boys/men’s nightout at a club goes wrong

hello guys,

its my first post here. i am describing as much as details i can remember to know the movie name. so please help

so i saw the trailer of this  movie sometime in 2016 or 2017. its goes like few guys go out for a nightout and they go to a club, possibly a strip club, could be a brothel also. here, one of these guys finds a girl/woman who is held in a hostage like situation and she pleads him for help. once he does help her out, she unleashes a disaster at the place. she has a tail from what i can remember and is not a normal human being. the guy is terrified and they breakout of the place. the owner of the place who had locked her goes on hunting for the woman.

thats all i could recollect. please help in finding the name of the movie. its not a big budget movie.


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