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Banquet where men and women forced to strip and tied together, woman kidnapped, falls in love with one of thieves- comedy?

I saw this movie at a friend’s house in approximately 1985-86.

It had some slapstick elements but seemed to be more of a romance later on.  I think the lead actress had dark curly hair.  The lady was at some fancy banquet (maybe a fundraiser?) when a band of robbers shows up.  The people are forced to strip and give up valuables.  The robbers are tying men and women together at each hand and foot.  (Could you possibly come up with something that could take longer to accomplish?). I don’t think there was any nudity.  The lead hides behind a table stacked with food and grabs this napkin the size of a towel to wrap herself in.  She gets tied to someone she really doesn’t get along with.

Somehow she is chosen to be taken as a hostage.  She ends up falling in love with (or at least sleeping with) one of the thieves.

I have been wondering what my friends’ parents made us watch for 30 years.  Help me confirm it wasn’t porn.

Summer Camp Movie! 80s maybe 90s

Okay, so I used to watch this movie CONSTANTLY when I was around 5 (I’m 19 now) I’ve been trying to figure out what the title of this damn movie is for as long as I can remember.

I remember that I would watch it on TV. I had Videotron and it was on the free movie channel which was either 900 or 999 and they had a free children’s movie selection and thats where I would watch it.

So, this movie I believe was in English but there is a high possibility it was in French and probably came out in the 90s I’m really not sure what the release date. What I remember is that it was two camps or two different vacation spots and they would rival. They were also kids, but it may not have been a camp because I clearly remember the rivals were two groups of kids and they would go home to their parents. And the “leaders” of these two camps or whatever fell in love and would sneak out late at night to spend time together. I remember one scene where he kissed the other team leader and he mentioned she tasted funny and she said it was because she was wearing bug spray.

Another scene that I remember was when they were at “war” and they were sling shooting mud at each other, but one guy put a rock in the mud and it hit the girl in the face so they had to forfeit.

Also they were all fighting in one scene but they stopped to help a drowning bee in a barrel.

Obscure SE Asian Movie

I remain intermittently haunted throughout the years by the memory of an obscure SE Asian movie I saw at a festival once as a teenager about a lonely bike courier who falls in unrequited love with a streetwalker, and eventually abducts her corpse after she is murdered for doublecrossing her pimp, then takes said corpse home and lives with it.

This scene of him sitting at his kitchen table with her blank-eyed flyblown corpse, saying: “Those other men; they don’t love you. But *I* love you. I’ll always love you.”

1996-1998; it was southeast asian; best guess Vietnamese; it was undoubtedly a movie; I saw it at the Canberra Film Festival; I ushered the screening of it; it was relatively new at the time; it was in colour

If I never find out the name of this movie it will plague me to my grave

A animated film (probably stop motion film)

Hello everyone.
I remember this scene, a girl was chased by some toys (probably dolls, carts, etc) and things (like chairs, wardrobes, tables, I don’t know). I remember that, this girl went up the stairs and locked herself in a room. The lively things began to break the door, and she, frightened, threw herself out the window. That’s the only memory I have of that movie. It’s from the 2000s (or older), and it was color.
I thank you very much if you helped me find the name of the film.

Demensional shift

ok, this is a movie I have been trying to find for about 20 years

It was mad in the late 70’s or early 80’s.

possibly a made for TV movie or and episode of Twilight Zone (or something similar)


All I can remember from it is this:

there is a scientist that creates a machine that (I think) accidentally makes a link to another dimension, he invites his assistand and the assistants girlfriend to see it. To prove it works he turns the machine on and places her compact on the platform, the reflection is of a tree. Somehow they get pulled in one at a time, firs the scientist, a few minutes later the assistant, then a few seconds after him the girl. When she gets there she wanders for a couple of days before finding the assistant, discovering he had been there for a week, then they find the scientist and find he had been there for a year.

This has been driving me nuts for years, if you can help, PLEASE! It was a good movie and id like to see it again!


Small time cinemahouse loses soundtrack

There is a small time cinema house trying to compete and they manage to get hold of a really up to date, fantastic film which everyone will want to see.  I know there is a scene with ?Spartans?  So they advertise, get lots of interest and finally the film arrives.  However, they are about to open their doors when they discover that the sound track has not come with it.  They have to go on, so they make up the soundtrack whilst the film is playing. I only remember the trailer, and there’s a bit in the film where a very muscular guy is talking and being given the dialogue “And I can make my nipple go up and down like this”.  I have looked for this film for ages, but you guys can tell me, I know

I Remember This Weird Samurai Film…

So many years ago, back when the channel G4 was alive and well, I remember it aired this super weird movie. I think it was supposed to be like a parody superhero samurai film. The main character mainly used a samurai sword and he was fighting crime in an inner city setting. I remember there was a montage of him “saving the day,” and he runs up to a prostitute and a pimp, wraps them in a sheet of seaweed, and then slices them up into giant pieces of sushi. It was super low budget so it wasn’t as bloody as it sounds. There was also this baboon sidekick (or maybe his driver?), and it sounded like someone prerecorded themselves mumbling and speaking a few words and them would play these sound bites to be the monkey’s voice. I dunno, I’m guessing it’s super obscure, but does anyone know what movie this is?

Indie Horror Anthology, Early/Mid 80’s

I saw this on the old Prism cable network in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area in the early to mid 1980’s. It was a low budget affair, possibly independent, possibly a student production. It was in color and in English.

It seemed to have been filmed in a couple of abandoned locations, including some creepy ruins of a building overgrown with vegetation. I have the impression they may have written around the areas they had available. There were, I believe, three stories, framed by a group of young people (probably college students) telling them. The image that sticks in my head all these years is of a guy hovering and dazed under a single bare, blue light bulb in a very small, grey, dingy room. The point to that story, if I recall, was how someone had previously been found like this and a guy decides to investigate and winds up sharing the same fate.

I don’t remember anything else, really, but my impression is that it was a competent amateur production. It certainly creeped out my 12 or 13 year old self! Prism used to show some interesting stuff (I first saw Werner Herzog’s remake of Nosferatu there when I was maybe 11 and I became a lifelong fan of Herzog from the experience.) Early cable was without a net!

Any help would be appreciated, but I have a feeling the film I’m looking for was way under the radar… Here’s hoping! Thanks!

Monster/Alien in Rain forest NOT PREDATOR

I don’t remember much but there was your stereotypical hero male and love interest woman. Set in some kind of lavish forest so I think it was a rain forest. I don’t remember seeing the monster/alien but I know the couple ended up looking after a little boy for a while but the monster killed him anyway. Kind of like a Predator meets Aliens I guess because if I remember correctly the little boy had knowledge of the monster and I think he may have been of Native American appearance? I saw this movie around 20 years ago but I don’t know if it was new. My dad was watching it on TV and I was in the room gaming but half watching.  And for some reason I remember diagonal stripes… I really have no idea why! As if they were claw marks maybe. Definitely in colour and English.

i believe an alien sci-fi movie

so i love movies and have found some through memories this one is a very vague one lol so a blond woman is in a hotel room with a guy i believe she is an alien and the guy is trying to get laid and she isnt interested and he takes her necklace and slides it down his pants trying to be all into it so she crawls across the bed unzips and the guy is all like yeah and she takes it in her mouth starts sliding the necklace out and bites it off then leaves lol i believe its an 90’s movie but i cant remember the characters or anything else its been so long since i have seen it hopefully someone has an idea what movie this scene is from!

comedy about two adventures and a villain



It was a light comedy from the 80s or 90s. I just remember the start of the movie. It was a scene with two adventures in a scene like indiana jones, trapped, captured by enemy forces. The main villain was approaching them and one commented to the other: “And now he comes and says something very cliche like ‘gentlemen, we meet again’, wanna see?”  So the villain really says that, and they find it funny.

A blonde bimbo and a crazy old doctor comedy

This movie may by from the 80s  or the early 90s.

It was a totally crazy, surreal comedy, in which all characters behaved in insane manners.

In one of the scenes, a blonde caucasian bimbo at a hospital makes a shocking discovery that the 2 asian parents who raised her were not in fact her biological parents, but had adopted her. She then sets out to discover her real family. She is assisted by an old doctor, who is crazier than her.

comedy western movie

A comedy western, featuring a bunch of kids trying to frustrate a robbery. One of them had urinary incontinence and  at the end they used horse crap against the criminals. Its a very old movie, black and white. probably from the 50s or 60s.

traveler marks mailbox with thief symbol

I saw this scene within the past 3-5 years, in color, in English, and I think it was from a movie but can’t remember anything else about the plot.

The scene is a flashback about the main character as a young boy.  He and his parents lived on a farm and were very poor/generally lived during a hard time in history.  A traveler/hobo comes and asks if he may work for the father that day in return for shelter and food overnight.  The father reluctantly agrees.  That night, the hobo stays in the barn and the young boy goes out to talk with him.  The hobo tell the boy about a system that travelers like him use to let each other know if a family/man is kind to them, and shows him the different symbols.

The next day, the boy’s father throws the hobo out without paying him what they agreed.  The boy later runs out to their mailbox to see what symbol was left, and is disappointed to see the symbol meaning thief.

This is a “character development” scene, and for the life of me I can’t remember what the rest of the movie/show is about.  Many thanks for any suggestions!

Weird Fat Guy Octopus Thingy..?

This is going to be one of the most vague descriptions ever. However, no matter how hard I try, I can only remember this particular scene: a extremely large man, bigger than a sofa.. he is somehow just eating away at his life, he starts to grow tentacles, and that’s all I ever can remember.


I don’t mean to trouble anyone.. but I also have really bad nightmares/night terrors (please no one lecture me on how horror movies do not help nightmares – i would rather not deal with that).. I want to know if I saw this as a movie, or if I just dreamt of it.

Movies help

So there was this movie that I remember watching when I was like 7 or 8 and all I can remember that there was this male person of color and he was in a relationship but he made like some type of friend that is white and his mom and towards the end they had like this type of swimming competition at school and the little kid hits his head dies because of it and at the end the male’s gf leaves him and it ends. The movie was like around 2000’s

Monster flick?

So I caught glimpses of this one movie late night in the late 90s.  I was only a kid so my recollection is pretty fuzzy, but I think I remember a few scenes. Some military types are walking down some rickety stairs when they collapse and one of the dudes falls through (there might have been water at the bottom). He is then promptly eaten by something.  Later another soldier (black maybe?) sticks his arm into a hole in the wall for some stupid reason.  Chomp chomp monster clamps down on him (I think it had tusks at this point) and the rest of the guys just leave him there to be eaten like assholes.  Final scene I remember is a guy and a girl in a dark room up to at least their waists in water. I’m assuming they’re the lead actors since they weren’t immediately eaten by something for the moment I saw them.


Can anyone help me figure this one out?  If I had to guess the channel it was on I’d say TNT.

The only movie that ever scared me

I saw a movie in the summer of 93. I am almost positive I’ve identified Clint Howard as a serial rapistd/killer but it is not listed in his tomography at all.

There was a scene where he is working for a moving company along with a man he calls Moon. They move a blonde woman into her new home. She is wearing tiny white shorts with a red stripe on them. He must over her on these shorts. They come back later that night tie her up and rape her. He slits her throat. He recounts the details to detectives and tell them Moon always Sh** on the floor when they would rape and kill. When he raped  woman in this film the screen would cut to a image of him wearing a demonic mask in dark room appearing to be surrounded by shadows of people reaching for him and encouraging him on. Please help me. This is the scariest movie I’ve ever seen and I know it is real.

Two strangers hunted by two young boys in an abandoned village for no good reason

Hello! I watched this film on the British channel Film4 late at night 5-10 years ago (so 2007-2012) and have been intermittently searching for the name ever since. Unfortunately I can’t remember if it was English language, but I remember it as being European rather than American for some reason – so the audio was probably not English.

It’s an atmospheric thriller, in which two strangers (1M, 1W) meet on a road, possibly due to their cars colliding. The bulk of the movie is made up of them being hunted through a forest by two young boys. I think it is revealed at some point that the boys have score cards.

At some stage, the man leaves the woman behind in a ditch/ravine after she’s been injured; it’s left for us to assume that she is picked up and killed. Towards the end of the movie the man drowns one of the boys in a well in the middle of an abandoned village.

I’m 80% sure the boys had a dog, if that helps.

Searching for this movie online doesn’t get me anywhere – other than to this site! So I’d be very grateful for any pointers, and apologies for any mistakes / glaring omissions.

Dead child possesses people who caused his death?

This description was given to me by a friend. She was hoping I could help her figure it out, but I’m not having any luck.

  • She said it was a B quality, and only memorable because it was so strange.
  • She saw it a few years ago, but she can’t remember if she rented it, saw it on Netflix, or TV ect.
  • Most likely made within the past 10-15 years
  • Color/English

What she remembers is that a young child dies in the beginning, and she thinks it was a gun related accident. She remembers the parents, or the mother at least, being negligent.

The kid comes back as some sort of entity, and possess the people who played a part (unknowingly?) in his death. She said he either forces them to kill themselves, or causes them all to die in some way.

At the end, he possesses his mothers boyfriend to kill his mother, and apparently the mother gets the idea that if she has sex with the boyfriend, she will get pregnant with the child again, causing his spirit to leave the boyfriend’s body and be born again.

She said she could be getting some details confused, but the basic idea is there. Does this sound familiar to anyone?