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Film similar to Oliver Twist and David Cooperfield

The movie is about an abondoned boy who first lives by people with many children of his age in a small room. But one day he gets kicked out and land in an orphanage. But he manages to escape from there and a short while of time he lives on the street. Then he gets found by a trader who had his own shop and teachs him a little bit about trading. I forgot what happens next, but the boy had an accident, he was accidently strucked by a carriage. When the woman gets out of the carriage and finds the boy it turns out its her lost little son. She is a well-known pianist and recognize her son by the medallione he gave him at birth.

80s movie I saw many years ago. Was like a thriller drama I think

So I’ve been looking for this movie for quite sometime now and have been anxious to remember the name of this title. It may have been from the 80s or 70s and I’m sure it was a regular movie or just a TV movie to be exact. I forgot who was on there and what it was about but I at least remember seeing it in 1995 or 1996, something like that. Anyway the only thing I do remember was that it showed a young girl/woman in her 20s or 30s something like that, I think she was working as a computer operator at a bank or may have been another job and she worked late at night too and came home to her apartment a bit late, I believe her apartment had like 5-6 floors and stair cases to get to each floor, and as it was just starting, the movie had like a spy music but only a solo drum beat to it and it showed close ups of an stalker/intruder’s black shoes walking by, she comes home walking in the door and turning all the lights on, the  close up continues of the intruder’s black shoes and the drum beat keeps goin still, then another scene shows her in her bedroom looking in the mirror, I believe she was still wearing her work uniform or something like that. Then it shows back to the close up of the intruder’s black shoes as he is entering the apartment and Starting on the first stairs walking very slowly. Then it shows another scene, a really hot scene to be exact, it shows a zoom in of something with two handles and it does a close up of her arms cranking one handle at a time and the camera angle shows her crankain’t the 2nd knob up above as if she was taking a shower, it turns out she was because you can hear the sound of the water and there’s nothing more sexier then seeing a movie scene of a woman getting all wet in the shower. Goes back to the scene showing the close up of the intruder’s black shoes and the drum beat playing, then it goes back to her in the shower, shows blue walls/tile wiles I think, and it looks like her hair is a black color as she is getting all wet, she’s really enjoying the sensation of the water running all over her and you see her moving her arms up and down as she is washing and scrubbing her body with a regular bar of soap, you’ll notice her using it all over her legs and gets all sudsy, the shower scene is a long and revealing scene of her full body and gets us all hot and bothered, she’s still washing away every part of herself and then out of nowhere the intruder somehow breaks into her apartment. The intruder was in a black trench coat and a hat, then he starts walking and the scene I can’t remember is if she was stalked/raped in the shower or after she got out of the shower and then it shows police cops outside as she got rid of the intruder. That’s all I remember for now. If anyone can please help me out with this movie that I’m looking for I would really appreciate that so much. I don’t know if it was a short movie or a regular movie itself but I at least know it was a drama/thriller or a mystery drama kind of film. I hope this was a lot of details I can give you all. Really wanting to find this movie. I don’t remember if it was Italian, English or Australian but I remember seeing just the beginning of that film.

A movie with a plot similar to riverdale

so this girl jumped off a bridge in the town and like it explained that at the beginning

and there’s a tomboy girl who rides her skateboard everywhere

i don’t remember details, but i do remember that one of the characters was playing guitar hero with someone’s brother or guy friend, and she was very good at it

and there’s some party near the end of the movie

and someone gets depressed and tries to jump off the bridge someone else did earlier

and skateboard tomboy girl goes and gets her and convinces her not to

but she jumps,, and i think the tomboy girl jumps in after her and shit

Drama Movie about Young Relationships?

I think they speak French in this movie, it’s either from France or Canada. Possibly an independant film. There’s a scene where the girl is dancing in her bedroom, and she knows there are people peeking through the window (possibly her ‘friends’). So she puts on a green top hat and really makes it a show, starts stripping. The music is upbeat, she is twirling around and jumping around. Continues to strip but leaves her shorts on, holding up a sign to the window (can’t remember what it says), waves goodbye and quickly closes the curtains. Later on in the movie she is seen with the same friends, smoking a cigarette on the couch, then later she and these friends are swimming.

Looking for a movie that I’ve been trying to think of for hours

I thought about this movie while watching dead pool as an actor looked like him.

So I watched this movie about last year. I remember a few scenes. One scene was about his friend getting shot and having to take him to hospital but running away as he didn’t want to get found out. He stole the 4×4 black looking vehicle and went to go and blow it up in a forest with gasoline.

I also remember him finding his dad and helping him build on top of a roof when his mum pulls up in a car full of weed with her sunglasses on.

He has a gun in the car and sells drugs but didn’t want his mum finding out. He did this in a barn with security cameras on the outside and his mum was yelling and asking to be let in. I also remember a dog being shot and the neighbour coming and asking if they’ve seen it. Guiltily they said no.

this is all I remember. He. Was a blonde male teenage actor who looks a bit like Trevor Donovan but his eyes are a bit smaller and closed a bit more.


Please help

Sixities or early seventies Spy/Sci fi movie

I seen this in the late 70s on ABC all night at the movies.  I don’t remember much except a part where the lead person in movie is inside a building and there are many domed table/containers with pinkish items inside.  They where some kind of bacterial weapon.  Remembering how the special effects looked I would think the movie was made in the sixties or early  seventies.

Korean movie about mistress

As I remember, Korean actor Son Hyun Joo starred in this movie. Even though I seeked by his name, I didn’t find it among movies that he played.

Movie plot:

His wife is a teacher of a school. But she took up with her partner teacher and started to cheat his husband. Her husband (Son Hyun Joo)  faced it then he visited to her school. Afterthat he found and visited their apartment where they meet. Then he found somethings that their pictures and her toothbrush from there.  He got mad. Eventually, when her wife entered into home, he killed her.

Do you this movie?


an animated thing (cant remember the length of the show) maybe I saw it in like 2003?

I remember that it was an animated cartoon. I must have been younger than 5 (any time before 2004) and i’m 18 now, so it could be that I just dreamed this but… My aunt showed me this one film and it didn’t have voices in it (for sake of style or something) and it was definitely in color.

Other details I remember was that there was this old short lady who lived with her tall, lanky-ass son in a very tall, skinny house. There were sound effects, but no voices. I think I remember the old lady/mom character was a secret badass? and there were villains out for her son? I can’t remember if it was a short project or if it was a full-length film.

Can somebody help me please.

Teen girls die one by one in a weird small town/ village

A movie where teen girls live in a small town and die one by one and one of the girls escapes the town to find her mother because her mother was banished from the town. This movie is made in the 2000’s (not old and not recent). The girls in the village wore traditional/ old clothes but all the other towns are modern. I can’t remember if the girls were witches or not and that if there was a curse that killed them one by one. The main character (a teen girl in the creepy village) falls in love with some boy outside of the freaky village and his friend dies after having sex with one of the village girls :/

No clue.

  1. there is this scene, where two gentlemen are sitting by a lake a night. And one man bets the other man he can tell the time without a watch. The other man says you’re on. Then he grabs pots and pans and starts banging them together. Then the neighbors yell out, (something along the lines of) “stop making all that noise, it’s 1am.”
  2. i saw it in English
  3. its a movie, not a tv show.
  4. 15-25 years ago, maybe?

Performer leaving

I’ve been having trouble finding this film because I only saw the opening scene, so I don’t have much to go on. I saw it in the early 2000s, though it looked like it was probably much older than that. It’s in color, but I don’t remember what language.

It opens with a woman who is some kind of performer, sitting in her trailer. She’s made the decision to leave wherever it is she performs. I keep thinking it was a circus, but I might be mixing this up with some other film. She could also have been a dancer? A man comes in who does not want her to leave. They might have an argument. There is a part that is filmed looking through the window of the trailer, but I don’t know if a character is looking in or if it’s just the camera.

Sorry I don’t have more details! I saw it on a dvd owned by my friend, who now does not remember it existing at all, so I’m starting to think I might be going crazy. :-p