cardboard cut-outslow budget sci fi 50s/60s/70s –

This was shown on TV so may have been an episode of something, but ISTR it being a movie. I also remember it being in colour but it could have been B&W with colour added later.

The only details I remember was the use of what I think were cardboard cut-outs for humans transformed (drained? sucked dry?) by some alien influence, and the presence of some small black objects (small rocks? football sized or a little bigger) littering the area (desert/scrub IIRC, maybe South West US states).

It’s not Monolith Monsters or It Came From Outer Space as I’ve checked both.


7 thoughts on “cardboard cut-outslow budget sci fi 50s/60s/70s –

  1. Ya but remember there were black rock object things in it. And its all around the world I believe not just London. Haven’t seen it in a long time though.

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