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90s Sci-Fi Film

I believe this movie was made in the 90s (possibly late 80s or early 2000s tho). Everything I typed in bold is for certain. Everything else is likely. I am categorizing this as a sci-fi flick but it may also be considered a softcore film. It is most likely a B-rated movie as well. I know that the version I watched was in English and I think it was made in America. There were no known actors that I can easily identify. A scene I remember involves a guy wearing a cheap Roman soldier outfit walking through a desert. I know for certain that he had some form of mind control ability. I specifically remember  a scene where he used this ability on a stripper performing on stage and caused her to orgasm. I think I remember her wearing a black eye mask. I believe her performance then earned her a standing ovation. I specifically remember that the stripper then approached this man and kissed him hard, then slapped him (or vice versa). The guy may have been an alien, or under alien influence. I’m sure he used his ability on other women throughout the film, unfortunately, I don’t recall any other scenes. Google and other “name that movie” type sites have not been helpful. Anyone recognize it? Thanks.

Cant find the movie

If I can remember, the movie is about a man who went to the Vietnam war and left his wife and children. He was presumed dead during an explosion, but he had survived. His wife remarried his best friend. However the man came back and tried to search and convince his wife that he did survive. His wife was only convinced when he played their favorite song on the piano, and after he smoke, he would leave one cigarette left in the packet. The movie came out maybe in the late 1970s or early 1980s

Movie with magic and a party

A jock forces his way into the rich nerds house and throws a party, and the nerds little brother goes missing so he and a chick and I think another friend go on an adventure to find him. But he is in a hidden room all along. One of the nerds teachers is a monster/helper that’s helps them at one point. And the movie ends with the little brother winning at strip poker with much older women (late teens I think).

Final Scene Mafia movie

Hey guys,

I remember only final scene of this movie so i hope you can figure it out anyway:)

To begin, i am almost 90% sure that it was movie about mafia in US.

The scene goes this way: The father (i suppose) and a boy(son) arrive to this beach house after fighting whole film with bad guys. And as they play on the beach everything seems to end happily ever after. Unfortunately, the bad guy/killer who we thoutght was killed in some scene earlier appears in the house . He has red dots/scars on his face after accident earlier on and i think he ultimately kills our main character.

this is all i remember, you think you can help? 🙂

Horror Religious Movie

Hi! I’m in search of a movie, from which I remember only one scene (I think is the intro). It goes like this:

  • Religious chorus (maybe Gregorian) music in the background, in crescendo
  • Camera view ascending the stairs inside a bell tower, bell ringing getting louder as we are getting closer to the top.
  • This goes for a while until we reach the top, music on it’s climax, and instead of a bell-clapper inside the bell is a woman (maybe a nun?) hitting the inside of the tower bell.

I think this movie is from the 70’s or 80’s, but could be from early 90’s

Thanks in advance, and excuse my english!

Dutch flood movie

I saw this movie on tv a few years ago. It was about two young adopted children, a dutch boy and a girl from Java who survived the 1953 flood of the Netherlands when their adoptive father put them in a church bell tower. They climbed out of the tower the next morning into a boat and then to the houseboat of an adult friend (who perished in the flood). Eventually they were “rescued” by adults, one of whom always called the little girl “Queen of Sheba” and taken far from home. There are scenes of flood destruction and floating bodies. They finally return to their village and are reunited with their adoptive father, the church organist. The film is in English. I can’t recall if it was in color or black and white.

werewolf/wolf movie rated r/xxx

i saw this movie in either 2002 or 2003

cant remember exactly as i was 14-15 years old at the time. it was in english, on VHS and in color.

all i can remember was it was in a vhs sleeve titled either Ice Queen or Snow Queen. something like that.

the plot is weird, there was a woman who was staying with a married couple, i think in Ireland, she seduced the husband and slept with him several times throughout the movie. during their intercourse she would turn into a wolf and bite and scratch him. he was starting to change into a wolf himself and his wife noticed huge changes in him. during the other womans and his last escapade together, in the married couples bed, he turned into a wolf himself. i dont remember the ending of it, either they killed the other wolf woman or the wife. some woman was killed.

the setting and lighting were quite dark and green toned.

it seemed to be an either early 90’s or late 80’s movie.


i always wondered if perhaps at the movie rental store they may have accidentally put the wrong movie in the vhs sleeve. but im not sure.

Help identifying actress?

Something different: I know what this actress is from, but she’s uncredited and I’m trying to identify her from some photos. I’ve searched everywhere for credits that include her with no luck.

She’s in Criminal Minds episode “No Way Out” (2007), playing the younger version of a character called Jane in a flashback. Unfortunately, because of the way the scene is filmed, the closeups of her face are kind of blurred, but these are the clearest ones I have:

I realize it’s a long shot, but everyone here has seen a lot of films, so I wondered if someone might have seen her in something else and recognize her? I’m face blind and can’t recognize anyone to save my life, which is why this search is driving me nuts. :-p

Movie with ghosts and fire

I think it was a kids film. This boy and girl become friends and there’s something about them playing the piano. Now I might have this wrong but I think the girl was a ghost (or the boy) and the boy is angry at the girl about hiding she was a ghost and he ends up shutting himself in the cupboard. The doorknob falls off however and he is trapped. For some reason I can’t remember the house ends up on fire. The ghost is then scared for him and is trying to pick up the door handle so she can put it back on the door and the boy can escape. It’s luckily a happy ending as she does manage to get the door knob back on the door.

90s or early 2000s movie where a girl meets a boy who turns out to be a ghost

This is a movie made for kids, rated pg I believe. We used to rent it from Blockbuster in the early 2000s. In color and English. A girl moves to town and meets a boy who does weird things like disappear and reappear randomly. They play in a cemetery I believe. Turns out he is a ghost killed by his abusive father who was a police officer. The father might be a ghost too but I can’t remember for sure.

British Soldiers Escape by Plane, One Yells “Kill Me!”, His Friend Shoots Him.

As the title says, it was a film wherein at the end, a group of British soldiers barely escape by plane, but one cannot on board fast enough and they are being chased by natives, bent on killing them all. The last one yells “Kill me!” and his friend machine guns him to death as the plane takes off. That’s all I remember.

Help Identifying Movie

I am trying to find the name of a movie.  There is a scene in the movie where a man chases another man along some railroad tracks.  The man taunts his pursuer who can’t catch him.  He eventually gets away as he has more long distance stamina.

There is another scene in the same movie where a man takes another man golfing.  When he reaches the hole furthest away from the club house, he breaks the man’s legs and makes him crawl back to the clubhouse.

Appreciate any help in identifying the movie.

70s Movie – Mewly Discovered Primates Forced As Laborers And Paid With Cans of Spam

Seventies movie about a newly discovered docile primate like species. A corrupt developer exploits them, using them as laborers and paying them in shell barrows filled with cans of Spam. The film end with a courtroom scene where a researcher is trying to prove the intelligence of the primates, it becomes agitated, climbs a bookcase that falls over and crushes it to death.

Dead Girl Dredged from Lake

I have very hazy memories of this movie but please, someone help me find this movie. I believe it was a horror movie since it had supernatural elements. When I watched this movie I was about 6 years old, so this movie must have come out during or prior to 2004. I will describe the only two scenes I remember of this movie.

  1. There may have been some sort of investigation or something during the movie, something that would cause people to search the lake for something. As they had a big dredging machine (machine used to pull things up out of deep bodies of water), they pull up a dead girl’s body. I believe she may have been naked upon discovering her, but I can’t be certain. Anyway, she’s the evil entity in the movie from what I recall.
  2. The protagonist of the movie is this girl, I don’t really have a good grasp of her appearance but my subconscious tells me she looked white. So one scene, the girl is in her house and she’s afraid because she keeps hearing strange noises in her kitchen. She goes to her kitchen sink and finds her faucet dripping blood. She then goes to her bathroom where she find the dead girl from the lake inside her bathtub with the water very dark and murky.

This is all I remember from this movie, someone please help me find this movie.

90s -ish animated movie where dogs were turned into hot dogs on an assembly line

I saw the movie when i was around 4 (2004-2005) and it was on regular television(in english). I was too young to know how to look for the title so i just remember seeing dogs on an assembly line type conveyor belt going into a big silver machine and coming out singular hot dogs, while some main characters (3-4) came up to rescue them. Due to how young i was when i saw it i dont have many leads because it could have been a movie or an episode of a tv show, and at this point im working to try and see if somehow i made it up because no one knows what im talking about when i bring it up. I do distinctly remember it being in flat 2d grungy-ish colored animation that could be from the 90s-80s, but it also could have been the real early 2000s.

Hand Coming out of Computer

Roughly around 2005-2009 (very rough guess but I’m 17 and I was young at the time so my memory is not 100% clear), I was watching some show/movie on TV. There was a scene that kinda scared me, and it was about a hand coming out of a computer and killing people.

One scene featured a little girl on a MLP-esque website when the hand reached out at her. It was a CGI, blue hand that slow emerged from the screen and was trying to grab the girl. She freaked out and ran away, and told her mom about it, but the mom dismissed it and said that she shouldn’t go on the website anymore.

I also remember something about an older man dying from the hand. It came out of the screen and he was staring at it, the scene cut off and it showed the next day with a police investigation with his dead body.

What I saw was live-action, and I believe some crime movie because of the police investigation scene. I was rather young, so what I’m saying might not be 100% accurate, but I certainly do remember it.

If this helps more, I live in the U.S. and it was just on TV. I was just kind of in the room when it was playing, so I don’t know what channel it was on.