Body parts begin to movie on many humans.

I NEED HELP I’VE BEEN WONDERING THE NAME OF THIS MOVIE FOR SO LONG I THINK IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN I DREAM BUT I KNOW IT’S NOT!!! the only part I can actually remember clearly is at the end of the movie I think. A woman looks at herself in the mirror and her nose begins to twitch so she grabs a pair of scissors and cuts her nose off. The movie deals with parts of the human body wanting to escape from the human body !!! PLEASE HELP I KNOW THIS MOVIE IS REAL!

5 thoughts on “Body parts begin to movie on many humans.

  1. you are very welcome, Diana!

    Hey now, Admin! I’ve been laying low this week. But I’ve got some VERY hungry solvers breathing down my neck, so there can be no rest for the weary. (-;

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