Boy likes girl, but she has powers?

It was a short film, saw it around 2014-2015, and it had original music by this artist. Like three of this artist’s music videos had scenes from this film.

It was about a boy who has feelings for this girl, who had powers like healing? And they were friends, but for some reason never got together until the end of the film. I remember that when they finally kissed, it was shot in a dim, blue room while they stood in front of a painting. Another scene was when they were young teenagers and the boy flew off his bike and she had to rush to his aid and heal him with her weird mutant, alien powers?

It was in English, colored, and saw it over the internet on YouTube.

One thought on “Boy likes girl, but she has powers?

  1. ok i’ll have a guess. Dirty South – With You ft. FMLYBND. I think with you is a short based around a girl with healing powers and a boy. Check it out and let me know i’m right 🙂

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