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What is the name of this movie that was in Netflix?

My mother saw this movie in Netflix about a week ago but it has now been removed so she cant find it on her history.

The movie is in English, in colour, and its set in an American small town. My mother thinks it has been released between years 2000-2017. She can not remember the names of any of the actors.

One of the main characters is a blond middle aged woman who’s husband cheats on her with a younger woman and leaves her. She becomes depressed. She lives with her son and he starts dating a girl, who later moves in with him and his mother. The girl is helping the mother with her depression.

The movie is also a lot about the relationship with her son and his girlfriend.

My mom says the movie cover had a picture of the mother. She thinks there was a word “love” in the title but she is not sure.

I have been trying to find this movie for two days but it seems impossible and I’m starting to wonder if this movie even exists. 😀


Aminated movie about a female assassin/ninja

Hopefully someone will recognise this as its been 20+ years since i saw it.

So things I remember;

  • It was old style amine (think Thundercats style of animation)
  • It was about a female operative on a mission
  • She was incredibly stealthy
  • There was a scene where she wiped out a number of generic guards and moved on but the movie stayed on scene for a little with one injured guard weeping for the death of her colleague (this struck me as very novel at the time).
  • She fails the mission in a stupid way such as tripping up or similar and being killed.
  • The second she is killed it switches back to her apartment where a massive flamethrower pops out of the ceiling light fitting and torches her entire place to wipe out any trace of her.

Hopefully I have remembered these correctly and someone will be able to help.


A weird movie with monkeys

I have seen this movie a loooong looong time ago but I have been searching for it for a long time, anyway this is all I can remember from it :


  •  the movie talks about apes that are separated in two different parts of the forest, the upper part where the “wild” apes live and the bottom part where  the “smart” apes live.
  • the apes that live on the upper part consider the down part of the forest equal with death and whoever falls there never comes back
  •  the down part apes live like humans dress like them and even have events and stuff like that
  • one of the upper part apes, falls down and everybody considers him dead but actually he is alive and fine and the other apes start to dress him and I even remember a part when he is playing in a labyrinth and he finds his way very quickly so the smart apes start teaching him numbers and stuff
  • I remember that the down apes have a king or something and the apes that falls has a thing with his daughter.
  • I also remember that his king is killed by a tiger or something.

That’s all I remember and hope this helps :/

Romantic ending with socks

Do you know the one about a girl that’s redecorating her boyfriends apartment while he’s away on buisness and she meets this guy who lives in the apartments I believe and then they fall inlove and it ends with her taking a bus to a restaurant where she meets the guy for dinner and he’s wearing socks that like they had talked about earlier in the movie?? This is a bad description but I also remember the girl had short red/orange hair with bangs

Kids monster movie

I rented this movie at blockbuster maybe 8 years ago. It was about this boy who found a movie reel and he played it. But then three monsters came out of it and like went through the town. There was a mannequin man who would take people so that he could replace his mannequin parts with human parts, like his arm. I also think there was a werewolf or maybe it was a wererat?  I don’t remember what the other monster was.

Woman kills her daughter

i remember watching a movie as a kid about a black woman killing her daughter because she believe some white man was coming to get them or kill them then years goes by and the daughter reappears as adult dressing all black (i think she is a ghost)  not remembering a lot of the plot but the daughter likes to eat only candies and i think she seduces her step father sorry not sure. it was a early 2000s movie….

meet the robinsons-esque straight-to video movie about making an alter-ego

it was a movie i saw and got from Blockbuster in 2008-2010. it was 3d animated, and since i was a kid, i didn’t really recognize any actors’ voices. the main character was a nerdy inventor kid, who was hated in his hometown. his only friend was a floating robot with a TV screen for a face, who i think was voiced by a lady. he kicks off the movie by going to a fancy futuristic private school with a huge atrium. i don’t remember much about that part of the film, but he got an atomic wedgie at one point, and fell in love with a girl. in order to impress her, he does some weird science and splits his brain into two personalities: the normal, nerdy half, and a cool, greaser half. he switches between the two for a while, before the cool half tries to be the dominant personality. the climax of the movie is a fight between the two personalities inside the main character’s head. that scene is weird and dreamlike. that’s basically all i remember. i know the movie itself wasn’t a dream, because my brother remembers it too. help!!!

Instant kill with a scalpel

I remember watching a movie on TV a few years ago where a woman was out in public, then got a threatening phone call. This stranger calling her told her not to hang up or else something bad would happen, but I don’t remember what.

Later in the movie, she ends up in a room (maybe she was kidnapped?) and a henchman of sorts is about to attack her. She then uses her medical knowledge to slice open an artery on his upper arm (meaning she’s a nurse or a doctor or something similar), which makes him bleed out within seconds. I believe she used a scalpel. She is horrified by her own action, even as she is explaining this to him while he goes down.

I’m pretty sure it’s a movie from the 2000s or 2010s. I watched a German dub of it on TV, but it’s probably American. I’ve been able to find most other movies that I watched years ago and only remember snippets of, but somehow this one is impossible to find. Perhaps I’m misremembering the movie and the two scenes I described are from two different movies, but I’m at least 85% certain they’re from the same one.

Would appreciate any help.

70s film

Judging by the quality, I’d say this film was made in the 70s. It’s about a large American family who all come back home to attend the funeral of the youngest member, a guy who killed himself. After the funeral, which happens early in the film, they all go home, and from there it’s basically one of those films where everyone’s thinking about their life choices, etc. There’s a bit of tension because they’ve all got their own lives and live in different states so they don’t see each other a lot.

90s kids movie

apologies in advance for vague description. All I can remember is it’s a 90s (maybe Very late 80s) children’s film about a boy who ends up going to live with his dad (or maybe a man who’s adopted him) the man has a girlfriend who becomes involved for the wrong reasons (I’m not sure if the man or boy has money she’s after) the scene that sticks in my mind is of the boys bedroom, he has giant kids building blocks with the alphabet on! I thought the kid was called junior but I can’t find anything online. Please help!

Man turns out to be a god creating multiple versions of himself as a human

I saw this on tv somewhere between 2006 and 2011. In color, English speaking actors.

A man lives multiple lives all at the same time. One of which he is an actor. I specifically remember a scene where he is in a car, having a conversation with someone, and believes that to be his reality. Then, in another reality he is an actor doing a voice over or dub of that exact same scene. I think I remember there being an explosion at some point.

At the end of the movie a woman explains to him that he isn’t human, he is more or less a god that created that reality and got stuck in it. And that the only way out was to accept his fate to return to his astral form. At the end of the movie he becomes a flash of light.

I wish I could remember more details.


It starts out with a man taking a test and he is being really stupid and somehow manages to choke on his pencil during the test. There are several witches that are bad, and the man wants to fight them. He has two little kids with him, a boy and a girl. At some point a witch puts a spell on him and he goes 2D and slides dwon some steps like jelly.

Military movie? I think?

I am so sorry, I literally have nothing to work on other then the very beginning of the movie. There are all these young kids running and it seems like its a bootcamp of some sort, and there is a fat kid that can’t keep up and they keep yelling at him and hes crying trying to catch up and he stops running and they turn around and shoot him. It was probably in the 90’s I watched it so long ago, and I have no recollection of the movie, but its been bothering me for over 10 years to what that movie was.

Movie where mother (and maybe dad?) gets kidnapped by aliens and kids try to save her. (NOT MARS NEEDS MOMS)

It was like 3am and I was around 9 years old. I don’t remember what channel, but I remember this movie changed my thought process for 2 months, because it freaked me out so much.

It was live action. It had these kids who’s mom was stolen by aliens (I think?) that looked human, but not at the same time. The only scene I remember from this movie was where the ruler of the aliens gave the mom some sort of serum to make her fall in love with the first thing she looks at. When he gives it to her, she acts like she fell in love with him and nearly makes out with him, but then kicks him and runs.

Then somehow she was given the serum again and she happened to be looking at the dad, and she was in love with him.

Something else I remember about that scene was the color purple, just the alien ship that they were in, was purple. Why? I don’t know.

It looked like it would of been made by the same people who made Spy Kids to be honest.

Recent movie about a kidnapping that ends up being staged

I thought I watched this movie on Netflix, but can’t seem to find a match in my viewing history.  No older than 2010 and most likely not older than 2015. Young man picks up a young woman at a bar and she takes him home. He apparently has been paid to deliver her to kidnappers. As he feels an attraction to her and feels bad that she may be harmed, he drives past the real bad guys and takes her to a cabin (that I think was on a lake) where he holds her. She refuses to eat, gets very ill and he ends up going to a town to buy her medicine. As her health improves, they become closer and ‘fall in love.’ His visit to the town results in a search and the sheriff and law enforcement surround the cabin and the guy is shot and killed. She cries over him and is “rescued” by the law.  It ends up that she is behind the entire kidnapping and, I think, she wanted to see if her dad would pay her ransom.  Thanks in advance for reading and I’m looking forward to getting this out of my head!

Movie/dramatic documentary about Eastern European girl tricked into being trafficked as sex worker by boyfriend.

Seen approx. 5 years ago, English language, seen on TV


The piece follows a young girl being trafficked through eastern Europe as a prostitute.

From memory, the girl is tricked into being trafficked by her “boyfriend”, a local gang member who dates young girls and convinces them to move to another country with him.

She is sold to a gang/mafia who run brothels. While in one, a journalist pays for a girl so he can speak to one and ends up speaking to her. The gang members either are charity workers, or work alongside charity workers. They are suspicious of him and hear him asking questions, so take him out back.

He escapes from them and goes on to write about sexual exploitation enabled by said charity. The story goes big.

The charity is run by a middle aged married couple. On hearing the news, they are both shocked, but as the piece progresses, it becomes clear that while she wants to fix the situation, he wants to cover it up. The piece ends with the husband driving away in a limo after giving the wife an ultimatum which ends their marriage.

A movie with Tom Selleck

It’s a movie with Tom Selleck. Old one (possibly 80s/90s).

He plays a convict, there is a fat guy that owes him some money, he has a black friend, there is a lady who became Selleck’s love interessed. There is a scene where he plays a waiter on a party near a boat and he fights some big guy. He takes a glass and puts a gasoline in it and he throws it on the big guy, then he lights up a lighter and ask him to nicely say goodnight and go.

This movie will stump you!

This was a kids sci-fi movie from the 1980s. It may have been live action. The scene I remember most was a young kid wearing futuristic clothing or a uniform and was accompanied by a furry, three-legged “pet” with a big mouth. (The creature may was a muppet, NOT computer animated.)

They were in an arid region and the three-legged creature was hanging from a tree. The kid was looking to see where to go next and instructed the creature to check out ahead. The creature dropped from the tree and began running by tumbling on all three legs until it was moving like a wheel and at a very high rate of speed.

Now I’m wondering if it was animated. But for some reason I remember being amazed at how they filmed the creature rolling/running with 3 legs.

Let me know if this wasn’t my own imagination. Thanks!

vampire movie

Hi it is a vampire movie, I saw in 1980 on tv in color, the movie beginning an old man return home on a horse back  and he is very tired, then his house hold start getting bitten, a young toddler die and get buried but he come back crying that he is hungry and his mom open to him and get bitten, one daughter fell in love with a man but can not remember much about him, the end seen the daughter and the man sitting in a hut she is getting ready to sink her fangs in his neck, the whole family are watching them from out side. please if any one could help me I am thankful.