Blonde Woman Helps Save Boring White Guy’s Life

I remember two scenes from this movie. I believe the blonde woman is the lead, and she may have been a hooker with a heart of gold or she’s just sexually promiscuous. But in a way where she’s wholly endearing. The first scene I remember she offers this really boring white dude a hand job and he refuses it, I remember her saying, “I give a really good hand job” and she is constantly making moves on this guy, not seemingly because she’s attracted to him but to cheer him up because he’s depressed for some reason. he constantly refuses her. I think at some point they may finally sleep together, but I’m not sure.

Then at the end of the movie, he has a gun that he’s either going to use to kill himself or kill someone…it’s an ill-advised move on his part. She ends up convincing him to give her the gun, then she fires it in the air and we hear the sound of a bird almost like she shot a bird out of the sky, I think was the joke.

It may not sound like it but this movie was lighthearted in tone and was mostly a comedy. The blonde woman was quite busty, and very charismatic and funny. And usually wearing jean cutoffs. The dude was dry as toast, in comparison.

I saw this around 2003 I think. It’s in color, in English and I saw it in TV broken into parts.

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