Boy in woods tries to save ghost girl

So it has been a long time and I will try to include what I remember…

There is this boy, he mountain bikes in the woods near his home. He meets a girl who I guess he finds cute. He keeps going back to the woods to meet her. One day she isn’t there and he goes to her “house” in the woods, but it looks to be abandoned.

She turns out to be a child ghost or witch or something, but he tries to save her from whatever is keeping her there.

This was seen on VHS I believe, In american color, early to mid 90’s, live action.

I know there isn’t a lot to go on here, but I read a bunch of solved ones, and hopefully some person out there has seen what I am talking about.




10 thoughts on “Boy in woods tries to save ghost girl

  1. Sadly not Lady in white either. I do love that movie. No this seems a little newer than that. I remember a scene where there is a little worn down cottage int he woods, and when the boy shows up and the girl doesn’t, he goes to her cottage. It looks like no one lives there, that is when he realizes something isn’t right. Sorry this is such a tuffy guys.

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