Catching a parasite alien movie – seen late 80’s

I remember watching a movie in the late 80’s about one or more aliens that infected humans. The casualties begin acting stressed, then their eys turn black and then the alien rips out of their bodies. I remember two somewhat more specific occasions. One is a teacher / scientist that starts stressfully writing on the schoolboard, then crouches and the alien rips out of his back, long black nails first. Second is one where the nails come out of the victims face.

I believe the movies starts with a girl jogging in a dark setting, some streetlights and may be foggy. Then the view point changes to something chasing her.

Im not sure if what happens next is shown, but an important part in the first few scenes of the movie i also remember is a crime-scene with the two main characters: A woman, seemingly not from earth, covering a big out of space like big gun under a trenchcoat, and a man, probably police officer or FBI who sees that woman and knows something is fishy. The woman is there to catch / kill / recapture the alien. The guy helps her throughout the movie.

There are several chasing scenes where people try to get away before being infected by the parasite like alien.

I remember a scene that points out that coffee is something the woman has never had.

And late in the movie I remember that a creature is captured inside a sealed room in spaceship / station. Not sure if its “the mother” and if it escapes. There is a scene where a heavy door that should be closed opens up.

I’ve been trying to find this movie for almost 25 years, still remembering all these details. Never found it. Friends say it must be the famous Alien movie, but i don’t think so. I watched it when i was ~9 years old, with my 6 years older nephew. He told me back then that the movie was called Monsters, but that was probably loosely translated.

It could well be that my memory is not completely accurate, but most of what i described i can clearly visualize.

Would be great if someone recognizes this movie! Thanks in advance!

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  1. Wow!! This is so amazing! You are correct!! I can’t explain how thankful i am 😀 Finally found after so many years and so many tries. _-o_

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