Can’t Remember This (possibly) Horror Movie, Losing My Mind!!!

Hey all,

Thanks in advance for whatever help you can provide in advance. I have been searching and searching and can’t figure out what this dumb movie is and I need help. What I remember of this movie is based on approximate age and one scene/plot point that I remember. I will describe the scene and then categorize what I remember into strong memory and weak.

A little boy, possibly between the ages of 6 and 12, has arrived at a new location. There is a caretaker figure, an older fatherly male, on the premises who is leaving for a time, possibly a season. When the family gets there, the caretaker speaks briefly to the little boy about having special powers, and tells him that he has them too. He speaks to the boy both verbally out loud and telepathically. He tells the boy that he has to learn to use his powers, and that he might need them someday. He tells the boy to scream in his mind. The boy tries and nothing happens. The caretaker reassures the boy and tells him to try again. This time, the boy screams intensely in his mind, so strong the caretaker is surprised by his level of power and something shatters in their surroundings, a taillight on a nearby car. The caretaker smiles and assures the boy that everything should be alright.


1. This movie would have been made in or prior to the year 2002.

2. It involves a Caucasian boy with special powers, likely psychokinetic or telekinetic.

3. The little boy is instructed by an adult male in how to use his powers.

4. When the boy succeeds, something shatters.

5. The boy is with other adults, likely family.


1. The caretaker may have been an older black gentleman.

2. The movie may have been a horror movie, one that involves ghosts or possession.

3. The thing that shattered when the boy screams in his mind involved glass and I recall that it may have been a taillight on a car.

4. There was a convertible or nice classic car involved in this scene.

5. The boy was to use his powers later on to ward off whatever evil the family was to face.

6. The caretaker (older instructional adult) is leaving for an extended period of time knowing that there will be hardships for the family and is instructing the boy how to defend himself.

7. May be in the genres of either sci fi or fantasy, but I remember it being “scary”.

8. VERY small possibility it is from an episode of a show.

9. The caretaker and boy may be able to communicate telepathically.

GOOD LUCK AND THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Can’t Remember This (possibly) Horror Movie, Losing My Mind!!!

    1. OMFG!!!! That’s IT!!! Thank you so much!!! I knew it felt like The Shining but it sure as crap wasn’t the Jack Nicholson version, seen it too many times since, this is definitely it!!!

      Lol just as I remembered it, the kid blows up the dude’s tail light on his classic red 1958 Caddy.

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

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