure Vampire Movie (late 80s?)

Trying to track down the name of an obscure (and slightly campy) vampire movie I saw back around 1993.  I believe it was an indie film, but I’m not sure about that. I found it at my local video rental store. The vampire was a male with long blonde hair (had kind of a 1980’s rock star look).

Two scenes I can recall: The vampire is confronted by another guy who pulls out a crucifix to protect himself. The vampire grabs the crucifix and says “Don’t believe everything you read” and then bops the guy in the forehead with it.

The final scene is the vampire violently dying by being staked through the neck. I think it was a girl that ends up killing him.

I’ve been all over Google trying to track down the name of this film with no luck. Hoping someone on this forum remembers it. Anyone?

6 People on a yatch 70’s thriller

I have vague memories of watching this movie about ten years ago (2008) From my best memories it was from the 70s in color, I think there were a few recognizable 70s faces. About 6 people girls and guys mixed go on a little yatching trip. Some gors missing or dies mysteriously and people get paranoid. They anchor the yatch and go ashore where there is some sort of old temple or cave with nuns of some sort inside. Thats really all i can remember.

please help

Movie with a song

Hi. About 10 years ago I watched this american(?) movie about a single mother restlessly moving from town to town, which her daughter disapproves of. The mother makes her living from singing in small joints, at some point she sings a version of “Looking for the Heart of Saturday Night”. She falls in love, but she and the boyfriend are being chased, I don’t remember why. At the ending they are shipwrecked on a small ireland, and when a plane finally arrives we don’t get to know whether it’ll be their rescue or their doom. Can anyone help with a title or a tip? Regards from Copenhagen.

Man with Amnesia Tries to Solve Wife’s Murder

This is a color movie made somewhere between approx late 80s and 2000. It is not Momento and it is not Shattered… it is a similar plot but much more obscure in popularity, possibly a made for TV movie. As I remember the plot goes that a man wakes with amnesia to find his wife dead… I think it was a car crash but maybe someone murdered her. He is instantly the primary suspect and the movie centers around him trying piece together clues to prove his innocence. The story takes place in a small town, I think. He may have gone there after the accident/murder to escape scrutiny while the investigation is ongoing. There he finds a (I think, my memory is fuzzy) female confidante who sympathizes with him and tries to help him put his past together. All the while the sheriff of the small town is suspicious of him and plays the antagonist. The end is a great plot twist where you find out the guy you’ve been hoping would vindicate himself by proving his innocence actually did the deed.

please help me

OKAY so i saw this movie on netflix but its not there anymore… so its about these two girls that meet at school, one of them dances. they like… film eachother on this cam website and these perv guys will watch and give them money?? its an lgbt movie so the girls get together and date i guess,,but anyway the two girls scam one of the guys who was watching them online for money… and then they run away from home but the guy finds them and stabs one of the girls?? it came out sometime in the 2000’s but i have no idea the title or the actors names or anything.. please help.

What’s this movieeeeee?

American movie

2014? 2015? I dunno but somewhere from there

it’s about a woman i think shes blonde and there’s this scene where she and her husband did the dirty then the next day her right or left hand is still cuffed to the bed post i think (lol)and the guy is gone? Then she remembered she had to send her kid to school so she cut the bed post and brought it along with her to school with her daughter or something because they lost the key and that’s all i can remember oh btw i think she accidentally hit her kid with it hahaha

my brain thinks the “woman” is frickin mila kunis but idk pls help me

p.s it’s a comedy movie or smth

American Comedy Movie (1990-2014)

An American comedy movie.

Main character is a famous person like a celebrity.

For some reason in the movie, he needs a place to stay for one night. He comes across a married couple (he never met before) and asks them if he can take shelter at their home. The husband recognises him and is actually a big fan his, so he lets him stay.

Some time later, the husband leaves the house to grab something. And when he comes back, he catches his wife seducing the celebrity. Eventually they have sex. Surprisingly, the husband is excited and overwhelmed that his idol is having sex with his wife. So he happily watches his wife cheat with the celebrity.

Overall it’s a very funny and comedic scene.