can’t find this film – horror/thriller/mystert

So, there’s this movie. I’ve seen it around 2006 ( i know cause I watched it alongside Hard Candy). The thing is I can’t find it no matter what. I’m starting to wonder if I dreamt it???

So the film is in English, not sure which country is made of.

It’s about an experiment.

This guy replies to an add for some experiment in the mountains, paid tester or whatever. In a pub prior to the climb to the mountain he meets this girl * but she’s not really important to the story anyhow*

So on the mountain he meets the doctor…. then not sure what happens.. but basically the guy has turned him immortal, and keeps killing him over and over again…

In the end, surprise twist, when our hero tries to kill the doctor, he discovers that he is immortal too, hence he was the patient 0 or patient 1. a patient before him…

He escapes somehow I think…


Anyone? What’s the title of this film? Or films that sounds something like it?



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