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Kid’s animated movie: seen ~1995-7? Dragon Riders w/ race near end.

Animated Kid’s film about dragon riders/racers, or dragons who were the racers? home VHS owned and watched anywhere from 1995-1999, could have been made mid-late 1980’s. One of the dragons was pink, with maybe some yellow? It involved a quest for a King? which was or also included a race? The dragon race scene was near to the end. They went through a crystal cave. There was a little plump dude …the King? I remember it not being very long, but it wasn’t an episode of something…any leads are appreciated! Thanks for your time!



Please help, driving me mad trying to ID film.
Criminal gangs in either Japan or Korea. Lots of murders & suspects.
Eventually, killer ID’d from a still from CCTV as a Korean or Japanese guy.
But just before film closes, we see an American guy who we always THOUGHT was really guilty, pass by a mirror in a hotel lobby where the CCTV took the incriminating picture.
The mirror is distorted and the American guy’s distorted reflection LOOKS JUST LIKE THE GUY WHO WAS FOUND GUILTY!
So the whole thing was mistaken ID based on the mirror distortion.

Thriller/Black Comedy film starts off with a shot of a black guy points a gun on a white guy claims he’s god

It’s a thriller/black comedy film from the 2000s or late 90s, it starts off with a shot of a black guy pointing a gun on a white guy in his bedroom while he’s sleeping (there’s also the black guy’s assistant there), waking him up and explains that he’s god (the black guy) and his (the white guy) life is gonna change in the next hour (maybe it was 30 minutes, or even 10, can’t really remember). From there on almost every scene transitioned into a ticking digital clock. The black guy says that the white guy’s girl is cheating on him at the moment and i’m pretty sure that the next scene is his gf cheating on him in a hotel room. then there are two security guys jerking off to the security cameras, recording the sex scene. then one of them gets a phone call and is told to destroy the tape (and i think he’s just starting to run with the tape or something). 

Another scene i remember is of the black guy and his assistant, in which the assistant is walking out of the bedroom into the first floor of the white guy’s house and she finds a woman there, then she knocks her out and ties her up and puts her in a closet or something. And then there is a scene in which the assistant covers the tracks of the woman that got into the house.
One of the next scenes is of the assistant goes upstairs and shoots the black guy (and there’s blood all over the room, and there’s also a close-up on a picture of the white guy and his gf with blood dripping all over it).

I think that’s pretty much the scenes I can remember somewhat clearly.
If someone has any idea of what is this film I’ll be grateful forever.

Can’t remember a movie set in the future with a nuked zone or something

I saw this movie in recent time (10 years tops), it was in English and I think I saw it on TV, definitely a movie filmed in the 2000’s or even more recent.

I just remember one clear scene: The lead character is in some sort of future city where there’s some sort of guerrilla faction trying to fight the government. At the end of this movie, the lead character takes a ship and flies off the city, entering the ‘forbidden zone’ as it was supposed to be a radioactive zone.

He then finds the ‘guerrilla’ members living in that desert zone which seems that is slowly becoming livable. Then, the evil guy from the city arrives with a bunch of troops and crossfire begins inside the ‘mansion’ where the guerrilla is staying. I also remember that the leader of the guerrilla is sitting down in some sort of ‘throne’ when all of this is happening.


80s-90s scary movie

so I remember 2 parts of the movie…

the first part is of a family on a road trip little girl has to use bathroom, family stops in middle of nowhere, little girl goes behind bushes, screams, parents run to check on her, dead rabbit or something, meanwhile back at the car the little boy is being attacked by some sort of monster beast thing.


And the 2nd scene is of a man hanging in a tree by his feet, I think he’s dead and this man eating beast think is stripping his clothes off. To eat him

i can’t remeber if it was a werewolf or a Sasquatch. But I’m 31 now and remember watching it when I was little.

90’s…ish B movie

I remember watching it around 2003-2004. A married couple have some sort of accident and their child is killed. The wife sees a doctor/psychiatrist and he sends a home help/carer to assist the wife. The carer seduces the husband during a massage. I think Brad Dourif might cameo as the doctor, and I vaguely remember thinking the wife was a semi famous actress from something else as well. I think at the end of the movie the carer goes psycho when the husband rejects her and they have to kill her.

1990/1980 horror

I watched this movie in the 1990s some time on tv and it was about a teenage girl who became best friends with the girl across the road and she loved her life so she killed her parents by pouring gas in front of the bedroom door while they were sleeping and she ended up staying with her best friends family and at the end of the movie they get in a fight and one of hem gets there head smashed over a sprinkler head.

1990s movie help!

i have been trying to find this movie for years! I say it sometime in the 90s on tv. It was about a teenage girl that became best friends with the girl across the road. She became obsessed and hated her parents so she closed there bedroom door and poured gasoline in front of the door (while her parents where sleeping in bed) and lit it on firer which ended up killing them. Then her best friends parents let her stay with them and close to the end of the movie both of the girls get into a physical fight and smashes the girls head into a sprinkler head. That’s all I can remember could be a 1980s video not sure hope someone can help me out!

I remember this movie… (Soldier movie where a girl is forced sexually with a rifle)

Been stuck in my mind for several years, the concept can be intolerable at times. Time to find it, may the only way–for me–to forget.

I saw it around 2011 – 2015. The soldiers spoke English, ”Fuck her with your gun,” but it could have been German and the soldiers where merely the antagonists. I saw it on my PC, not sure what site, but it wasn’t porn (there wasn’t even nudity). It was colored.

The only scene I remember: One girl, teenager, white, blond, is placed on a table then the two American-accented soldiers do two things: One pours flour on the girl, coloring her a pale white, while the other tears of her clothes. Then one suggests to ”fuck her with your gun” and the scene shows her head while the soldier does that.

That is all I remember, I believe I stopped watching after that point because it was too much.

Looking for movie I saw as a kid on TV

A teen boy rapes a girl. A few years later he then winds up in jail and draws a picture of himself on the wall. He is ordered to clean it up and has a bucket of cleaner. He then gets into fight in jail, gets blinded when the bucket of cleaner is thrown in his face. The cleaner also hits the drawing resulting in a image of Christ to appear. He becomes a preacher and has a large following. When he is famous one of his female followers is the girl he raped as a teen. She stabs him. That’s all I remember…

What is the damn name?

I have this image in my mind that won’t leave me alone. I truly want to find out the movie it was that I remember bits of it! I recall seeing it when I was younger and it looked like a Sci Fi movie (maybe not?). Here is what I describe the things I remember:

1. A woman with black hair traveling through some kind of tube

2. She is strapped down to a chair in a room (I believe everything there was white). The part of the chair where her hands were restrained had blades come out to cut and take a sample of blood from her. (No torture I believe)

3. She and a boy are on one of those “merry go round” but in a kids park. It shows both them having fun all until a group of men take him ruining the moment and then I believe he was frozen? She is by his side and cries for him.

Thats all i remember really. Any help?


HELLO I LOOK FOR A FILM: I remember that British soldiers arrive at what seems to be the tibet there are taken by prisoners the locals and when trying to be executed to one of them that had high military rank you notice a medal with the eye that everything sees then realizing this they kneel before him and they start to praise him and give him all the wealth they have and he plans to flee on horseback taking the riches in gold they gave him, if anyone knows the name of the movie, please tell me it’s about 70s


HELLO I LOOK FOR A MOVIE from my childhood, I only remember that it was a blond boy around the 10-13 years with long hair who goes to investigate the disappearances of several people, in one scene is listening to a cassette in a walkman while taking classes , in another scene cycling to a remote spot and enters a kind of abandoned mine where I find that a body or tracks the movie is about 1995 by the clothes, if anyone knows the name of the movie would appreciate it very much