Can’t remember

I remember this movie from when I was a kid. I caught the ending only, So if anyone can help it’s very much appreciated!

I remember it being about a biracial (? Latino maybe) lesbian couple, the one was a white girl heavier build had long blonde hair and I believe the other one was either black or Latino thin build with a shaved hairstyle.  They were kidnapped I think in some weird crossdressers house. I remember a clip of some guy in a basement around candles making (my assumption) a sacrifice. I feel like it was based in Mexico or southern California because the US police were searching for them. And at the very end the one girlfriend (black/Latino) says something about “not going back, she’s not going back” (I think she was in jail and was on the run) so she or the other girlfriend kills her. Then I remember seeing her walk out to all the police who surrounded the place they were kidnapped in and she looks at the cop and says nothing.

Then credits roll..

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