Bizarre Movie trailer

I remember seeing a move trailer several years ago, but I can’t remember exactly when it was playing.  The trailer (I THINK, because all this info is from memory) was a man talking over a speaker to someone who appeared to be in some sort of puzzle game/maze/weird environment with strange colors and a very bizarre esthetic.  I remember seeing a lot of bright colors and a guy with white hair-keep in mind this was a while ago and my memory of it isnt complete) I believe it was a foreign film but if I remember correctly, they were playing the trailer at some major american movie theaters.  It very much reminded me of A Clockwork Orange/Dark side of the moon type visual experience.  I think it was within the last 10 years but I could be wrong.  I have been trying to think of the name, which is possibly just one word, and it is driving me crazy! Please help!

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