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The man who cant be winded

I think i saw this on tv in the 90’s the guy who at first i thought was Chevy chase  became able to do physically exhausting exercises without ever being winded i think they test him on a treadmill for 3 days strait in one scene. In another scene the guy has to catch up to trucks so he cut across a forest on foot. Thats all i can remember.

Boy stays with strange family

This movie was in full color, in English, and I watched it sometime in October of this year. This boy had to stay with a strange family; the father was a doctor, which I remember because the daughter of the family played doctor with the boy by using her father’s shock therapy equipment (but they didn’t have time to electrocute him). The girl and the guy were planning on running away together by the end of the movie, though I’m not sure if they went through with this plan. The boy’s mother is schizophrenic; there was one scene where all of the silver and tableware had been set on the lawn, and another where she was hallucinating that it was snowing inside her house. Any ideas?

Three more movies I’d like to remember

I’m back with three more movies from my memory banks.

First Movie:

My sister and I saw part of this movie in 2004 while on a family vacation. It was late, we were in bed and we put the tv on while my mom was in the shower (dad was already asleep). We were flipping through channels and we stopped at this movie. Two men came home to a cabin (maybe back from hunting?) and there was a trail of blood leading from the front door, to one of the bedrooms. They followed the trail into the room and found more blood on the bed. Then, there was an attached bathroom and more blood leading into there. I think they argued over who was going to go into the bathroom. They both decided to go in together, and when they opened the door there was blood everywhere, and a man was sitting on the toilet, dead.

Then, my mom came out of the shower, saw what we were watching, and made us turn it off. So we never got to see the rest or find out what happened, and we never knew the name of the movie.


Second movie:

I never saw this movie, but I remember really wanting to. I know there was more than one…three, I believe. It was in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. Literally all I know is that they were about a serial killer who takes his victims to a lake to kill them.  I remember there was a marathon on TV one day. My best friend lived next door, and I went over to see what she was doing. She said she was going to watch all three movies and I asked my mom if I could watch them with her and she said no. I was really disappointed about that. We moved a few years later, and I lost touch with that friend, or I’d ask her if she remembered the movies. [Solved: Cabin by the Lake]


Third movie:

This one is really vague, so I apologize. I watched it on Netflix a few years ago. I think it was basically about how kids in the 70’s were kind of neglected? Or maybe that’s what the narrating character suggested? It was set in the 70’s, and I remember there was the family of the kid that narrated it (I’m pretty sure he/she narrated it) and I think he/she was the second oldest and the two older kids got stuck watching the younger two all the time.

At some point, the parents have a key party, and all the kids are banished to the upstairs. I’m pretty sure some of the other people that came to the party also brought their kids, and they had a sleepover. Something happens to one of the kids while the party is going on…I wanna say someone broke their arm from falling off the roof or something. I’m sorry it’s so vague, it’s really bothering me though because I remember watching it, but I don’t remember much about it.

House Hostage Movie

Movie where a nuclear family was held hostage in their house I remembered two scenes from the movie:   1st scene:the teenage daughter went to the door and her boyfriend was at the door and she told him to go away and then he came back with flowers and  one of the persons holding them hostage told  her to go with her boyfriend, she went out, then her boyfriend said “I don’t know what’s going on here but let’s get out of here” and drove away.   2nd scene: when it almost finished the man holding them hostage was going to shoot the man but there was no bullet in the gun, then the man held him and pushed him outside or something like that ( there was about four persons holding them hostage, I think a woman was in it too, it’s not firewall )

Please help! Movie set in older days maybe 1800s

Okay, so I saw this movie a year or two ago on Netflix! Stick with me because I don’t remember a whole lot of details. It was kind of a weird movie, pretty slow going but really interesting. So if i remember correctly there was a young lady who was married or soon to be married to her cousin(maybe brother) some kind of distant relative that was very ill and needed someone to take care of him. But she liked (was in love with) another guy. So her and this guy plot to kill said husband(soon to be husband) so they kill him and I think they make it look like he died naturally. Well they begin to notice his mom or caretaker was catching on to them so they gave her some kind of poison that made her paralyzed and a mute. They then towards the end of the movie roll her wheel chair Into the water, killing her. Please help!!! I know it’s not a lot to go off of but it is driving me insane. It was a great movie


A movie where a child gets abducted from her bedroom by a man and keeps her in a part of the woods where no one else seems to know about and her family searches for her for a very long time and for her birthday the abductors gave her a chocolate bar. There was also a woman helping the male abductor. There was even a scene where the child was in a public restroom and she wrote help me on the wall or some thing like that.

Student- Teacher Obsession

I remember this movie about a student who has a crush on his teacher, I think it’s a lifetime movie, theres a good amount of teacher student obsession movies but this one sticks out in my mind, it’s about this student who is also a jock who has a crush on his teacher but killed himself because she wasn’t interested in him, she was also married, he made it look like they had an intimate relationship and he even convinced is friends that it was true but it wasnt, she was arrested and went on trial but in the end she was found not guilty,in the end the writing on the screen said she changed her profession from a teacher to a lawyer

Drugdealer teen girl falls in love with a dancer

Daughter of immigrant mother starts selling drugs after leaving school. It’s about a 16 year old girl, brunette, with a boy look.

The film was relesaed after 2013 and it was not in English, I think it was French or Dutch.

She has a girl best friend, black and corpulent, who I think is Muslim and later dies in a fire.

In the first scenes the protagonist appears doing a kind of dramatization as a secretary and since she doesn’t like what she is doing, star to humiliates her teacher. The girl gets upset and starts to grab her things to leave and never come back to class anymore.

She starts selling drugs because of a neighbor she admires. She is delighted with her job as a drugdealer because she starts to obtain benefits, such as food, cellphone and other things that due to her economic situation she could not obtain before because her mom is a prostitute.

The woman who is her employer orders her to go to a party to seduce a man and then steal his money that he had hidden in the apartment.

The girl and her friend secretly watched the dancers in a theater, they also hid the money they earned from drugs there. One day the dancer discovers the protagonist and takes away the money.

They fall in love, bla, bla. In the end, he tells her to leave together from that place but she doesn’t do it.

Guy looses hand, gets a robot hand and programs it to play electro music.

I saw this movie in the 90′ in tv, but its probably from the 80′, it was dubbed but probably from english and in color. I dont remember how he lost his hand, maybe a work or car accident, and i remember that he struggles with the the protesis, but then he gets or makes himself a robot hand and he programs it to do what he wants, and then goes to play electro music, lol sorry if its too bague, its probably been like 20 years since i saw this. Thanks.

Chick flick


Its been several years now since I’ve been trying to recall the movie name. I believe I saw it around 2010 and the movie release should be around that date also give or take a couple years. It is definitely a romance movie involving two people who pretends to be rich and ends up falling in love. I remember one scene they go into a fancy restaurant and the guy asks her how are they going to pay for the meal towards the end of the dinner. She says not to worry and pulls out aluminum foil (I believe) from her purse and puts it in her mouth or food.. then telling the waiter that there is garbage in their food and they do not want to cause a scene so they will just get up and leave. The couple eventually breaks up.  Towards the end of the movie ( my friend thinks I’m mixing the ending with a different movie but I believe they are the same movie) the guy gets a job as a delivery man? Not sure if he was delivering a package or a letter but it was to a rich guy with a big house and he sees the girl that was with him earlier in the house and realizes that she married a rich guy.


This might be a long shot but any help on this would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance !

Old 70’s or 80s movie

I remember watching this movie when I was just a little kid.  It was in the early 80s when I remember watching it.  I thought it was a old star wars movie but when asking a friend who is a star wars nut, he couldnt remember the scene.  But the scene that I remember, there was a man walking through a forest on his way to save, I think, his father and mother, and this huge harry dog like creature gets after him and he hides in a trunk of a tree to escape and the harry monster tries to get to him inside the tree.  And then something distracts the monster and he is able to leave the tree and continue on to save his parents or whoever he was trying to save.  I know all this sounds weird but I do remember the movie and I have been trying to find this movie all over the place.  If someone could please help me that would be awsome!


2 movies I’m trying to find

I hope it’s ok that I ask about two movies in the same post. I was pretty excited to find this site because I have so many forgotten movies I’ve been trying to remember.

First Movie:

I would have seen this in the early to mid-90’s – 1995 at the latest.

A young girl is sent to live in what I remember to be castle. She’s not supposed to leave her room, but one night she sneaks out when she hears the sound of crying, echoing through the halls. She follows the sounds and finds another child (a boy) in another room.

I never saw the rest of the movie so I’m not sure what happens with them.


Second Movie:

I saw this between 2000 and 2003 on TV during the day.

There’s an artist who was hired to paint a mural for this rich woman. The rich woman becomes obsessed with the artist and wants her to move into her mansion. I think she starts buying the artist expensive gifts and clothes. She gives her a makeover at some point, if I recall correctly. Eventually, the artist finds out that she looks just like the rich woman’s daughter who died and she only hired her because of that. The plan was to get her to her house by hiring her to paint, and eventually convincing her to become her daughter.

I can’t remember the title.. dead girl rolled in a carpet.

So, I watched this movie about 10 years ago, it should be 90s or early 2000 movie. It is in English language, probably an american  movie.
A woman gets a new coworker or something like that and soon she starts dreaming about him and one time she dreams about him carrying a rolled carpet with a dead girl in it. Next day she sees the same carpet in his car. She calls the police and they stop him, but the carpet hasn’t been used yet. I think this woman is single and she has a little daughter if I remember right.
Please help me, I really want to see this movie again.

80s fantasy flick

This was a fantasy/medieval movie from the early 80s or late 70s, perhaps. There was something about a sacrifice or a forced marriage of a virgin(s) or princess. When someone turns the table on the head priest or king who has been in charge of this, he declares something like “If I cannot, none shall” and tries to kill her.

I assumed it was Dragonslayer (1981) but I cannot find that scene in the film.

Girl that was Killed

The part of this movie I remembered is a teenage girl saying that I didn’t know that in 1 day or 3 hours from now I will be dead, ( some time frame like that ) she went to a party or just took a walk but it was in the night and when she almost reached home ,she was killed, I think its like 10 to 15 years later they found out who killed her, it was a man who killed her and he was arrested but thats all I remembered about the movie.

Vampire movie

A vampire sexy movie I have watched in theatre in early 2000. I have remember only few scenes

1) hero is toucher in police station where one of female cop wearing transparent top.

2) a mistress of villains randomly having sex with guys and kill one of them and villain punish her…he do something and her boobs and ass increasing to too big and her ret of body remain same

3) at final scenes a girl/heroine feel something coming out from her vagina and we Shaw a snake coming out

If any one Shaw that movies pls help to recall movie name…. thanks