Black and White Zombie movie similar to Night of the Living Dead –

I saw this movie on TV around 1960-1965, on the late night horror movie channel.  PEOPLE WERE TRAPPED IN A BUNKER, underground. I think there were scientists in the underground bunker with some civilians. They had either a glass window or cameras, where they could see the zombies walking up the hill toward their bunker. I forgot how the movie begins or ends, but I remember that it scared me more than Night of the Living Dead, although I was only between 6 and 10 years old when I saw it.
I would love to find out what it was, and buy it from some old movie vendor so I could watch it again.

3 thoughts on “Black and White Zombie movie similar to Night of the Living Dead –

    1. Mr. Unknown, you are pretty good. I checked out your YouTube link, and at approx. 27 minutes, There Was The Scene. It Was cameras that they were monitoring on a television screen. And the zombies were coming Down the hill, not up it. But I immediately recognized the scene, and I recognized the woman that I had forgot to mention was in the bunker with the scientists and soldiers, just like I remembered it. I had looked at some descriptions of Invisible Invaders but didn’t recognize it from the plot summaries. BUT YOU NAILED IT.
      That scene of all the zombies coming down that hill while the soldiers are hiding in that bunker with that woman, trapped like rats, SCARED THE *&%# OUT OF ME when I was a kid.
      This movie predated George Romero’s NIGHT by 9 years, and was a pretty good film for the day, and Pretty Scary to an 8 year old kid !
      Thank you very much and I will Mark This One as SOLVED.

  1. Mr. Unknown is amazing. Wish I knew who he was. He’s like the Batman of movie solving: he swoops in, fixes the problem, and disappears, asking for no credit.

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