Blond girl loses her memory

Okay so I’m pretty sure the main character is a girl and she is blond, also this movie is very much like antastasia but it’s not. I saw it around 5 years ago and it was animated.

So it starts up with this girl going to a fruit stand-pretty sure it’s oranges- and then the bad guys are the ones running it. So then the bad guys sneak into her room at night and pour something into her ear that makes her forget everything. So then they send her out into the mountains at this Inn place where she has to work. Then the dad goes to find her and we see this scene where it’s a couple years later and they talk. But the dad doesn’t remeber her. Also there’s this scenario with him going through the mountains during a snowstorm and looking for her. Then at the end we see the bad guys trying to pretend their daughter is the girl or something. But the girl comes back and then the music box plays and she knows the song and I’m pretty sure there’s this dance that they did when they the girl was younger.

Sorry if this was confusing. If you think you know please tell me!! šŸ™‚

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