boy diving to an underwater spacecraft

Another vague one, I’m sorry!

I remember one scene only – of a boy diving to retrieve something from a spacecraft which is underwater. He may have entered through the roof, or possibly through a damaged section. He may have had a large conch shell or similar.

I don’t recall if the boy was human or actually alien masquerading as human but I’m inclined to think the latter.

I don’t think it’s Flight Of The Navigator (since the craft there is captured) or either of the Cocoon films.


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  1. When you say “the craft there is captured”, do you mean that because the authorities have it, David can’t have, access or fly it, and so that is why it can’t be this movie??

    Because david does. By stowing away in the belly of his new robot friend R.A.L.F who sneaks him out of his locked room and takes him undetected to the secret hanger where his ship’s being held, David and his ship give nasa the slip (hiding out under water in the ocean), and he’s able to complete his missions.

    •So maybe Flight of the Navigator…? 🙂

    Or perhaps…
    •Explorers 1985
    •D.a.r.y.l. 1985
    •Space camp 1984
    •Escape to Witch Mountain 1975

    I know these are less outer spacey and so I’m probably stretching the definition of craft, but…

    •Dark Crystal
    (the 2 little fairy type creatures) i think there’s a scene with the boy (pim maybe??) in some water…

    •Neverending Story
    Yeah yeah I know but there’s a kind of stuff going on in these so eh, why not…

    •The Quest
    There’s lots o’ underwater stuff…not so much a craft that’s down there with him

    It had to be said… 🙂

    And oh, idk maybe one o’ these…?

    •The last star fighter
    •The abyss

    There’s also some weird brittish movie where a rainbow gives a brother and sister some special all knowing otherworldly stone type thing that allows them to see and create in other dimensions makes them insanely gifted, ans gives them th ability to work in their heads and solve in milliseconds mathmatical equations not yet understood by humankind, also makes them cabable of creating crazy art and draft out blue prints in perfect scale and precise measurement.

    But they live on a beach and all kinds of crazy stuff happens and maybe some of it happens underwater and I can’t for the life of me remember the name of it so if it’s not what you’re after, maybe it’s one you know and could share with me 🙂

    Good luck.

    1. @Ali thanks for the suggestions. I’ll have to check The Quest but I recognise all the others and it’s not one of them.

      Re (not) captured – I mean the craft is either crashed underwater or parked underwater in what I remember. In FotN the ship is captured and David does not enter the ship by diving to it.

      Re weird British movie – not one I know. It does remind me of the NZ TV series and later film Under The Mountain, but I don’t recall that having blueprints in it.

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