Boy and dolphin animation

Hello. When I was kid, about 20 years ago, there was a animation movie that I watched on TV. It was about a young boy and his pet, a white dolphin (not sure if it was dolphin) which lived in open water. The boy had a harmonica and everytime he played it, the dolphin would jump out of water. From what I remember, some fishermen caged the dolphin in a pool and the boy tried to set it free with his harmonica. Anyone knows what’s the name of that animation? I’ve tried to track it down but couldn’t find any clues. Thanks in advance.

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    1. No I’m pretty sure it was a movie not series, and the environment was a modern civilization. Don’t you remember any boy with harmonica?

        1. There was a Free Willy cartoon series where the boy had a whale friend, and also a dolphin friend named Einstein. Maybe it’s a scene from the Free Willy cartoon you are remembering.

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