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Girl with drinking husband goes to Ca. to study – becomes author

This movie is about a young girl who marries early and has a baby boy.
She works at a factory or something like that. Husbond only wants to drink and drive his motorcycle.
At some stage the girl leaves for California with son and a girlfriend, who urges her to go. The girl always wanted an education, and her friend tells her, that you can go to university in California, even if you are poor.
Later, she has written her first novel, based on own life. She needs permission from ex-husband, who lives in a trailer with a woman.
She travels with her now grown-up son, and ex-husband ends up signing papers to allow novel. Father and son have a talk. Father giving some advice about women.
Mother and son drives off, and son uses fathers advice to ask his mother for help, to move away and start his own life with college and girlfriend, which mother has been opposed to.

A 90’s (maybe 80’s) horror movie

Hello! There’s this one horror movie scene that’s been bugging me for a long time. I saw this scene as a child, so don’t remember much of it. But there’s a scene where a woman walks slowly on a room (If I remember correctly, the door is slightly open) and when she goes into the room there was a child (or he/she appeared later, not sure) and suddenly the woman looks at her stomach and she has a bloody hole there, then she realizes that her guts are hanging! She screams a lot and the scene is over. I think it was a dream. It’s a movie with English language. It was not black and white, and I saw it on TV. I have to know what this movie is. Its not super-gory but this particular scene is quite nasty. Oh well, thank you already.

Help with movie title

There is a movie that came out in the early 1990’s I saw and cant remember who was in it or the title. all that I can recall from the movie was a scene from it. A group of women wearing colored nun like robes start beating on a male prisoner that is thrown to the ground. After awhile they come up and one of the women has his ear in her hand and she is smiling. towards the end of the movie one of the women takes one of the men to a forestry mountain and hides him there.

80s or 90s sci-fi

I remember a scene from a movie, but it has been years and I fear my memory may be playing tricks on me because I can’t seem to find this movie. What I remember is 80s or 90s style sci-fi. Not scary, a bit weird. There is group of kids/teens with people from the other world. One was dwarf-like.

I recall towards the end of the movie, they are in an electronics store and there is a battle, maybe some lightning. They have a gold cylinder, about 2 feet long and 6 inches in diameter that when activated has spinning multi-color lights and plays a melody I can’t get out of my mind. I think it may be for traveling.

That’s all I can remember, not much, but would love some help figuring this out if you have any ideas.

This fucking lifetime movie

I’m so pissed that I’m driven to the point of posting and asking others. So a few years ago, it must have been between 2009-2012 (okay so not a FEW lol) My friend left the tv on the lifetime movie channel and I didn’t really look up until halfway through but what happened was there was this woman and they made it seem like she was being followed. There was a scene where she was in the library and thought she seen the man through the bookshelves, and then I don’t remember what happened just after that but the next scene I remember is that she was in this empty house and she was being threatened by this stalker and being pushed against the wall but later in the movie it was revealed by this guy that was falling victim to her delusions, that there may not be a stalker because when he visited the house there was only 1 set of footprints in the dust. But anyways idk if he got a call or if he just traced her there but he eventually started looking for her underground or in the sewers or something with a flashlight and when it seemed like he was about to find her she bashed him over the head with a rock or something and he went down and then the camera showed the body of the so called stalker she was imagining. Any idea what this movie is guys? Please help lol I’ve been trying to find it for years.

American movie from the 50s or 60s seen on TV

Adventure/drama type.  At the end of the movie there are people in a pyramid or something.  They are in a room.  A booby trap is tripped and they are trapped in it.  The scene cuts to a block of rock that slides down a chute breaking bulbs off as it travels down.  Sand pours out of the broken bulbs and begins to fill the room that the people are in.  A couple of men sit down and accept their fate while a woman in the group acts excitedly.  The film ends with the suggestion that the group are buried alive.

Movie seen on TV in the 70s

American movie was likely from the 60s.  Man in encased in a block of ice and floating in the ocean with another man sitting on top of him.  The man on top is angry and begins chipping away at the ice but stops realizing that the ice is preventing him from drowning.  Later the sun melts the ice and breaks apart.  Both men are floating in the water and the freed man thanks the other one not knowing he is an antagonist.

Sort of Sci-Fi Movie

So this has been driving me crazy for weeks now. I think it was a sci-fi movie that came out in the early 2000s. I remember 1. there was a guy who wasn’t from earth, and a woman was trying to help him do something, 2. he made a vending machine give him a free bag of chips, 3. he made a lie detector shock a guy. Sorry for not being more specific, but help would be greatly appreciated!!

Cannot for the life of me find this movie!

I saw this movie sometime around 2011-2014, someone borrowed it from a Redbox, so I would think the movie came out sometime around then.

It is set in a fantasy medieval-ish kingdom. Starts of with a man being a guard, or something similar, to a king and somehow a king became a tyrant (or the king died and his son became the tyrant king?). Some people were killed (tried to run and were killed?) including this man’s family. I think this happened during the winter (unless the kingdom was always cold.) Man pretends to be a drunkard who has lost hope and goes home with a prostitute every night, but really isn’t a drunkard and pays the prostitute without actually spending any time with her and goes home, as he is only putting on an act so the king’s men will think he has given up and is not plotting revenge (but he is).  This man along with some other guys are all in on a plan to overthrow the king. Their job is to make shields and somehow use the rivets in the shield (they looked like viking shields with the rivets around the edges, if I remember correctly) as part of their plan, or messaging system to plan the plan. Something of that sort.

At some point a man on the inside, as they say, has a daughter that is going to be forced to marry the king, but they smuggle the main character guy inside the castle in an ornate mirror so that he can rescue their inside man’s daughter.

I’m quite sure near the end, or at the end of the movie, the group battle the king’s men outside the castle, defeats them, and it show’s the main guy ready to go into the castle to kill the king.

I apologize for all the parentheses and run-on sentences, I typed it up as my brain remembered things.

Short film with 6-7 people talking in a room

I saw this short film about 2 years ago. I want to say it starred Anthony Hopkins but I could be wrong. Basically 6-7 people were in a large open room and the people and the room seemed to be In the Victorian style. There was a man (possibly Anthony Hopkins) who was talking about how he had an ability to make it to where he could make someone disappear and people would never remember that person even existed. However the selection process was random and the person who was chosen to disappear/not exist would slowly begin to feel they were dissapearing/not existing. Eventually one of the people disappeared and no one in the room knew because that person had never existed.

man jumping over pillars

I saw this movie on TV in the 80’s so it is an older move. There is a man who has jump over these pillars to get to the other side. There were black spaces in the middle of the pillars. He  calls out “there has  to be a ground.” He then takes out a quarter and drops it but does not hear it land. He then says, “there is no ground!” He then proceeds to jump from pillar to pillar.

Man lost at sea. Has chocolate milk

I’m not sure if I drempt it and just believe this movie is real. If it’s real on how I remember it it was when I 2as a young teenager so.. late 90s early 00s. It was in color. Seen it on tv and then again my parents may have owned it on VHS. I’m just hoping it’s real. Every time I see the word overboard that’s what I think of.

Surreal, dream-like movie

I saw a movie years ago (early 2000’s-ish?). Definitely in color, possibly in English. It was a very surreal, dream-like movie and the only scene I can remember is someone (maybe female) walking through a room with a live horse in it. As the person walks past the horse, it’s suddenly sliced vertically into several sections. The sections separate from each other, staying in place in the air. It reminded me of an anatomy book diagram showing you where the organs are in relation to the body. The horse is still alive and doesn’t seem to have noticed what’s happened to it. In one of the sections you can see it’s still-beating heart.

That’s really all I can remember. To this day I’m still not certain if this was a real movie or simply a fragment of a dream I had years ago.

Drowned boy, mystery solved years later

Google has failed me…

Year – late 80s

My grandparents were watching some movie or tv show after they thought I was asleep for the night. I must have stood in the hallway for a long time watching without them realizing. My grandparents were fairly “proper” people, so I expected this to be an episode of Masterpiece Mystery or Poirot, but I can’t find it. Anyway…

In English, possibly black and white, maybe only black and white to signify flashback?

An adult male – maybe priest? – drowns a young boy in a bathtub. The bathroom is not modern. Rough wood plank floors and a tub with feet. The scene involves watch sloshing over the edge of the tub. During the drowning, a necklace or rosary gets washed down the drain. I don’t know if this was a flashback or what but the next piece I remember is years later, somehow people find the necklace/rosary in the septic tank. Maybe the building burned down? Not sure.



weird movie about smugglers looking for teenage boy

So we saw this movie a few years ago.  It was pretty weird , but lately I keep thinking about it.
This is what I remember.  Foreign film (french?).  I think it might have been silent (or very little spoken dialogue).
Mother, father, young teenage girl.  Mother is a pianist.  Wealthy family.  They move from the city to somewhere remote.
There is some kind of accident or crash or drug deal gone wrong that happens near their house.  One survivor (the only one?) of the mayhem is a young teenage boy who was shot.  The girl hides him in one of the family’s outbuildngs, and tends to his serious abdominal/intestinal wounds.  Turns out the bad guys were smuggling stuff inside his body (I think drugs)– and naturally they are going to come looking for him.  The boy slowly begins to mend.  The bad guys hang around the family property and shoot the family’s dog.  The girl takes the boy to a school function or dance.  For camouflage, he is dressed as a girl.  While there, his abdominal wounds start to bleed profusely; the blood is very visible on the white dress he is wearing, and somehow… the nuns believe he has just reached puberty.  Odd, since he is bleeding from the abdomen.
The boy and girl fall in love.  The bad guys are still looking for him/them.  The boy and girl leave her home for the old empty house in the city.  The bad guy(s) find them in the house.  They die together, shot, maybe in the house… but I keep picturing another location.  Empty, sad, depressing, lonely, weird and… I still don’t know what the point is.
Any one out there seen this thing?

Ghost girl

I saw this movie when I was a little kid in the 70’s. It was in English and I’m pretty sure it was in color. I think it was one of those family-friendly Sunday Night Movies that was popular back then.

There’s only a couple of things I remember about the movie. There’s a family that moves into an older house. The kids find that there’s a ghost of a little girl (roughly 10 years old) who died either by accident or was killed (I’m not sure). I think she’s looking for the porcelain doll she had when she was alive. By the end of the movie, the kids climb down the dry well behind the house and find her body and the doll. The ghost girl picks up the doll and starts singing softly to herself (I think she sings Frère Jacques). As she’s singing she starts to fade away. When she’s gone, the doll drops and breaks open, revealing the doll was filled with diamonds.

Movie about a Boy and an invisible Girl

I want to say this movie was an early 90s or perhaps late 80s color film in English.

It is about this boy, of about 10-12 years of age, who is staying in a castle with his mother and (I believe) her boyfriend. He meets and befriends this young girl who no one else can see. It turns out the girl is either a witch or a ghost, or something of a supernatural nature, and her mother comes to get her in the end, after leaving her alone in the castle there alone as a punishment.

I vividly recall one scene where the boy and girl go roller skating through the castle on connected roller skates, because the girl had never gone skating before. They are having a blast and then he skates into his mom, who thinks the boy has lost it because she cannot see the girl.

Thank you!

traveling salesman serial killer

Hi. I remember seeing this thriller where this traveling salesman, who has a wife and family back home, picks up this weird guy. He eventually kicks the guy out but the guy continues to stalk him. You also keep hearing about a serial killer on the loose. It turns out that the traveling salesman is the serial killer and he says he kills for “the fun of it.” He then kills the weird guy. The traveling sales man then returns home to his normal life.

Brutal & Unyielding Sergeant at Fort is Laid to Rest Like a Dog

Hazy memory of this one – perhaps a late 60’s or early 70’s movie. Maybe even a TV film. I think it took place at a Fort in the 1800’s. I only recall three characters – maybe the only ones left at the Fort? The sergeant was particularly brutal on one of the men and the stronger guy constantly stood up for his friend and volunteered to do his duties. The sergeant insisted the weaker guy climb some sort of tower and in the end he falls and dies. The eventual struggle between the remaining two men ends with the sergeant’s death. In the end, the stronger guy puts his dead friend in a bed and lays the dead sergeant at the edge of the bed by the dead guy’s feet. This hearkens back to a conversation they had earlier in the film where it was stated that there was some sort of tradition that a dead warrior’s favorite dog would be placed at his feet when he dies. What is this movie?

Terrifying Cursed Idol Begins Breathing

Though my memory on this is hazy, I think it was a low budget horror film or TV movie from the late 70’s/early 80s. It may have been a mummy movie or something to do with Egypt/curses. Towards the end, a group of people are in a boat with ill-gotten treasure. An idol they have – which is small and Buddha-like – horrifyingly begins breathing. I think it gets thrown overboard. Any ideas?