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French film. It follows an indie/rock band making their way through the music industry while the lead single falls in love with a girl.

I watched it back in the summer of 2011 in a hotel room in Paris. So I am assuming the movie came out before 2011 but could not be earlier than 2006 because it looks quite recent at the time. I am not 100% sure about the lead singer & girl storyline but I am definitely sure it is about an indie band. Everyone in the band is young, white boys who are tall & beautiful. Your typical French stuff, basically. Also there is a girl who is also young, tall, white & beautiful. I am pretty sure she had a relationship with one of the band member or maybe two. The poster of the movie is black and white with the girl & the boys walking down the street, talking to each other. I know it’s very vague but this movie popped up in my head yesterday and I have been trying to find it but I could not. Please help me put my mind at peace!

Made-for-TV Western about a man who recovers a buried steam locomotive and brings it off of a mountain by himself

I believe this was a made for tv movie that i watched probably in the late seventies or early eighties.  It was western themed, similar to Grizzly Adams, with a similar story line.  The man was forced to leave his wife’s (or girlfriend’s) ranch for a crime he was framed for by some other dudes.  The man escapes into the mountains.  Somehow there is a contest or something which is supposed to be impossible to win.  The contest entails finding a lost train steam locomotive which was buried on the mountain and bring it back to town.  The man finds the locomotive and digs it out by diverting a stream and then tows it down the mountain with a horse and sled.  He wins the contest and his freedom.

Comedy of a homeless man who plays Jesus in a play and starts to really think he has healing powers

This movie was an English it’s also in color we seen it on TV we think it’s a movie where lady comes up to him and ask him to pray for her kid because he is blind when they’re closing their eyes he gets hit in the head with the golf ball and the kid ends up scene so he thought he held him so he tries walking on water and falls through

Girl that manages to handle herself growing up

So as i remember it, Movie takes place in something 1900s in America if i remember it correct where this girl were left or sold to the brothel by her father where she would later on grow up, while living there she were working in the brothel as a helper or janitor because she was to young, she later tries singing and understands that this way she could grow. Some years later i think she meets her mother that abondened her where her mother beggs her ( at that time quite known) daughter for money in which girl respond by deying her because she left her when girl where much younger.

can’t find movie but I know lots of scenes!!!

So theres a scene where a girl and 3 guys are hiding in a small village and the boys fight. they meet with the village owner upstairs but then government officials show up and they have to hide. one of their friends saves himself by giving up the position of his friends so they are forced to run. they run as the big trucks are chasing them and finally they cross railroad tracks and get on a train full of people heading into a city. That’s the one scene that I remember well, main actress is white and so are the other 3 guys.

Shrinking girl and singing bugs

  • this young girl is upset at brother for killing ants (maybe another bug but I’m pretty sure ants) and he goes inside house (they’re in the yard) and she shrinks (I think she ate some green thing) and then she ends up in adventures involving bugs like inside an ant pial and the queen talks to her and sings about being queen, she has to escape she also almost gets vacuumed away by her mom and there’s roaches in the cupboard she talks to, she also gets kidnapped by a wasp and put in her nest almost gets eaten and she gets help to get back to original size by a green big (I think caterpillar) the whole movie is animated but there’s some scenes that are real like the beginning and some flashes of bugs to see what it really looks like. I watched it as a child on vhs so it was between 1990’s and 2000’s

Vampire Move

In 2017, there was a movie that came on Chiller TV that was about a man and woman following a guy trying to convince him is is one of them. A vampire. when the movie started he was in a diner with his female friend. During the movie is a female friend is attacked by a man. She becomes upset with her friend because he didn’t show up when he promised. At this point in the movie, the guy realizes he is a vampire. He attacks a nail technician out in the street, of whom he had a disagreement with. He then goes on a feeding/killing spree. he finds the guy that attacked his friend. Does anyone know the name of this movie?


An older lady remembers her past where she fell in love with a man who took her to a house on an island and then had to leave.  She stayed for a while, but he told her he would send her a ring every year to remind her of him.  She gets older and invites a few old boyfriends and this particular man to her place and they all recall old times and the first man finally shows up and doesn’t remember her.  When is this movie called?

Monster gets into a locked room with women/children

The movie was set in some medieval period (swords/armor). I remember only one scene. So there is some kind of a monster in the building (a castle, I guess). Warriors gathered all women and children into a room and told them to lock it from the inside. Then the men realise the monster got into it somehow, screams and all, but when they finally opened the door, I think all of those inside were dead.

I’d say the movie has to be at least 10 years old, in color.


People held as prisoners in small metal boxes/cages/cells

I saw a movie on tv about 10 years ago (maybe more).. about people being held captive in small metal boxes, or cages. The boxes were stacked somewhat like a Rubik’s Cube. The boxes would twist and turn at certain intervals. Sometimes the box would open to an adjoining box/cage and the prisoner could choose to enter that adjoining box.

Anyway, the movie is centered on a young woman prisoner (dark hair.) I was thinking it was Jennifer Lopez and I saw that she was in a movie called The Cell, but that movie is described differently so it can’t be that.

I think I remember the prisoners can see through the front of the cage, so they have a view of others who are being held.  The woman sees other prisoners making choices.. some are killed because their choices are wrong.

The only way out is to solve the life size Rubik’s Cube’s twists and turns and the woman is able to do it.

Please help, tell me I’m not crazy for knowing this scene

Okey, so the movie over all is about a vampire and a reporter.

The reporter for some reason was doing research about vampires and she meets this old dude and he tells her a story or something and helps her find the vampire. The old dude, a grandpa, tells her that vampires are just stories and makes her want to prove him wrong… I guess, it’s important at the end…

She finds the vampire dude, stuff happens and at the end he turns her into a vampire and they’re in love. At the end of the movie, the ex reporter now vampire woman goes to the old dude, sneaks into his house via a window, and leaves a diary, I think, for him to read and as proof that she found the vampire dude. After she leaves that diary or whatever, she goes out where the vampire was waiting for her and they walk out into the night.

The movie ends in her narrative, I think….

The movie is in english, the (ex) reporter is a redhead with long and straight hair, I think it’s a redhead… The old man has glasses…. a beginning of balding, but grey with white and black, really short hair.

And the vampire dude may have shoulder length, definitely black hair… also he’s quite tall.

And maybe the movie happens in Britain, London…. maybe, not sure….


I saw this film as a kid in the early 1980s at summer camp and it was a favorite with the counsellors. I remember that a group of kids and teens are sitting inside a jungle gym with their adult counsellors and they bring up issues that trouble them. Each discussion is followed by a short animated clip about the issue being discussed. The animated clip I can clearly remember is one where a boy likes to play with dolls and this is portrayed as positive because it will help him be a goog father when he’s older. The film ends with a scene where the Kids Rider the hora es in a carrousel, and as it spins, the horses become animation and run off one by one. I’m sorry I remember so little about it, but if anyone has a clue it would be greatly appreciated.

A boy attracted by an older man

Hi, I have been ruminating about this movie I saw about 8 yrs ago but I don’t remember much:

There was a boy who was intrigued by a middle aged man (I think this man was suspected of being a sex offender) and so he goes to this man’s flat one night his parents had gone out for a dinner party. This boy knocks on the man’s door and at first the man is reluctant to let him in but eventually does. I remember a scene where the man (wearing a tank top and boxers) is sitting on a couch in front of the boy and is asking him why he’s here. Meanwhile the parents are with their friends having dinner and they start discussing the man in question, and for some reason they find themselves worried about their son and go home to see if he’s ok.

I think the movie es about how public perception is more important in deciding whether a crime is committed than are the facts.

I’m sorry for being so vague but it’s all I can remember. Thanks in advance!

Late 90s – Boy becomes friends with old man living in a house in the woods, storm destroys house, boy finds old man’s body.

Saw this movie in the late 1990s.  A young boy lives in a rural area and becomes friends with an oldish man who lives in a house/cabin in the woods. There is a big storm and afterwards the boy goes to the old man’s house to see if he is okay. The house has fallen over and the boy stumbles upon the body of the old man. I remember the first thing you see is his dead hand – very memorable and nightmare inducing for young me.

Stop motion


I was about 6/7 years old when I saw this clip and it terrified me at the time but I really want to know what it is! All I remember is that the clip was a stop motion animation and there were these characters that had their heads popped with a needle and red ribbons came out which was the blood.

Any ideas? This would have been around 1993/94


Thank you! This is bugging me so much!

Hippie commune mother daughter movie

This movie was about a daughter who was joining an environmentally based hippie type commune or cult. The hippie people made their own clothing and ate out of the garbage etc. The mother was raising her by herself and joins also with the hope of saving her daughter. One scene there was a young boy that was with them and they were all literally dumpster diving and the kid is thrown against some glass, cuts his neck and bleeds out right there. The group eventually goes to their “land” and is growing things etc to live apart from society and the daughter finally leaves. The mother stays because she is sucked into the life and having a sexual relationship with the leader. I cannot recall the name but I saw this in the late 1990’s or the early 2000’s.

Romantic comedy, time loops

So this is a movie that I watched quite some time ago with my friends and for the life of us, we can’t seem to remember the name.

It features a woman who is proposed to by her doctor(?) of a boyfriend and they go this is family’s estate to have the wedding.

On the day she meets the family, she bumps into the brother (not knowing he was the brother) while running.

The sister (younger) has doubts about the relationship between the MC and the fiance because she feels as if none of them are actually in love with each other.

She goes through with the wedding anyway. They go to bed together (nothing happens) but the next day, she realises that the day is being repeated again and again and again.

She grows closer to the brother during this time loop (nobody is aware of it but her) and falls in love with him.

Then she chooses him and the time loop breaks.

The wedding is in the morning but she breaks up with the fiance, freeing him from the burden of unwanted marriage.

The mother is annoyed but the husband tells her to sit down (first time he’s being assertive) .

Something about “when you fall in love it should feel like getting into a warm bath” was said in Italian.

The ex-fiance’s family is Italian we believe.

We are really desperate to find out the name of this movie.

Thank you very much,

Amadia and friends