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90’s action movie

I saw it when I was at a bar with a friend years ago.  He thinks it was a Van Damme movie, but I do not.  At one point the hero impales a bag guy with a spear, then throws the spear, bad guy and all, into a spinning carnival prize wheel.  The hero kills the main bad guy by punching him in the face, the bad guy then falls over a railing into a vat of acid.  Since we were at a bar, we weren’t paying that much attention to it, but every time we looked at the screen something ridiculous was going on.


ok so i saw this movie/show (honestly cant remember), in english, probably within the past year. all i remember is a scene where a teenage boy drinks a lot, passes out, and wakes up naked/almost naked in a field. i think his sister called him to ask where he was, and he told her and asked her not to tell their mother. i’m pretty sure he also asked her to bring clothes. the brother and sister were white. the details on this might be a little off, but its the most i remember

Can’t remember this sci fi movie

Hi. I saw this movie in the 90’s, but it’s probably a 70’s or 80’s American science fiction film, in colour. It had a young woman who was an alien, dropped on earth by a space ship. She falls in love with this teenage guy. She has mind-reading abilities, can get into the head of an eagle and see from its perspective etc. She also has this weird 3 legged creature with her, that can kind of stretch all 3 legs and then roll like a wheel at very high speed. Can anyone tell me what this film was?

Separated twins.

I remember seeing this movie probably in the early 00’s. It’s about a set of twins, a boy and a girl, that were separated. I remember that the girl was kept in the basement and had some kind of hand deformity. I believe the father was trying to find replacements for her hands so she could play the piano. The end of the movie shows her outside with her brother and she has braces on her hands.



The movie is a kinda psycho one.Two young girls come to a new city.One girl falls in love with their city guide and have *** with him.Being jealous on this the 2nd girl tries seducing him and will have *** with him.Knowing that he is cheating on her,the first girl move from their apartment to another house which is owned by a psycho lady.This lady kills her old friend and also tries to sexually molest and try to kill the guide him.

Giant in a Loincloth

I’d say that I saw this movie late night on UK Channel 4 around 20 years ago. From what I remember there was a couple living out in the wilds which had white caves and the lady seemed to like floating nude in the pools outside. For some reason there was a white giant in a loincloth perusing them. It was all quite surreal and I mistakenly thought that the film in question was The Silent Flute with David Carradine, but maybe this was the film that was shown beforehand.

80s or early 90s movie


Need help please, this has been bugging me for years and Google is no help.

I seen this as a kid might’ve been an HBO movie. These guys are running, possibly on horses, from some people and they run up this hill, well one guy falls (wanna say he was blonde and also had a broken arm, I remember he had a cast on.) So he falls down the hill and gets killed from the chasers. Then at the end one guy looks behind him and see the dead friend as a ghost waving.

Sorry that’s all I can remember, any clue would be greatly appreciated.

LiveAction Protag Saved By Random Cartoon Weasel?

I got to watch a lot of action/martial arts flicks when I was a kid so at some point they all blended together…but you can bet I remember the really out-of-the-blue stuff like everyone becoming Street Fighter characters for no reason. And this particular scene I’m thinking of is so clear and specific in my mind that I can’t think it may have only been a dream.

It was a live-action movie. Lots of fighting and classic late 80’s/90’s heroics VS a bad guy with a gang with plenty of humor. Modern era for that movie’s time; cars, cities, handguns, etc. Don’t remember if it the setting was in the States, and can’t say specifically if it was martial arts movie or remember who the Protagonist was…I wanna say Jackie Chan?

But at some point towards the end as the hero is fighting off the bad guys before his big face-off with the boss, for just…just SOME reason, he gets saved by a random cartoon anthropomorphic weasel styled like from Roger Rabbit. This weasel shoots a bad guy in the back when the hero wasn’t looking, gets thanked and just…leaves. There’s no other cartoon animals in the entire rest of the movie. It was just the one weasel. In this one scene. That lasted less than 60 seconds. No explanation.

Did I dream this up or did this really happen in some movie. I have had this question on my mind for a decade and I really need to know.

Old Anime Movie

I remember watching a movie in the mid-2000’s, it could of been a 90’s movie though, no clue.

It was a old style anime movie, where a boy’s dad gets killed by arrows, and his dad hides him in a cave. The boy travels into the cave a bit and eats a weird plant, gets in trouble with something because of it. Then the other part I remember is he has to somehow find this herb again.

Old movie with fast running character


So I am trying to remember this movie I saw when I was a kid that has a fast running male character that was running next to a bullet and touched it but it was too hot so he run off and got a metal U-shaped thing, then ran back to the bullet and use said metal thing to redirect the bullet.

Additional info:

-bullet was round

-movie genre : action/adventure (I think)

-saw movie in the 90’s maybe


Recent Zombie movie

Hoping someone can help me with the title of this movie. It was made with in the last 2 to 3 years probably. It is about a Zombie apocalypse. A suburban family are hold up in their house. The teenage daughter goes next-door to an elderly Asian woman’s home and finds that she has been turned into a zombie. Later in the movie a middle eastern family shows up, I’m not sure but I think they were looking for a safe place. They talk the suburban family into leaving their home and going into the city to their store. Unfortunately I don’t remember much after that.   It was not a major film but it was good and I would like to see it again. I can’t even remember if it was American made or English subtitled, but I kind of think the store they went to was in Chicago.

Man breaks leg skiing, tortured by 3 women in cabin.

The movie starts out with a group of skiiers (I believe), one man falls down mountain and breaks his legs. His friends don’t find him but he ends up brought into a cabin with 3 sisters of various ages who take care of him at first then begin torturing him. This goes on for months, the women have jars containing body parts of other men they did this too, each one had a different fetish. He ends up killing them and escaping, when he returns home he proceeds to turn the events of his torture into a cartoon in which the sisters are depicted as witches (very Disney-ish animation).


Movie was from the 2000’s or late 90’s, I saw it once so very fuzzy on the details. Have been trying to find the name of this movie for a few yrs but gave up every time. Hopefully someone on here can help.

Military movie with an Iraqi/Arab Giant General/Warlord

This movie with a rough prominent female soldier/commander who trains and leads her team culminating in a fight with the giant iraqi/arab commander at a house where the latter overpowers the entire team by brute physical strength before one of them kills him by a sudden move

I remember a scene where she initially mocks her team recruits for lack of toughness

What is this movie?

When i was a kid, i saw an opening scene from a movie. But I don’t know what the actual movie is. It’s been bugging me for years.

a boy and a girl are sneaking out to meet. I think they are in foster care or private school because they are supposed to stay in their rooms where genders are separated. They are maybe 10. It’s night time. They met inside the building and kissed. But the guards know something is wrong. The guards and guard dogs are heard approaching. I think there was an exchange between the two of a hanky or key or something. But the dog gets loose from the guard and knocks the girl off the top of the stair railing or loft railing. She ends up dying I’m sure. But it ends on the boys face staring mortified at the girl on the floor a story below. Probably surrounded by broken wooden railing pieces. Then the movie skips to present day. It might be set in Europe. Color. Young white kids. Please help.

Haunting me for years!

I saw this in the early 90’s (i cant remember exactly when) but it could’ve been an 80s film. It was on the television at the time and it scared me for life. SCENE: A young woman was taking a shower in a small building set in the woods (I want to say that it was a campground or summer camp). The sun was almost completely set as the majority of the sky was pitch black with only a sliver of blue from the last remaining sunlight. While in the building, it shows her under the stream of the shower, then pans to the frosted window. Something is outside, but what? Back to the shower, there is blood covering the walls.

I can’t remember anything else from that. I think I was too traumatized and pushed the rest of that memory into the blackness it belonged in at the time. I would love to find it now in hopes of conquering my fear. Thank you.